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Kaelac’s Guide to Devoted Clerics in Neverwinter

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Posted 13 November 2013 - 05:02 AM

*Update as at 4th April 2013

-Added Module 3 boons

-Reworked and extended section 6.3 after lots of testing and number crunching on how armor penetration, debuffs and damage resistance influence your damage output.

-Started adding Module 3 info for planning and gear where relevant

-Added section 7.3 Known issues, bugs etc with DC class


*Update as of 25th Mar 2013
-Added section on tenacity

-Removed some references of Linked Spirit from sunburst

-Major updates and revisions through skill, feat descriptions and minor modifications on build

-Revision and update of overall guide

-Updated PvP gear and advice with new changes

-Rewrote section 6.3 to discuss how debuffs stack with your abilities


*Updated as of 13th Feb 2014

-Some revisions/updates and loadout pics in section 6.  

-Slightly expanded section 7.2 on PvP

-DC At will comparisons and minor edits throughout.

-New ArP vs power discussions

-Calculated effectiveness of Power in healing/damage
-Updated build strat for 14k+ GS, updated opinion on WIS
-More info towards playing in high GS parties
-Fixed and updated links for nwcalc.com

This guide is a massive one stop shop for everything about Devoted Clerics, covering skill choices, feat discussion, gear analysis, recommended builds and practical tips. It is the result of reading almost every single guide there is, digestion of neverwinter mechanics and math backed with hours of gameplay in PUGs and in premade groups. Whatever stage you’re at with your Cleric, there should be something of use to you here.

As a resource, the guide aims firstly to inform and secondly to advise. You should not feel the need to commit to any particular build or gear sets 100% as the game is constantly evolving. Most of it is my opinion and experiences and my aim is to put the experience there so you can digest it, supplement it with your own testing and ultimately make your own decisions and know why you did it. You’re a Cleric after all, go make use of that high WIS!

This guide will be regularly updated to reflect new changes. As you can appreciate it is a significant effort to write and maintain with constant patch notes and evolution of the game, feel free to drop me a message here on the forums, in teamspeak or via in game mail about questions/ donations J.

As you can also appreciate I am human and am prone to errors, whether they be grammatical, factual or misunderstandings of game mechanics. A lot of Neverwinter's combat mechanics have been, for a lack of a better word, 'cryptic' and while I've tested as much as I can there's a whole lot that I've also just taken on faith based on others' research. I have usually included links and references in such situations, though in wanting to keep this easy to read I'm not going to cite every source 100%. I would welcome your helpful suggestions and clarifications- there's still much I'm learning about the game daily and by no means see myself as authoritative on every subject matter. Read it, share it, bounce ideas off and go eliminate the concept of 'bad clerics' in Neverwinter!

Kaelac Symphony@Theosymphany

DISCLAIMER: **This guide, excluding sections where references have been linked is the intellectual property of Kaelac. You may retain a copy for personal use but you may not repost, plagiarise or make unauthorised copies in part or whole on websites and forums without the expressed written consent from the author.** By all means feel free to share the link to this guide with those who may find it helpful.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction

1.1 Should I roll a Cleric

1.2 Cleric Class Roles

2. Stats and ability scores

2.1 Ability Scores

2.2 Race selection

3. Stat, gearscores and which ones matter

3.1 Introduction to Neverwinter Stats

3.2 Diminishing Returns

3.3 Building your Stats

3.4 Boons

4. Devoted Cleric Power, Skills and Feats

4.1 Paragon Paths

4.2 Powers

4.2.1 At wills

4.2.2 Class Features

4.2.3 Encounters

4.2.4 Daily Abilities

4.2.5 Heroic Feats

4.2.6 Paragon Feats

5. Gear

5.1 Comprehensive DC Gear Analysis

5.2 Dungeons and Gear

5.3 Auction house buying guide

5.4 Weapon and Armor Enhancements

5.5 Enchantments

5.6 Companion bonuses

5.7 Artifact bonuses

5.8 Zen Store Items

5.9 Gear set demonstrations

6. Practical play tips that will lift your game

6.1 Grouping Tips

6.2 Encounter and Daily Tips

6.3 Understanding NW debuffs and how they work

6.4 Switching Modes

6.5 Bossfights, loadouts and Tips

7. Alternate Builds

7.1 DPS build

7.2 PvP tips

7.3 Known Issues, bugs and strange observations regarding DC abilities

7.4 Resources and Links

1. Introduction
The Devoted Cleric is a Leader class in Neverwinter, and forms both a staple and backbone of any 5 man party. Contrary to popular opinion the Devoted Cleric is not a healer class, at least not exclusively. It is a Leader class, which means the DC has many abilities in his arsenal that help shape and enhance the party’s prowess, and abilities that can directly change and affect the outcome of battles. The Devoted Cleric also has a range of powerful healing abilities and tactical buffs and debuffs to help turn any difficult fight into a simpler encounter.

1.1 Should I roll a Cleric?
You should play a cleric if you enjoy playing a support/leader role, if you have a team oriented mentality, if you enjoy healing and protection, and if you enjoy experimenting with various strategies and being flexible with load outs and rotations.

Don’t get me wrong, the Devoted Cleric has very strong offensive arsenal, and when not forced to heal they can keep up in dungeon DPS with all the major DPS classes. However, because our value lies in our utility you need to be prepared to sacrifice personal DPS for group DPS, whether that means buffing your main DPS or keeping them safe and well healed through extended fights.

For those heavily into PvP the current meta is DCs are bastions who keep themselves and allies up via defensive abilities, mitigation and heals. With the right gear and playstyle the DC has a lot of staying power and can hold contested points in 1v1 or 1v many situations. You won’t often top the scoreboard in kills, but you are essential in fortifying nodes and capturing and keeping points.

1.2 Cleric Class Roles
The key to being a successful DC is versatility- identifying you party's strength and weaknesses and either boost the strength and/or cover the weakness. NW dungeons are designed somewhat to allow various party compositions to clear it successfully, and whilst DCs are more a must-have at lower GS, higher GS parties may well experiment coping without a DC, which is a good thing because the DC can start to go from healbot to buffs and debuffs.

DPS DCs shine at lvs 20-50 and at around 11-13k GS, but beyond that our target limit and cooldowns limit how much useful DPS we can realistically do. Searing light through singularity is nice but the mobs usually would be dead in follow up AoEs anyway. Daunting light crits hard, sunburst and chains do decent damage, but when CWs have 4 encounters and larger target limits, and GF/GWF/HR have powerful AoE at-wills you will struggle to keep up as pure DPS and often passed over for a GWF/CW. In such cases a hybrid buff/debuff/DPSer might fill the party niche better regardless of whether there is a healer DC or not.

Levelling- 7-10k average party gearscores:
In such groups the DC is there to dramatically increase the success rate of clearing dungeons by providing incoming damage mitigation and supplementary healing. DCs are essential in such parties primarily for healing to ensure the party survive and recover from encounters and boss fights.

10-13k average party gearscore:
In these groups most players have sufficient DPS, defense and capabilities to make encounters faster that extended healing may not be necessary. Here the DC again provides incoming damage mitigation, healing as well as buffs and debuffs to help fights go even faster and safer.

14k+ average party gearscore:
At this stage party members are very strong offensively and most will have significant amounts of lifesteal to lessen your healing load. A fair few of these parties will start running without a DC because bring more DPS often means clearing content faster and having less damage taken. However, DCs can contribute more to party DPS than a 5th DPSer by running buffs and debuffs. DCs in such groups should focus on incoming damage mitigation and buffs/debuffs to squeeze every bit of DPS from the party. Your damage buffs/debuffs will means party members hit even harder and thus get more self-healing from Lifesteal, so in a sense debuffs = more healing. Parties will start to pull entire sections of the dungeon or ignore/pile all the adds on boss for a high risk high reward playstyle, and you are there to help improve clearing speed and keep them safe. Hallowed ground and Astral shield (even yellow) becomes very important to reduce the incoming damage from multiple sources. Your HoT and debuffs will allow members to survive and lifesteal their health back to full. Don't lag behind your DPSers in such groups and shadow the GWFs especially when they pull.

2. Stats and Ability Scores
2.1 Ability scores
Your ability scores are rolled upon character creation from one of these sets. The sets are fixed, so just look through and roll until you get a combination you desire. Note that for now your ability score roll cannot be changed after character creation even after a respec, so choose carefully. The Class scores for Clerics are Wisdom, then Strength and Charisma. My preferred pick would be 16 WIS 16 STR 12 CHA for the highest starting strength. (Aim to max STR and WIS whatever you roll for best overall PvE bonuses)


As you level up you get 2 points at lv 10, 20, 40 and 50 (8 total, up to 4 in each one stat) to add to any of your ability scores. At lvs 30 and 60 you get a +1 bonus to all scores. When you ‘tag’ a campfire you get a short buff which gives +1 to all ability scores. There is also a Potion of Heroism that gives +1 to all ability scores for 1 hr. You can respect points you added with a retraining token.

For min/maxing you basically need to balance between maximising the total number of ability scores across ALL stats (72-77 points) vs maximising the total number of ability scores in CLASS stats only (42-44 points). You are not penalised for having low scores in any areas. For scores above 10 you will get a bonus for each point, with the bonus for each class shown here:

Ability scores matter to an extent, but not overly so that it would break your character because you can make up for it with gear stats. My approach is use ability scores to build up the stats that are useful to your build but are the hardest to stack.

Starting with non class scores, the most important non class score is CON, which gives 2% HP per point over 10.  However as it's relatively easy to get HP it's not as important to stack CON unless you really prefer the extra HP (which does boost HP you get from gear/enchants).  The next is DEX, which gives 0.5% deflect per point over 10%. INT is a nice +1% cooldown bonus but it’s also accessible via CHA so it’s safe to ignore it generally. In a majority of builds, unless you are particularly stacking HP or deflect for tanky builds (especially for PvP) you can ignore them all. There is no penalty in them being under 10.

Most clerics go either a balanced build or high STR vs high WIS build. At very high gearscores like 14k+ a high STR and high WIS build becomes viable.

STR gives a straight 1% crit per point. Given the harsh diminishing returns on crit (see next section), STR is the easiest way to build your crit chance and thus should be maxed. Crit is very important in any cleric build, and you should definitely aim to max STR and add attributes to it where you can. Having higher STR means you can get by stacking less crit stat and diversify. If your racial can be put in STR, add it in STR. Also stamina regen is very useful for more dodges. Dodges give your character 100% immunity for a few seconds, even when standing in red when timed correctly. Use it correctly and this will save your life. If you rather not gamble with crit and have a straight constant healing bonus, take WIS over STR. Some DC builds ignore it and it’s still fine, but I don’t recommend you ignore crit entirely, especially for my build because crits proc Repurpose Soul heals, which can account for 9-16% of overall outgoing heals.

Next is CHA, which gives 1% AP gain and 1% recharge speed per point. The companion bonus is applies only to the actual companion stats and not items/runes equipped so it’s a very small bonus anyway. Combat advantage bonus applies only to the additional combat advantage damage (base 15%) so it doesn’t matter too much in the scheme of things. For example, if you have 20 charisma you get a 10% combat advantage bonus, which is a whopping 1.5% extra combat advantage damage. To illustrate, lets say your attack does 1000 damage. Combat advantage will give you 150 bonus damage, and charisma bonus gives 10% of 150 that, ie 15 for a total of 1165 damage).

Having high CHA means you can stack less recovery or push it further after hitting DR. As a fresh lv 60 it is recommend to max CHA after STR. This is to maximise your encounters coming off cooldown and AP gain to get your daily up. Your encounters and dailys are powerful and should be used as often as possible. CHA helps with that. CHA is especially important when you are gearing up because you don’t have all the recovery yet from best in slot gear and boon/artifact bonuses. Once you do however, and at higher gearscores you may find you’ve heavily overstacked on recovery and in that case for min/maxing it is better to shuffle one or more points from CHA back into WIS for more damage.

WIS is our primary ability score (+1% damage and healing per point), but to me the other 2 are more important, at least until you get BIS in everything else. WIS directly contributes to your damage and healing capacity, so not to be underestimated. You can go up to like 26+ WIS for a straight 16% bonus to damage and healing, nothing to be scoffed at. You can stack power to achieve the same results, though it’s inefficient. When you have high enough recovery to not need the points in CHA, place them back into WIS as your base power is high enough that WIS bonus becomes the most significant, and you actually get more out of stacking recovery than power.

End game stats summary:
7-13K GS:
Excluding racial bonuses, if you start with my recommended 16 WIS 16 STR 12 CHA 10 INT 10 CON 10 DEX allocation, and put all points in STR and CHA you’ll end up with 18 WIS 22 STR 18 CHA 12 INT 12 CON 12 DEX which would be most ideal. You can reshuffle some points from CHA into WIS if you wish when you reach very high gearscores and cap your recharge speed/action point gain.

Since there is a lot more flexibility post module 2 for stacking stats, and with diminishing returns on stacking power, at 14k+ I suggest stop stacking power and instead overstack recovery to compensate for CHA and now put all ability points in STR and WIS to best improve your damage/healing potential. The stat distribution thus now becomes 22 WIS 22 STR 14 CHA. Why CHA and not STR? Recovery suffer less harsh diminishing returns compared to STR, so overstacking recovery still gives more benefit (see section 3), plus it's cheaper.

PvP only:
**If you care a lot about PvP and want to have a heavy deflect/tank build (current meta for DCs in PVP) you should ignore the above advice and get the highest DEX and CON possible, all the way.

2.2 Race Selection:
I would say most races offer something for the DC class. They usually only give a few % bonuses so play what you like. If you are into min maxing though I have a brief discussion below (when there’s a choice in stats I usually choose the one best for class). Look for STR and WIS bonuses where you can. Overall I recommend Sun Elf (fastest recharge), Half Orc (highest crits) and Half Elf (most HP and minor bonuses) as the preferred races with a slight personal bias towards Half Elf. Halfling deserves special mention as the go to tanky deflect build in PvP.

Sun Elf: +2 INT +2 CHA, +2% AP gain, increase resistance to CC by 10%. Excellent stats. The +2 int and 2% AP effectively mean you have +4 charisma extra total. Given CHA is a key cleric stat (though easily stacked via recovery) Sun Elf DCs are very viable. CC immunity is not as important but you will appreciate if you PvP a lot and manage to run away from singularities. Good for healing builds and even DPS as you can put less points in CHA and shuffle them to something else.
Half Orc: +2DEX +2STR, +5% crit severity. Very good stats with STR bonus (basically +2% crit), perfect for a crit build DC because crit severity matters in endgame (heals can crit too) and can only be increased with a vorpal or potions. The severity bonus is more noticeable when starting out and mid gear score. However when you have a perfect vorpal the actual DPS/healing increase from +5% severity works out to be around 1.2% average damage/healing increase at 35% crit. For the min maxers, comparing 37% crit (2% strength bonus) at +55% crit severity with 35% crit and 50% severity (another race) gives about 3% more damage/healing for the min maxers.
Half Elf: +3CON, +2 CHA or WIS, +1% deflect, crit severity and gold find. Excellent stats, the most stat and HP bonuses of all races. The 1% bonuses are not game changing but are useful, especially if you consider 1% deflect is like 2 extra DEX. Put your +2 bonus in WIS as you will have the most powerful heals/DPS compared to other races (up to 26).
Halfling: +2 DEX, +2 CHA, +3% deflect, +10% resist to CC. Stats are good, overall +3% deflect bonus is good especially for a tanky deflect build (arguably best niche build for PvP). Plus they are harder to target in PvP if you hide amongst allies because of smaller size.
Tiefling: +2 CHA, +2 CON or INT, 5% bonus damage to targets below half health, when hit 5% chance to lower attacker power by 10% for 5s. Good stats, basically a +2.5% damage bonus on average. In reality the 5% damage is more valuable as boss fights generally get harder towards the end, especially for DPSers, tho not so much DCs. Other bonuses can be nice for PvP but unnoticeable generally otherwise. Good for DPS builds but healing ones might prefer Sun Elf.

Other races:
Human: +3 extra heroic feats, +2 in any ability score (recommend STR/WIS). +3% defense.
Humans are actually gimped for the DC class. Because DC's heroic feats are so bad there is nothing worthwhile to spend 3 extra heroic feats on. Basically you get 3% more divinity gain and 2 spare points that won't make any difference. You don’t miss anything featwise from not going human. 3% defense is off defense score, so if you have 3k defense you get 3090. Makes very little difference. That said, when I rolled my DC I rolled Human and still do fine, so differences are minimal really.
Moon Elf: trades 1% AP gain for 1% stamina regen. Sun elf is generally superior but not bad. 1% stamina is good but not enough to make a difference.
Drow: +2 DEX +2 CHA or WIS. Darkfire: 5% chance to debuff foe defense by 10% for 4s. Good stats, however be warned that currently dark fire seems to proc on your party members rather than enemies.  If Darkfire stacks with high prophet set it will be is very useful for a buff/debuff cleric to increase party DPS but it is very short. Better than Menzoberranzan Renegade IMO.
Dwarf: +2 CON +2 STR, increase resist to knockback and repel and DOT effects. Stats are good for a tanky high HP build. However resists are broken and doesn’t work too well in PvE (works in PvP and can be a solid choice). I advise going something else like half orc and building HP via other means.
Wood Elf: +2 DEX, +2WIS, +1% Crit chance, 10% resist to slow. Stats are ok, but everything a wood elf can do a Half Elf can do better.

3. Stats, gearscores and which ones matter
3.1 Introduction to Neverwinter Stats
Neverwinter has nine base stats which then affect stat modifiers. These stats are increased via powers, feats, gear, companion bonuses, augment pets, artifacts and boons. Stat modifiers are given bonuses by ability scores, feats, companion bonuses, artifacts and boons.

Power -> Damage/healing bonus
AC/ Defense -> Damage Resistance (DR)
Critical Strike -> Critical Chance
Recovery -> Recharge speed increase, Action Point (AP) Gain
Armor Penetration (ArP) -> Resistance Ignored
Regeneration -> %Missing health regen
Lifesteal -> %Damage returned
Deflection -> Deflection chance
Movement -> Runspeed
Tenacity -> additional damage, crit and control resist (PvP only)

A plot of how the stats modifiers scale is shown here
Original formulae and discussion here: http://nw-forum.perf...hr...ir-effects

3.2 Diminishing Returns
As you can see, most stats have a diminishing return (DR) where investing higher and higher amounts of stats gives lesser and lesser return (ie less bang for buck). Most of your stats in the game (except power) follow a exponential curve, which means your return on point investment gives lesser and lesser return at high levels. In Neverwinter these DRs are ever present but hit really hard on most stats beyond 2.8-3.4k. Case in point- look at recovery. Recovery is a good stat because it shortens spell cooldowns. It would be good to get a lot of recovery so we can chain cast spells right? Here’s a scenario without looking at charisma and extra bonus (your actual recharge will be significantly higher):
At 1k recovery you get 8.5% recovery
At 2k recovery you get 16.8%
At 3k you get 22.2%
At 4k you get 25.6%
At 8k you get 31.5%

As you can see, when you get above 3k recovery you’re getting a very lackluster recharge speed bonus so those extra stats are ‘wasted’ and would serve you better being somewhere else.

Power and Hit points do not suffer from diminishing returns, +100 power equates to about +4 weapon damage.

Therefore the best allocation of stats is not to stack one or two highly, but to stack enough to get to a certain threshold then spread them around. When you evaluate gear therefore you should prioritise stats that you actually need over stats you have an overabundance of or never need. Once you get over the gearscore trap you’ll understand why the more experienced player sometimes wear blue rings/belt instead of purples, and why one ancient ring may be worth 10x more than the next because they’re offer particular stats combinations they need rather than one useful stat and 2 rubbish ones for example.

Note: You may hear some people saying there are soft and hard caps on stats, eg 3.2k softcap on recovery and crit. It’s not technically a correct term, it is arbitrary as it just means a more severe diminishing return. The only true caps to stats in the game are defense, which caps at 80% damage mitigated (you get 24% from astral shield); and armor penetration, where bosses have 24% damage reduction so you don’t need >24% (in PvE. In PvP ArPen has no hard cap as GFs, GWFs and DCs can stack very high damage resistance). Lifesteal and regen have very high DRs past 2k so you can never stack it highly (up to about 12-14%). Recharge speed and regeneration have ADDITIONAL diminishing return on their percentages (won’t elaborate for recharge speed, but for regen you can ever only gain up to half of the MISSING health displayed in tooltip).

Crit is the 3rd harshest diminishing return stat, followed by deflect. ArP has low gain below 800 points then very good almost linear gain up to about 2200 and starts experiencing DR. For PvE you generally won't need more than 2540 ArP for any class, and less if you class gives resistance ignored from ability scores (DEX for GF, CON for GWF, STR for HR). Recovery has moderate diminishing returns as does defense which has the highest ceiling. Power is not included on the graph but from testing it was reported by the community that 25 power is roughly equivalent to 1 point of weapon damage (both are used to calculate your damage/healing potential).

Weapon damage is the single most important attribute in determining your healing/skill potential and in most cases more important than the other stats of the weapon.

The other aspect to note for DCs compared to other classes when sorting stats is the feat Linked Spirit. If you have Linked Spirit feated when using certain encounters you can proc Linked Spirit to your party (or those around you) which is an increase of 5-25% to all your stats as well as a very substantial boost to party DPS and survivability. This is particularly useful for lower GS 60’s as you and the party are not hitting DR yet and get lots of mileage out of this feat.  In combat uptime is limited currently depending on what you use to proc it.  If fixed to work with Astral Shield you can expect at leas 50% uptime for that stat bonus. This also means that you don’t need to waste stat points going up to diminishing returns and it’s better to spread them around so everything gets boosted. Linked Spirit boosts recipient stats by a % of their own stats (your stats don't matter), so if you don't have deflection for example and linked with someone else who does you won't gain deflection but they will. Linked spirit works with your non-augment companion and ally NPCs if they are in range.

You’ve got to think like this- once your gearscore (GS) is above 10k how much beyond doesn’t really matter. You need to have the stats in the places you need, not the places where it just looks good. If you have an augment pet (Cat/Ioun stone of Allure, and you should get one) this is doubly more important, as they bump up your stats but don’t contribute to GS. If you want to min/max, you want every single gearscore doing something for your build, and preferably not hitting the diminishing return caps so they are wasted.

3.3 Building your stats:
As a cleric, you want typically a ‘base’ of recharge speed (via recovery) to >33%, then 1.5k defense for T1s and 2k+ for T2s. After that build crit chance to 33% (usually achievable around 2000-2500 of crit and recovery). After that it’s all about tinkering and shuffling stats to boost these and other stats that you value or want to work into the build. Again, bear in mind if you are going to use Linked Spirit all the time, your stat score will be boosted by anywhere from 5-25% most of the time so no need to stack very high scores on any stat.

Primary stats:
Defense: A key cleric stat as you generally want to be the last party member to go down. You want 1-2K defense as soon as possible, then perhaps 2K-2.5K later for survivability (based on your playstyle and how squishy you’re comfortable being). Even if you are specced for DPS you still want 1-1.5k Def or you will go down very quickly due to aggro. Defense is not worth stacking much beyond 2.5k in PvE, as you could be boosting HP instead, and you will spend a lot of time in Astral Shield, which gives 24% damage reduction. Generally compared to healers in other MMOs, DCs are not a squishy class at lv 60 and you should not be afraid of off tanking or managing adds while your DPS works on them. Quite often you will be in a party with 1TR and 3 CW/HRs and you should be initiating, pulling and tanking particularly because you control where the battle takes place via Astral shield location.

I do not advocate at all a backline healer approach in NW, it is ineffective, divides party aggro, makes it very hard to target party members with heals, and your best skills, feats and buffs get the best mileage only when allies and enemies are in close proximity. Practice getting comfortable with face tanking, knowing which red you can stand and how to dodge, and you'll find your heals and defense are more than capable of keeping you and the party safe.

Apart from +defense gear, your survivability increases massively by slotting the Foresight passive, using Hallowed Ground and/or Divine Armor dailies, picking Toughness/Holy Resolve feats and eventually slotting a soulforged enchant. You can slot azure enchantments in defense slots to boost defense. The way I play I actually run in and facetank a lot of trash mobs/elites in melee range to grant TRs combat advantage and so I can boost them with Linked Spirit and take some of the damage due to my high defense.

For PvP builds most builds will have high defense anyway from the Exemplar’s blue armor items and stack for deflection instead.

Recovery: Depending on your CHA ability score, you want at least 33% recharge speed. Traditionally this was to get Astral Shield down to 15s cooldown. Post AS nerf high recovery is still worthwhile to minimise AS downtime as well as generate AP. Often I don’t wish my heals to heal for more, I just want them to go off cooldown faster. Typically stacking this to 2600 to 3000 is enough as you hit DR. Recovery is abundant on your T1 and T2 set. Having high recovery also allows higher Action Point (AP) gain for your daily to be up more often. In endgame dungeons, you want to be casting dailies a lot and you need high recovery for this. When you transition from 12-14k GS you will probably find your recovery going up quite high. At some point you want to shuffle CHA back to WIS for better return in damage/healing and thus should keep stacking recovery to compensate. It is more effective overall to max WIS and overstack recovery than keeping CHA high and stacking power. Many DCs overstack recovery sometimes to 4k and beyond- this is a personal choice based on how often you want your encounters to come off cooldown.

Critical strike: Crits are good, crits are underestimated and crits should be used by your clerics. Depending on your STR ability score, you want at least ~33% chance to crit, because your spells and heals can crit, and crits, in addition to large numbers can provide heals from Repurpose Soul as well as divine power from Righteous Rage of Tempest feats. This is achievable with 2-3.2K crit. Again, not worth stacking significantly more because of very high diminishing returns. Some builds don’t care about crit at all and ignore it. Those builds are ok, but in my opinion you’re depriving the class of its potential. You can slot azure enchantments in offense slots to boost crit initially, though probably unnecessary once you have your BiS gear. If you care about killing things and DPS you must build crit as that multiplies your damage significantly with a vorpal weapon enchant.  I would not advocate stacking crit past 33 or 35% because power gives more return for investment.

Secondary stats
Hit points (HP): A large HP pool is very important for survivability. The higher your HP, the more return from regen or Holy Resolve/Miracle Healers/Divine Armor/Hallowed Ground because those heals are based on %HP. No diminishing returns here. Stack as much as you like (you get a bonus with CON), but usually in competition with defense so it’s a balancing act. Usually once you get around 2-2.3k defense you should put the rest into HP or deflection. Keep in mind it’s spike damage that kills you in this game, so having a higher HP pool gives you more buffer and the difference between life and death when it comes to Dracolich type bosses. I feel for PvE endgame content you'd want at least 23-26k and ideally more. 30k+ HP makes you pretty much invincible in PvE and personally I'd say it's better than deflect. It also helps in PvP and you might go even higher, as more HP gives a lot more staying power and helps survive 1-shot burst damage as most DPS classes have enough ArP to mitigate a significant amount of defense.

Power: (the contribution of Power towards damage/healing will be reworked in module 3 and may change its relative importance to DCs and other classes, watch this space)

Power has no theoretical diminishing return and has linear gains. From other's tests you get +4 damage/healing per 100 points in power or 0.025 per point. Because it suffers no DR, most cleric guides and forum builds will tell you to put your spare points into power (also known as dump stat). If you only care about healing, building power is good.  


With module 2 there are more ways to increase stats, and I do feel having a solid power score is beneficial for your base healing. If you can afford it (after crit/recovery are set), get 4-5k power, however I don't feel you necessarily need to stack it to 7-8k unless your defensive stats and survivability are solidly capped. At higher GS WIS gives more return to healing/damage than power, so if you still have points in CHA shuffle some power back in recovery to keep cooldowns low.


I must also mention- depending on the focus of your skills and playstyle power may not necessarily be that important.  For buffing/debuffing, Astral shield mitigation, divine glow damage boost, exaltation clutching, Hallowed ground buffs and linked spirit procs are fixed and independent of power.  At the high level endgame (15k+ GS parties) your healing amount is insignificant, and your DPS amount is also insignificant compared to what your major DPSers can do.  You are there for mitigation, in combat healing, buffs and clutches.  In that case power does nothing for you except extra healing when needed and slightly more DPS output.  For such a build, recovery may become the dump stat, so you can buff more often and build AP faster, depending on how you decide what is worth stacking above diminishing returns.

How much does power give you?
I've decided to do some plots based on my weapon and power rating. You can see the results below. I looked at the Max tooltip damage for 3 skills- Healing Word, Sunburst and Daunting light, then adjusted and removed the WIS bonus to get the numbers presented.


You can see with further number crunching that with my weapon every 1000 points of power seems to boost damage/healing by ~3% consistently for each skill. I have not extrapolated to higher power than 5k but the trend will likely continue. It's not a huge difference but do add up little by little and hence offers the most return for point investment once your other stats have hit diminishing returns. *Note I do not know yet whether the same gains in power are translatable to other classes*.

In comparison with Crit, if you are at 33% crit chance, increase crit by 1000 gives about +2% crit chance, which translates to ~1.2% average damage increase without a vorpal and ~1.8% damage increase with a perfect vorpal. Going from 35% to 37% crit (roughly another 1000 crit) translates to another 1.2% w/o vorpal and 1.8% with perfect vorpal (rounded up from diminishing returns). Therefore power stacking is more effective than crit for overall average output.

In summary, for healing, power is great, because player HP is finite and linear gains are useful. For DPS, power is good, but only after everything else is at the right cutoffs. My recommendation for your offensive stat is get crit to 33-35%, ArP to 1200 or 12% resistance ignored, recovery to ~35% recharge speed increase and then dump all in power.

Armor Penetration (ArP):

Armor pen is hard to stack early on, so ignore it until you almost get all BiS (T2) equipment and Ioun Stone. DPS wise, you get the most return per point investment for ArP compared to any other stat (until you hit caps). At the state of the game most archer mobs have around 12% mitigation, trash around 14-16%, and brutes and bosses have 22 to 24% mitigation. Without armor penetration all your attacks will be reduced by their mitigation %. Fortunately, as we’re rarely on boss duty full time we don’t need 24% armor pen as we're only attacking bosses to place debuffs and gain divinity. IMO getting 12-14% is the sweet spot so you are at least dealing full damage to trash and minions. Note that armor pen has very limited return below 800 points then almost linear gain to 20%.

*Updated*: With the big boons to everyone's GS, massive increase in GWF deep gash bleeds and runaway CW damage I feel DCs can no longer keep up the DPS race against other DPS classes. We still hit harder than ever (have had 90k+ Daunting lights and 100k+ Flamestrikes) but other classes's gains have been exponential while ours remain linear. When you run with close to BiS CWs and GWFs there is lesser and lesser need and dependence for DC damage as most things die after 1-2 rotations. Therefore, DC DPS buffs and mitigation are now the key to even faster clears and maintaining DPS uptime. I no longer advocate stacking ArP beyond 16% mitigation (1550 ArP) and instead shuffle them back into power and recovery. Zero or low ArP builds are also perfectly valid as they always have been.

Furthermore, post module 2 Armor penetration is STILL not counting for a lot of DC encounters and abilities, including Flamestrike, Divine Glow, Divine Searing Light, Chains of Blazing Light, Prophecy of Doom, Forgemaster’s Flame DoT, Break the Spirit DoT and Brand of the Sun DoT. I have lost hope in developers ever getting time to fix these skills. The DC class has been neglected for a significant amount of time (except for nerfs when they feel we are too powerful) and the state of the game is suffering as the DC population continues to dwindle and play other classes. Some ArP (12-16%) is still very beneficial for soloing and when running with low-mid GS groups, but for endgame content you do need the boost in power and recovery for healing due to constant party wide damage. In my healing rotation Sacred Flame and Sunburst still works with ArP, so trade off still worth it IMO. Also Linked Spirit will boost ArP by a fair chunk so it's no great loss going from 20% mitigation back to 12-16%.

Quick comparison: Say you are at 3k power, 3k crit, 3k recovery. Where should you put 1200 points? 1200 ArP gives you a 12% DPS boost to everything you hit, while power gives +48 weapon damage (~3.6% more damage/healing), or 2.5% more crit (translates to ~1.8% DPS boost) or 4% more recharge speed/AP gain. A lot of DCs complain about not being able to kill anything, struggle with daily quests and have to group up for daily dungeons, whereas with some ArP I often get top or 2nd enemies killed in a lot of group content easily. Still not easy mode compared to my CW or GWF, but I get by rather painlessly.

It's up to you whether you want to stack 1200 ArP and rest in power or 1550. The extra 350 points in ArP boost your damage to tougher mobs by 4%, whereas 350 points in power is about 1.15% more damage/healing. (Linked spirit will boost both anyway).

In summary: 7-12K GS: Ignore ArP and only take it if it's already in your gear. 12k+ GS you may stack up to 12-16% mitigation to help clear trash fast and no more than that. If you can't be bothered with dark enchants, skip ArP entirely and get 7k power instead.

Armor Class (AC): This comes on your gear and Anointed Armor feat.  Each point in AC is equivalent to 0.5% damage resistance, no diminishing returns and additive with damage resistance from defense.  Don't really need to go looking for it.


Deflection: More useful for PvP than PvE because it’s not negated by armor penetration, however scales horribly at low values and hard to stack from set gear. Note that with deflection you take half damage, doesn’t mean you are immune to damage. Deflection does help with survivability but because it is so hard to stack (similar to crit) without significantly gimping your other stats I do not recommend a large investment, and I personally do not put points in it and just keep some deflect jewellery to swap in where survivability is warranted. That said, deflect is a staple of tanky cleric PvE and PvP builds. Many other put some points in deflect and like it. If you PvP heavily then you should stack heavily into deflection because it’s all about burst damage mitigation. My personal take is stack HP if you mainly PvE and dabble in PvP, where as if you tend to mainly PvP then you need all of them (HP, def, deflect).

Regeneration: Regen was popular in many old DC builds, then ditched largely because it's not needed, and now making a resurgence from regen artifacts and equipment. The free constant heals are very useful, but in my opinion it’s not as crucial as open beta days because you don’t have as much aggro anymore. In most cases its burst damage in the game that kills you, not stuff chipping away over time which you can heal away. Has hard caps (cannot heal for more than half of the tooltip) and very high diminishing returns beyond about 1.3k. Regen is good for solo foundries, PvP or Gauntlgrym PvE where you want to slot more offensive abilities rather than heals and have health restored between pulls. Also work with tanky builds for survivability in sustained fights. There are blue rings and Icons that give 110 regen each and are a lot more affordable than the purples. While regen is not at all necessary for T1 and T2 content, I feel for VT, CN and MC last bosses the constant damage over time needs to be countered by regen due to righteousness self heal nerf. For PvP it is very useful for staying power and a key reason most DCs stack Exemplar's gear of youth.  With higher incoming damage from daily quests in module 3 regen can really help supplement your healing between fights and lessen potion use.  

With module 2 it is much easier to stack regen thanks to artifacts and pets, and you should be able to get 1k regen if you wish. Can help top you up that little bit between pulls. I just swap my regen and defensive rings/belt in heavy boss fights or PvP to increase survivability rather than DPS.

How to build regen without hindering your other gear: Seal of Executioner (+487 (grandfathered) /384 regen, search AH) on cat + Thickgristle or new Mod 3 belt (+144/188 regen) x2 (you and cat) +Dread ring boon (250 regen) + PvP Raven artifact (+183 regen at purple/300 regen at orange) + Waters Artifact (+166 regen at purple/400 at orange) + purple Cleric companion (+300 regen) =1922 regen or ~6% of missing health restored per tick.

Movement: Movespeed is nice, but you won’t notice a few % much, just slot darks in utility slots as you have the AD. It does make a bit of a difference in kite heavy fights like Frozen Heart. I'm poor and went for fey blessing instead to get more enchants. Completely optional, and easier to manage now that you can swap enchants in and out as you wish.

Lifesteal (LS): I have reconsidered the uselessness of lifesteal. In module 2 you feel the bane of righteousness more than ever and for the endgame bosses your self heals are barely able to sustain yourself in addition to pots. Still not worth going out of the way to get it, especially because when you're running for your life there's little time to attack something, but from combat log parses LS can account for up to 10% of my incoming heals even at 2-3% damage returned. Much better for DPS characters.  However in solo situations such as daily quests in Mod 2 and 3 having lifesteal helps you slot 3 DPS encounters to kill faster (or use Miracle Healer's set).  The Dread legion set is pretty good for this.


Tenacity: Tenacity is introduced in Mar 2014 as a PvP only stat and only becomes active in PvP arenas or flagged for PvP.  For PvE only players you can ignore it.  Regardless of tenacity players will receive an inherent 10% damage resistance, crit resistance and control resistance.  I am not sure at this stage whether it is additive or multiplicative to inherent damage resistance (from defense), but basically protects player from further damage.  Incoming damage from crit hits are reduced by the crit resistance AND damage resistance amount.  Control resistance reduce the % of control duration and stacks with resist from WIS/artifacts.  I don't have many data points, but tenacity appears to be roughly linear (100 points = 1% resist) for the first 1000 points then faces rather sharp diminishing returns between 1000 and 2000.  You will be quite significantly beefier with 1k tenacity or so.  I've heard reports tenacity can be 'punched through' with multiple damages and DoTs in a short amount of time but haven't done any testing so far.  Tenacity is currently not increased with Linked Spirit.

3.4 Boons
As part of campaign progress in Module 1 Fury of the Feywild and Module 2 Shadowmantle you can unlock up to 5 boons on your character. These boons can be powerful and should be considered in your build when min/maxing in combination with gear for the overall best bonuses.

Boons can be changed when you respec.

Feywild Boons-

First boon- Dark Fey Warder +250 defense vs Dark Fey Hunter +250 power
I recommend defense. For convenience point of view power is probably more logical because you are probably at 2.2-2.5k defense, so you don’t need more and prefer dumping into power. However, from a min/max point of view, defense is harder to stack compared to power (5 defensive slots compared to 7 offensive slots). Taking 250 def means you have more gear flexibility to build other stats. If I take the 250 defense that means I can slot a radiant in a defense slot instead of azure for 880 more HP. Alternatively I can swap one of the Rings of Undeath for a ring with offensive slot and slot for more arpen/recovery/crit.

Second boon- Fey Elusiveness +250 deflect vs Fey Precision +250 crit
Either one can work. If you are already stacking deflect from neck/rings/belt it’s worth taking deflect to make you even tankier. If you don’t stack deflect then more crit always helps.

Third boon- Feywild Fortitude +700 HP vs Elven Haste +2% AP gain.

Can’t really go wrong either way. At 3.2k recovery you need about 250 extra recovery to get 2% AP. For HP a rank 7 radiant gives 740 HP while you need a rank 9 silvery for 250 recovery. If you’re not stacking exclusively for HP 2% AP is the way to go because it’s more bang for buck. 2% AP is multiplicative with your AP gain.  Taking this also means you can drop some CHA back to WIS.

Fourth boon- Elven Tranquility when struck you have chance to heal self for 400 HP (actually more like 600-700 post module 3) vs Elven Ferocity when striking a foe you have a chance to deal 400 Arcane damage. I’ve tested and it’s 1 proc per minute, so useless either way, even more so as the damage is mitigated by enemy armor, and the heal is diminished by righteousness (gone after module 3).

Fifth boon-
Elven Resolve- Stamina/ guard meter regens 10% faster in combat
Fey Thistle- When you deflect you deal 400 damage to your attacker
Elvish Fury- When you kill a foe you gain 20 power for 45 seconds, stack up to 30 times
Redcap Brew- potions heal you for 10% more

I heavily recommend Elven Resolve. 10% more dodge in combat is very helpful because it gives you brief immunity- very helpful in seas of red and you almost have 3 dodges in a short space of time. Survivability trumps all as a dead cleric is probably a party wipe.

Dread Ring Boons
First boon- Reliquary Keeper’s Strength (125 power, 125 Movement) vs Conjurer’s Gambit (125 Crit, 125 Movement)

Depends on your gear- I’d recommend power if you already have close to 35% crit chance or more.

Second Boon- Evoker’s Thirst (250 Lifesteal) vs Illusory Regeneration (250 Regeneration)

Take Regen unless you’re heavily specced for DPS and stacking lifesteal.

Third Boon- Illusion Shimmer (3% Deflect Severity) vs Forbidden Piercing (250 Armor Penetration)
Deflect boon is currently broken and gives around 0.5% severity instead of 3%, go ArP no question even if you're deflect build until they fix it (if ever).

Fourth Boon- Enraged Regrowth (when taking damage chance for 1000 HoT, then +250 defense for 10s) vs Shadowtouch (when dealing damage for 1000 Necrotic DoT, then target lose 10% heal effectiveness for 10s)

Both have about 75s internal cooldown and very minimal overall. Take Shadowtouch, especially if you PvP so others can feel the pain of healing depression.  

Fifth Boon-
Augmented Thayan Bastion- when taking damage you have a chance to generate shield that absorbs 500 incoming damage and redirects it to nearby foe for 6s.
Thayan Bastion doesn't stack with Arpen. Internal cooldown seems to be 1 minute although others have mentioned multiple successive procs. Not recommended.

Rampaging Madness – when you deal damage you gain a stack of ‘madness’, at 50 stacks you gain 600 power, 300 lifesteal and 300 regen for 10s and stacks reset. Tootip says you may only gain one stack per second. In actual fact you get a stack every time you do damage and thus can get more than a stack per second.  Sunburst and similar multitarget skills can give you multiple ticks.  If you are using DoTs such as BoTS or a Plaguefire on multiple enemies you get a stack per tick and can build it very quickly.  

Not a bad feat depending on where your stats are at, but 600 power is like 1.8% more damage healing and Lifesteal/regen may or may not be of benefit to a DC depending on what you already have.  Haven't tested uptime on DC, I'm guessing it'll proc 2-3 times a minute during combat.  GWFs can proc 3-4x with their bleeds for greater uptime.  Take your pick between this (safe bet) or burning guidance (text spam and aggro magnet).

Endless Consumption -(chance for 3x Lifesteal effectiveness) No internal cooldown but limited benefit to DCs due to our lesser DPS uptime and low DPS output.  Ok if you're DPS DC

Burning Guidance (Healing has chance for 120 radiant damage to mobs). Procs off every tick of Astral Shield, can proc off Astral Seal and even health regen/Lifesteal as a small AoE. Doesn't work with ArP, spams your screen with flying text but arguable the best of the lot if you're into DPS.  You do become an aggro magnet and will get targeted a lot when the party do big pulls which may or may not work out well for you.  From combat logs Burning Guidance does about 10-15% of my damage in T2 dungeons using support loadout (AS/SB/DG) with a standard party and up to 31% in high performing ones.  Difference being that in a high performing party you pull more and kill faster, so less time spamming at wills/encounters while Burning Guidance's AoE hit them all.  However doesn't work in solo, you need to heal someone else for it to proc so if you're a solo character get Rampaging Madness.


Overall recommend Burning Guidance (if you're tanky and want to be aggro magnet) = Rampaging Madness (suits everyone) > Endless Consumption > Augmented Thayan Bastion


Icewind Dale Boons



First boon- Weathering the Strom +250 AoE resist vs Encroaching Tactics +250 Combat Advantage


I recommend AoE resist for PvE/PvP.  Limited combat advantage opportunities as DC class even if you play like a melee.


Second boon- Appreciation of Warmth +250 Incoming Healing vs Refreshing Chill +250 Stamina/Guard gain


Both are useful, pick what you feel you need more.  Incoming healing makes heals more effective while stamina gain allows more dodges


Third boon- Rapid Thaw 250 Recovery vs Sleet Skills 2% crit severity


Again, both useful depending on what you need.  If you are already happy about how much recovery you have then take crit severity because it's a lot harder to stack. However 2% crit severity isn't that big a deal.


Fourth boon- Cold Shoulder when damaged by a foe chance to proc cold shoulder which reduces their next attack by 200 vs Cool Resolve gain up to 500 power based on how much stamina/guard you are missing


Fifth boon-

Avalanche -chance to get a stack of Avalanche when damaged by a foe.  At 20 stacks, upon taking damage the stack is cleared and deals 200 damage to nearby targets.  I think this is really weak/underpowered.

Rousing Warmth -chance when Healed to gain 500 damage on next attack.  Usefulness depends on proc rate and how it works with healing

Winter’s Bounty -chance to gain 10% bonus AP when killing a target.  Probably best of the lot assuming there isn't a severe internal cooldown.  I doubt it gives actual 10% AP though, perhaps just a 10% bonus AP on the killing ability 


Shared Survival -Drinking Potions has a chance to heal nearby allies of 10% of that potion’s value.  I don't think parties drink potions enough for this to give a decent return.  


At this stage I recommend Winter's bounty > Rousing Warmth > Shared Survival > Avalanche

Kaelac Symphony- 15k+ High Prophet Devoted Cleric, my DC guide http://laggygamerz.c...in-neverwinter/
Kalyn Symphony- 15k+ High Vizier Control Wizard

Kestis- 16k+ Knight Captain/High General Guardian Fighter

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4. Devoted Cleric Powers, Skills, and Feats


Because the DC class has a lot of versatility you need to think about what you want your cleric to be able to do and take synergistic powers/feats towards that aim.  Bear in mind we have 2 at wills, 2 dailies, 3 encounters and 2 class features we can slot at one time so there is no need to put points in everything.  Clerics is about utility, so you want your loadout to be flexible enough to fill in the gaps.  I have the recommend number of points in brackets but this is a guide only.  As a cleric you need to manage your action points (AP), divinity (DP), party hit points (HP), cooldowns and party positioning, so keep your eyes out for everyone and watch where they should fight.


With skills I’ve recommend I also consider their usefulness when levelling vs endgame.  Following this guide you shouldn’t need to respec after lv 60, at least until you get all BiS and by then you know what you want to do.


Build concept - Max Party DPS

This build is primarily a build to maximise overall party DPS for the purpose of clearing dungeons most efficiently and quickly.  It is specialises in straddling the line between a pure healing build and a pure DPS build and is able to do both.  Effectively.  You will be able to carry PUGs with lower GS and keep them alive, but this build shines when you run regularly with friends or groups of highly geared and competent players where you can squeeze absolutely every bit of DPS out of the party and watch things melt.  

How does a DC max party DPS?  

Always remember the 4Ps of party oriented clerics

1. Protection: You protect your DPS classes and tanks so they can focus on their job instead of running and scattering.  More time running means less time killing.  (Note this doesn't mean they shouldn't dodge red, no DC can out mitigate the majority of red circles in this game).  This involves mainly healing and damage mitigation, and secondly tanking or offtanking adds off squishies.
2. Provision: You lay down appropriate damage buffs and enemy debuffs on target- we have the best set and powers in the game for buffing and debuffing and should be aware of synergy.

3. Precision: Your style of support and knowledge of boss/fight mechanics dictate where and how the party fights.  Wise positioning of Astral Shield and your physical self can make fights significantly easier for the party.  
4. Punch: You have at your disposal both strong burst and strong DoT damaging skills.  The DC can pack a very strong punch in PvE and PvP.  We're renowned for our healing, but even just dropping daunting lights and BoTS can net you a significant chunk of overall party DPS to kill things faster.

Remember: the faster you kill the less you have to heal.



As a leader class, the DC offers healing, damage mitigation, party buffs, enemy debuffs and all sorts of combat bonuses to help the party make the best out of any situation.  You will see that many of our heals are designed not to be direct massive heals but either HoTs or as a side effect to doing damage.  The DC is also a midranged fighter who gets in the thick of battle and engages rather than sitting back and spamming heals.  You need to have a watchful eye over the party’s healthbars, but at the same time be prepared to support and adjust your capabilities to both boost team DPS and survival.


The Neverwinter dungeons, while primarily add heavy, do offer some varieties and challenges in boss fights and mechanics.  A particular dungeon and boss fight can turn out drastically different depending on the composition of your group, their gearscore, loadout and preferences.  As a DC you cannot always control who you run with and what they do, so it’s best to be prepared for whatever situations you encounter.


This build and gear loadout ensures that you will be an amazing healer when played right, providing tremendous support and healing to the party via both damage mitigation and maintenance healing.  Damage mitigation is an important concept to bear in mind, by reducing the actual damage taken you’re lessening the chance of spike damage killing the group and lessening the actual healing required to bring party members back to full health.  The counterpoint is that the best defense is a solid offense.  By boosting the party’s DPS capabilities, you make fights go significantly shorter, meaning less damage dealt by mobs, less damage taken by party, less damage you have to heal, less kiting and less chance something can go wrong.  In a few boss fights, going all out DPS is the best strategy and where the DC can make the biggest difference.  This is also the number 1 reason why I will use the High Prophet set over anything else- who wouldn't want a significantly shorter boss fight?  If you actually need the other set bonuses for more healing because everyone is getting hurt badly then your party is going to have a hard time no matter what.


By using this build you are actually minimising your numbers on the charts, so don't get hung up over it.  Firstly you will do less overall healing, simply because there is less incoming damage as stuff dies fast and you are not there to overheal and top everyone's HP all the time.  Secondly you will increase party member healing as your debuffs will boost their lifesteal.  You will do lesser damage proportionally because you are buffing the DPSers to do even more and they usually get cleaned up in 1-2 rotations.  Yes, party members may need to use potions during the fights, but improved clearing speed nets you much more than a few silver's worth of potions.


What the build offers is versatility: by changing your encounter loadout you can go from Healer to healer/buff/debuffer to DPSer.  This builds ensures you have everything that allow you to stay relevant and versatile depending on what the party needs.  


Here's a quick link to my current build.  I will break down the skill and feat discussions to follow.  There are 6 unallocated skill points that you can put in what you like.


*This is my new build from Mar 2014.  Very minor changes from last one and not at all necessary.  I've added points to Prophecy of Doom.  Featwise I shuffled 1 point from Righteous rage of tempus to Divine Advantage, and 1 point from Ethereal Boon to Greater Divine Power



4.1 Paragon Paths

Currently Neverwinter allows 2 paragon paths per class.  These each offer a small selection of skills and feats that have a particular theme.  You can re-choose your paragon path when you respect.


Divine Oracle (DO, existing default path):

At Will- Brand of the Sun

Encounter- Prophecy of Doom

Daily- Hammer of Fate

Class Features- Foresight, Terrifying Insight, Prophetic Action

Feat- Power of the Sun, Second Sight, Benefit of Foresight


DO is a more DPS flavoured path but still offers excellent defense and utility.  Foresight is by far the best class feature DCs can give to party for flat 11% damage reduction while BoTS, HoF and Terrifying Insight all boost personal DPS significantly, which is important for soloing or DPS/PvP builds.  If you want to max DPS, go DO.  Divine Oracle is still a very strong healing path and more flexible with group composition regardless of your spec due to the other healing feats and the presence of foresight.  This remains my current paragon post Module 2 as main PvE DC for endgame content.


Choose this path for: Hybrid healing/DPS builds, Pure DPS builds, PvP DoT build, debuff builds


Anointed Champion (AC, new paragon path):

At-Will- Blessing of Battle

Encounter- Exaltation

Daily- Anointed Army

Class Features- Anointed Action, Anointed Armor, Anointed Holy Symbol

Feat- Battle Fervor, Prestigious Exaltation, Ancient Warding


Anointed Champion is a more defensively focused path.  This path offers a decent amount of damage mitigation and some group temporary immunity powers.  Temporary hit points and healing builds are supplemented with anointed Holy Symbol which gives 10% HP to party for each divinity encounter (works with sunburst/BoH tab trick).  Exaltation (2s immunity) and Anointed Holy Symbol are the reason why you’d want this path.  Although you lose foresight, blessing of battle and anointed holy symbol can make up for it fairly easily.  You can still have a DPS build with AC path trading BoTS for BoB which trades more DPS for survivability, but you do lose HoF which isn't really much of an issue since FS is fixed and HG is still very powerful along with the situational Anointed Army.


Choose this path for: Tank/healing/mitigation builds, PvP survivability, clutch builds.  


Paragon Path Comparisons:

There's a lot of good things going for the AC path but Divine Glow is still used in my PvE rotation instead of Exaltation, and BoB has a longer cast time, lower DPS and lower divinity gain per sec than Sacred Flame.  As I need to put stacks of High Prophet debuffs quickly on mobs, BoB is not going to replace SF or Astral Seal.  Anointed Holy Symbol is on par with Foresight, but Foresight's mitigation is always useful and makes a life vs death difference while AHS is just adding extra buffer most of the time.  Basically AHS offers more protection clearing trash while Foresight is relevant for both trash and boss encounters.  Anointed Army is not necessarily a better daily than Divine Armor for clutching in PvE, and in most cases Hallowed Ground is better than both when feated.  For AC path your buff ranges are a lot shorter (AHS, BoB) and the party needs to be closer to you to stay protected.  My opinion is the DC should be in the thick of it all tanking anyway but it's even more important to stay close for this path.

For endgame bosses (Valindra, Fulminorax and Dracolich) and almost all T2s except ToS fights the party will all be scattered a lot of the time as they all have their own roles.  There are also a lot of constant party wide damage going on that will test your healing abilities.  In such situations you lose all your best bonuses as an AC.  Not saying ACs cannot complete those content by any means, but your best party support features have limited ways to shine.  As such in the current state of the game, if you are not a serious PvPer the DO path is more versatile and powerful.


PvP wise both paths in righteous is great.  DOs should pick Power of the Sun for further incoming damage mitigation (not sure if it works correctly currently) along with power of oppression.  ACs who can time exaltation well can totally turn the tide of battle in keeping key players alive.  Currently the PvP focus is to focus down and kill one of the members as soon as possible, the more you can force them to shortman the harder it is for them to comeback.


4.2 Powers

You have 61 points in total to spec into powers.  I’ve placed a recommended amount of points per skill, but you ultimately make the call where you need your points.


4.2.1 At Wills

At wills are what you spam (left click and right click) when waiting for your cooldowns.  They have different casting speeds and effects and you might want to reload depending on the situation.


Lance of Faith (LoF) (1/3): Your first at will power, nothing particularly special except every 3rd hit gives bonus damage.  I have done a fair bit of testing, it is slow to cast and gives lesser divinity than the others (~11 hits per pip).  I cannot see any situation where I want LoF.  Leave it at 1 point.  Even feated LoF losses out damage and divinity wise to SF.


Astral Seal (ASeal) (3/3): My preferred RMB at will in parties.  For solos you probably shouldn't use it a lot and replace with Brand of the Sun.  Underpowered at low levels, and probably not noticeable when solo/levelling where you may be thinking it’s useless, but scales incredibly well with level and especially endgame dungeons for free team healing.  Astral Seal basically gives fairly good lifesteal (from observations about 1-5% DPS, sometimes more and can crit) to whoever hits the target.  More importantly, the heal from astral seal can proc a huge list of very useful feats (Foresight / Enduring Relief / Restoration Mastery / Cleanse / Disciple of Divine Lore / Cycle of Change /Linked Spirit in D-mode / Divine Advantage / Healing Step (Seal has to crit)). 


In most fights you should open by casting this on every target to be engaged, especially on bosses/elites and your DPS members can effectively keep themselves alive via the heals.  Because ASeal does not refresh its duration per cast (info from Scozzers), there is no need to spam it, just refresh every 10 s or cast until you get a crit (all outgoing heals will crit).  If your group is scattered, just cast seal once on each enemy being taken down and it’ll help keep allies healed without further intervention.  In particular Enduring Relief and Divine Advantage gives great healing/protection via this spell and you don’t have to run around targeting heals to every party member.  Furthermore, Astral Seal healing is a little unusual and seems to have diminishing returns for successive heals (50%, then 33%, 16.7%).  For solo use it's very minor healing due to both the internal DR and righteousness. (Note from Scozzers- ASeal counts as a debuff and can be cleansed in PvP).  Although the old adage is to keep Seals on every target, as your GS and party GS improve they have less and less reliance for AS healing and get more from their own Lifesteal.  You are using this just to poc feats like Foresight so seal on 2-3 tough mobs per pull and you're good to go.


Sacred Flame (SF) (3/3): My preferred LMB at will, on 3rd hit gives small temporary HP bonus to all allies near target.  It’s slightly faster to cast (0.8 s per hit) compared to Lance of Faith, so it actually does very similar DPS (see details here post #12 http://nw-forum.perf...tic-Feats/page2).  Gives highest divinity gain of all at-wills.  Personally I prefer the faster casts, higher divinity gain (~6 hits per pip) and temp hp buff of SF to LoF which is synergistic with Deepstone Blessing and GF/GWF abilities.  Because of the speed you have better mobility with it also.  Temporary hit points is about 330 on the third hit to all close to the target.


Brand of the Sun (BoTS) (1 or 3/3) (Divine Oracle Paragon only): I use this situationally on RMB when going DPS spec e.g. solo foundries/PvP/Gauntlgrym , ticks 7 times over 10s.  Can crit, and can do excellent supplementary damage with divinity gain over time.  Ideally you tag each enemy with one cast, let the damage tick and divinity will roll in.  Recasting doesn’t stack but refreshes ticks.  You can recast on a target until the first hit crits (orange number), then every tick will crit.  In group situations I still find Astral Seal incredibly helpful so I rarely take BoTS.  However in easy dungeons or when there’s another DC (eg Pirates) BoTS helps a lot with damage output and can end up out- damaging most of your encounters.  Some players use BoTS/ASeal combo.  It can be useful because you can pop a quick cast then run around.  Put one point when levelling to see how you fare.  If you like it and manage to make use of it frequently you can put 3 points, otherwise the 20% damage won’t make that much difference if you have something else you prefer to max.  Single target BoTS DPS is lower than LoF and SF but if you spam it once per mob then you obviously multiply your DPS.  BoTS is great for PvP because you won't have the luxury to stand and cast.  It's got the highest damage per cast, and fire and forget and if you cast it on each enemy you get steady divinity coming in.  They will ignore the damage but it all adds up.  DoTs prevent mounting also and messes with TR stealth.


Blessing of battle (BoB) (1 or 3/3) (Anointed Champion Paragon only):

BoB gives a small defensive buff (6% DR) to you and nearby allies (also + up to 15% power when feated with Battle Fervor).  The buff is applied when cast even if the animation doesn't finish.  It’s got a longer animation and gives about 3%AP per cast (highest AP gain per sec).  This can be used as a replacement to Astral Seal, but depends on your other feats and playstyle.  Cast at the beginning of battle and recast once in a while to keep the buff up.  This basically replaces Foresight from DO path.  It has the longest at will animation (1.6s, comparable to half charged storm pillar) so you may not always have the time to use it.  For general dungeons it can be good, but in boss fights where there is a lot of scattering and things to watch for I feel the cast and forget mentality of astral seal a much easier way of watching the party's backs.  I believe the buff range is centered from where you are rather than where the target is.


Punishing Light: Your divinity left click at-will.  Spend your divinity as fast direct ticks to hurt your opponent.  It's easy to forget about this, but don't.  This is a high DPS skill though it burns through your divinity.  In PvE you usually want to save it for healing, but if something needs to die now (eg Redcap Powies and witherers) and everything is on cooldown don't be afraid to punishing light it to death.  PL will instantly attack targets with full 3 stacks of HP so it's a great finishing skill, however the stacks will fall off as soon as you stop PL.  In PvP you should utilise PL in conjunction with DOTs to finish off players when they are at 30% health or less, especially DCs, TRs and CWs who can go down quickly.  In PvE it's ok to use if you have divinity to spare.  If you take the virtuous capstone work 1-2 bursts of PL into your rotation to take advantage of Cycle of Change.


Soothing Light: Used to be ultra terrible, but with recent fixes SL is handy when someone needs a clutch heal (eg Castle Never) and you have some divinity.  Works better the less health they have so really useful for bringing them back from brink of death.  Also procs Linked Spirit and various healing feats to aid their survivability.  It’ll never replace all your other heals, but don’t forget about this skill when you need to clutch heal.  Also handy in PvP when you need to help teammates/self heal and you’ve slotted all offensive abilities.  Bilethorn can kill you left unchecked and SL can help keep yourself up. At Will Comparisons

Here's a comparison of how the At wills fare.  


Experimental conditions:

To generate the statistics I have my lv 60 using no gear and a low level weapon.  

No bonus feats/powers/ class features associated with buffs, debuffs, divinity gain and AP gain were taken.

All skills were tested at rank 3/3.

Each skill was used 100 times on a training dummy, the average damage (including crits, though crit chance was low) was tracked and calculated via ACT

Cast speed was determined as number of complete casts over 60s.

AP gained per second was tracked via ACT, then divided by my AP gain stat to calculate the base AP gain per cast.

Divinity gain was calculated as the number of casts required to fill 3 divinity bars.  

Data was normalised with sacred flame as 100% to offer a handy comparison.

Cast speed and AP gain are averaged according to ACT over the 3 hit cycle for SF and LoF.


Points to note:

All DC at wills are single target skills.

Brand of the Sun takes about 1 s to cast but can be cast on multiple targets.  Each cast of BoTS deals damage for 7 ticks over 10s.  The DPS and divinity gained listed here is for ONE cast, but in combat you will often have BoTS ticking on multiple enemies and have much higher DPS and Div/s.  BoTS has the highest damage and divinity gain per cast of all skills due to the DoT effect.

I didn't include feated Lance of Faith in this test, but I have done other tests and damage is still only comparable with Sacred Flame, divinity gain boost is very small and not noticeable.




Results and Discussion:

Cast time:

Cast time is the most important stat, as it affects directly the damage/AP and Div gain per second.  Cast time of sacred flame is the fastest, with fast 2 first hits and a slightly longer 3rd hit which proc temp HP on nearby allies.  Likewise for LoF the first 2 hit are cast, and the 3 hit is delayed for bonus damage.  Blessing of battle has the slowest cast speed.


Damage per second:

LoF and SF have very similar DPS.  BoB has lower DPS because of long casting animation.  ASeal does very little damage.  BoTS single target damage is low, but breaks even with SF when ticking on 3 targets or more.


AP gained per second:

When cast time is taken into account AP gain/s is very similar with BoB being 10% higher than SF, followed by ASeal (7%).  The AP from BoTS is delayed and gained around the 3rd tick rather than per tick.


Divinity gained per second:

SF offers the highest divinity gain per second, followed by BoB (76.7%), ASeal (68.7%) and LoF (64.08%).  BoTS gives highest divinity per cast but is added incrementally each tick so per second gain is small.  On multiple enemies though the divinity will tick in quite fast.


As can be seen, SF offers the best combination of fast cast speed, DPS, AP/S and Divinity gain/S compared with the other skills, on top of this it does have a slight temp HP gain to nearby allies.  LoF unfeated does not stack up in any department.


ASeal is not worth spamming when you have SF except for AP gain.  

BoTS excels in outgoing DPS and divinity gain when there are multiple opponents or where there is limited opportunity for sustained damage.

Blessing of battle does not compare favourably to other at wills except for slightly higher AP gain.  However it's 6% mitigation buff to nearby allies is a key feature of the AC paragon and you should practice positioning and refreshing/juggling the cooldown.  Cast time of 1.6s means if you are using it to debuff your High Prophet/plague fire stacks will fall quickly.

Overall I still recommend SF/ASeal combo for Divine Oracle in most situations, and BoTS for DPS situations.  For Anointed Champion you might want  SF/BoB or BoB/ASeal


4.2.2 Class Features-

Healer’s Lore (2/3)- Good when levelling, but once you have Foresight I rarely use it as 15% more healing doesn’t make too much difference so it’s more of a point dump.  There are situational fights where it can be useful, particularly combined with healing word but you generally won’t notice a difference.  If you’re struggling to heal the party adequately try slotting this.  Obviously slot this if you’re going for the feat Disciples of Divine Lore.  Put one point initially until you need to dump more for unlocks.  It doesn't see a lot of use personally at lv 60.


Divine Fortune (DF) (3/3)- More divinity when you use healing only spells.  This only procs off Healing Word, BoH, Astral Shield and possibly Exaltation.  While I generally use Holy Fervor in dungeon clearing, this is quite useful to have when you do slot 3 heals for the tougher boss fights such as Dracolich, Fulminorax and Valindra.  Healing Word in particular gets the most mileage out of DF because of more charges, and the fact that Divine HW is quite an effective clutch heal.  In PvP I also find DF very useful because divinity is hard to come by and I use HW a lot.  The divinity from HW is great for using in punishing light to finish people off (often unexpectedly).  


Sooth (0/3)- Even before cleric aggro fix I never used it, after the fix you should never need it regardless of party composition.  Reducing your aggro doesn’t eliminate it, encourages lazy/poor positioning and dumps aggro to your teammates which makes you need to heal more.  Waste of a slot and points.  Clerics at lv 60 should never be afraid of aggro because you are tanky and you allow your party to have more DPS uptime by keeping mobs off them.


Holy Fervor (HF) (3/3): Although it gives a +15% AP gain to your character sheet, from my tests the effect is actually multiplicative (which makes it even better).  Thus your AP gain from abilities will be BaseAbilityAP*(1+ raw AP gain %)*1.15.  Very useful especially at lower GS/levels before your have lots of recovery.  HF gives lots of AP especially with sunburst to help keep your dailies up.  Still a staple for challenging/effective dungeon and trash clearing so you can keep Hallowed Ground up as much as you can.


Foresight (3/3) (Divine Oracle Paragon): This should always in your bar unless you have 2 DCs and one already slots it.  It reduces damage taken to your party by 6% and 11% when feated.  This is amazing and procs off most heals.  Helps immensely for survivability in all situations as more damage mitigated= less healing needed.  Better than healer's lore as the 11% mitigation might make the difference between the squishing surviving the hit or getting one shotted.


Terrifying Insight (0 or 3/3) (Divine Oracle Paragon): Optional passive to boost your damage for when you DPS or solo content.  Stack mechanics are similar to High Prophet, stacks up to 4 stacks offering 4% debuff each for 16% debuff total.  This is helpful at lower GS to get through dailys faster.  Not needed at higher GS, but for Module 3 where mobs are a lot tougher I recommend it again.  Not as useful in party or boss fights as DC damage no longer compares as favorably as other classes.  Up to you whether you want it or not buy you can probably get by without.  Obviously it's going to be useless slotting this when you're taking 3 healing encounters.  It can be useful in PvP and dailys/easy content.


Prophetic Action (0/3) (Divine Oracle Paragon): Mitigating one hit per 40-60 seconds won’t save you.  Doesn’t distinguish between big hits and small hits.  Save your point for something else.  Soulforged armor enchantment and Holy Resolve feats can keep you alive much better and more consistently.


Anointed Action (0/3) (Anointed Champion Paragon): After using a daily power you temporarily deal increased damage and reduce incoming damage.  I feel we’re not using dailys often enough for this to be useful, and if you’re using HG and Anointed Army it already does both.  Your mileage may vary but may as well take HF to get dailys more often.


Anointed Armor (0/3) (Anointed Champion Paragon): Adds a nice chunk of AC and deflect.  Fairly good for PvP but in PvE skills that help your party is more important.  Useful if your party likes to pull lots of mobs in one go.


Anointed Holy Symbol (AHS) (3/3) (Anointed Champion Paragon): Each divinity encounter grants temporary HP to you and allies.  This is the redeeming grace of AC path.  The feat works with the sunburst and BoH tab trick which is awesome, though not strictly necessary due to divine AS proccing it anyway.  Multiple applications won’t increase the amount of temp HP above 10%.  Obviously synergistic with Deepstone Blessing and Sacred Flame.  Great for mitigation/healing and should be on your bar always.  For soloing however Anointed Armor is possibly better.


4.2.3 Encounters

When it comes to picking encounters it’s about the opportunity cost.  As we have only 3 encounter slots we need to pick them for best versatility and consider the opportunity cost if we give it up.  This is the sole reason why Astral shield is so important- incredible versatility and the opportunity cost of not using it is just too high.  Changing encounters effectively switches your role from healer/buff/debuffs/DPS.


Sunburst (SB) (3/3): Damages enemies and heals allies for moderate amount in small area around self.  Amazing ability due to versatility- gives a ton of AP, DP, decent party heal, and procs most feats (Foresight / Enduring Relief / Invigorated Healing / Cleanse / Restoration Mastery / Repurpose Soul/  Disciple of Divine Lore (on healing) / Divine Advantage / Cycle of Change (on healing)/ Linked spirit (in divine)).  Use SB in normal mode then tab in divine mode to proc Anointed Holy Symbol and Rising Hope.  Knockback effect in divinity is not needed most of the time but invaluable in some fights or when CW stuffs up rotation knocking stuff off.  To get your mileage out Sunburst you should use it in the thick of battle amongst allies and enemies for maximum DP and AP gain, and not when you're up at the back healing from afar.  Non divine mode does a very small push and you should avoid making it to go off when singularity ends as it can interfere with CW precision pushing (not that there's much of that anymore).  Sunburst loses effectiveness if the party is scattered a lot and you should switch accordingly.  Even if it's a healing ability sunburst is one of the rare AoEs that work with ArP and for me does decent damage comparable to chains especially due to lower cooldowns.


Healing Word (HW) (3/3): Your first direct HoT early on and you’ll quickly get annoyed how hard it is to target a party member with it.  Casting multiple HWs only resets duration and doesn't give you double the rate of ticks.  However gives you and the target party member good healing over time and that’s great.  Procs Divine Advantage / Foresight / Enduring Relief / Restoration Mastery /Cleans / Repurpose Soul (on first tick) / Disciple of Divine Lore / Cycle of Change / Healing Action/ Linked Spirit (when in divine mode).  Switch between normal and divine mode to increase healing.  HW is useful if party is scattered dealing with different mobs eg Spellplague/Frozen heart/CN/MC/VT last boss.  This is not a replacement for potions though and you should tell party members to pot if they take spike damage rather than rely on a heal over time.  Alternate between casting in normal and divine mode to get the most out of pips.  With the new boss mechanics in module 1 and 2 the party will have increasingly multiple objectives to deal with, leading to scattering, which means HW is pretty much requisite for those fights especially for members with lower GS or low lifesteal.  HW was a staple in PvP but have lost a lot of punch with healing depression and probably not worth the slot.


Note from Godhoric: You can extend a crit HW by recasting it on the same target before it expires.  The new ticks will continue to crit.  However reverse is also true- a new HW can't crit if the previous non crit one is still ticking down.


Searing Light (SL) (2/3): Used it a little when levelling but honestly didn’t get that much mileage out of it.  Experiment with newer skills from 20+.  It’s potentially useful late game in divine mode partied with CWs as you can hit an entire cluster of singularity mobs for >3k each and boost your DPS meter significantly.  However in most of those situations you might be better off buffing the CWs with divine glow instead.  Targeting the correct mob can be a pain.  For daily quests most mobs are grouped in 5 who'll surround you in a circle.  SL is pretty useless for those situations.


Chains of Blazing Light (3/3): Places a trap on ground that activate when enemies approach to root them and deal some damage.  Area of activation is about 1.5x larger than size of circle.  Can cast direct on enemy to trap them.  Trapped enemies can still attack with at wills.  Great skill when solo or levelling to secure mobs for daunting light cast.  Note the stun duration does not increase with more points, only the length of the ‘trap’ itself being active.  Can be helpful to kite in some situations.  Player trapped in chains can still attack so don’t cast this on ranged characters except to force them to go around.  For Idris/FH boss fight can be used to kite/ chain the zombies while party DPS boss.  For spider temple can help root blademasters to help CWs who can’t dodge.  Used in a few DC PvP builds.  Damage of chains is reduced for each target beyond 1.  Some have reported that divine chains doesn't necessarily provide more benefit and enemies could walk right over it.  Chains doesn't work with ArP so damage is reduced quite a bit against tough mobs.


Daunting Light (3/3): Our hardest hitting AOE nuke that hits after a short delay.  At 60+ can crit for 20k+ which is very respectable (60k+ very possible in a party).  In a DPS build this is the main damage dealer along with BoTS.  A must for levelling, foundries, solo content and makes lv 25-45 PvE a breeze.  Practice casting these on mobs to target all inside the tiny AOE and you’ll be set.  Divine version also useful as AOE is bigger and it’s instant cast.  Not needed for most boss fights but if you’re DPS or have a spare slot you want to feat and nuke bosses with them.  Does not proc repurpose soul if it crits.  Use this in dungeons if your offensive GS is better than that of your party, especially if they're still in the 7-10k range and you're in the 12k+ range, because then you contribute more to party DPS.  Somewhat tricky to use in PvP as the red is telegraphed and even in divine mode can be dodged easily unless enemy was already immobilised by chains.  Easily you highest DPS encounter when DPSing.


Forgemaster’s Flame (FF) (3/3): Single target DoT and when cast in divine is our strongest AoE heal (heals proc Linked Spirit).  Ticks 5 times over 7.5 seconds and adds a slow effect.  In divine mode gives roughly 2x damage as AOE heals around the target.  This is crazily useful and can bring your whole party up through red circles when cast on the right mob.  Generally target on an elite or something that will last a while to get mileage out of the heals.  Decent divinity generator.  Also great in PvP as it locks on target and slows them.  If you cast on GF or GWF they basically give you free heals while you kite around them.  


Prophecy of Doom (PoD) (0/3) (Divine Oracle Paragon): Single target debuff which grants AP and resets timer if mob dies during cast or does a small amount of damage if the mob doesn't die.  Great in theory, average in practice.  Rank 1: 5% debuff normal+ 10% AP when target dead | 10% debuff Divine mode + 20% AP.  At rank 3 it's 10% debuff normal +12.5% AP| 15% debuff Divine mode +25% AP.  AP gain is not modified by Holy Fervor or your AP gain stat.  AP gain only results if you kill the mob before debuff expires.  Doesn't not grant AP if PoD kills target.  Long casting animation and long cooldown if you miscast (though you can try to cancel animation).  You want to aim it at something that will die fast.  Can help AP gain massively if managed right.  Damage is decent but delayed so you generally want stuff to die before then.  Practice on test server and see if you like it as personal choice.  Useful for some PvP loadouts (DoT and debuff).  Personally I find more utility taking sunburst instead to build AP because it really is slow.  On some bosses though stacking all you debuffs allow your DPS allies to hit extremely hard.


Exaltation (3/3) (Anointed Champion Paragon): You and one ally both get +10% DPS and damage resistance.  In divine mode it adds regeneration.  Gives divinity only when cast on ally.  This is a great encounter for PvE and PvP situations.  However as we only have 3 slots you do have to give up something for it.  Especially great for giving immunity to CWs just at the start of a pull or when they have pulled all the aggro and need to get a spell off.  A gripe is that you will have to target the correct ally in a split second to clutch them and if you miss they die.  Using it instead of AS will mean it’s a much more hectic and involved healing exercise, but you may like it.  If you use in conjunction with AS it can be very good for split healing, where you cast exaltation on the one tanking the boss and AS on rest of party.  In PvP gives immunity to powers and even dailys, timing is key.  For PvE DPS boost I feel DG is still better because it does good damage, gives more divinity and buffs a group rather than 2 people.  I feel it’s a situational power to swap in for some fights or 2 man parties but not general use.  Cooldown is same as Astral shield and is long.  In short, don't just use exaltation because it's new or because you went AC, use it when you actually need it.  For most PvE content I feel there's almost always something better.  In PvP it's a reliable staple, however it is immunity to damage only, you still get cc effects.  Doesn't stop TR Shocking Execution.


Bastion of Health (BoH) (1/3): A somewhat slow to cast AoE party heal.  With current improvements Bastion of Health has gone from a worthless skill to one potentially worth using.  It is a slow casting skill with a long cooldown (~12s with 3k recovery that heals 3-5k).   Divine mode is instant cast and can proc linked spirit but SB is better for that.  Watch positioning when casting, but due to the long animation people may have moved from its AOE by the time it lands. The ONE saving grace about BoH is that it charges your daily meter out of combat, albeit very slowly.  Basically spam it out of combat like you do to build divinity and it gives around 10% per cast.  It is slow, because it’ll takes about 2 mins but if you absolutely need to have that daily up or just waiting for afk you might as well get something of it.  I put one point in for this aspect alone, not unlike CW’s storm pillar (GWF IBS, TR blitz do same thing).  Procs Divine Advantage / Enduring Relief / Invigorated healing /  Foresight / Restoration Mastery/ Cleanse/ Repurpose Soul/ Disciple of Divine Lore / Cycle of Change /Healing Action, procs Linked Spirit/ Rising Hope/ Anointed Holy Symbol in D-mode.


Break the Spirit (BtS) (0/3): Single target DoT which resets aggro on you, reduces target damage and a brief stun if cast in divine mode.  Not sure if the aggro reset works, hasn’t for me but you shouldn’t ever need to worry when you have aggro as it allows everyone else free hits.  It’s ok damage and quick 2s stun (shorter for PvP) and slow.  Can be useful for PvP build but for PvE it’s a waste of an encounter slot in the party when you can use divine glow instead.  It’s usually adds that kill you not the boss so reducing damage won’t change anything.  Also party members should dodge out of red rather than relying on the debuff and AS.  With Module 1 and 2 combat is trying to shift from many adds back to 1 boss who hits hard, where this BtS can then have an impact.  BUT there are still add mechanics in both fight and a ton of stuff you have to heal you you might still have to slot 3 heals and have no room for BtS.  Make your call.  Good single target encounter, but not many situations where it's needed.


Divine Glow (DG) (3/3): Damages up to 5 mobs in a small area and also debuffs them.  In divine mode buffs allies base damage.  This is a very underrated DC spell and a staple of my build.  You do +15% to debuffed mobs and in divine mode damage is increased and you also buff targeted allies for +20% damage.  Amazing spell and is almost always in my loadout for solo and party play.  Max it.  When cast on target does a decent 4-6k damage to up to 5 targets and debuffs them to take 15% extra damage.  Divine Glow combined with High Prophet and Hallowed Ground gives an insane +100% DPS boost to yourself and allies.  Always try to target your highest DPS members (TRs, CWs and GWFs) and they will be amazed at the numbers rolling out of their attacks and crits.  TR 100k+ crits are common when fully buffed.  Using this skill you can burn down most dungeon 1st/2nd boss, GG Cleric boss, Karr, FH and Spider Temple final boss with incredible ease, which leads to less adds, less damage taken, less clutching and more survivability.  Divine DG stacks with normal DG with another DC.  Still very useful in PvP if you can boost yourself/party for increased spike damage to one shot people.  Also useful in foundries and solos to boost your own damage as well as an AoE spell so it doesn’t take forever to kill a boss.  In a PUG I will generally watch the DPS charts to watch who is top DPS.  I normally put DG on my highest DPS CW(s) when they position themselves well (ie near me at the frontline).  If the tank and TR do really good damage anyway then I'll buff them as I can target mobs with it also.  Juggle between divine/non divine mode as you see fit to build/spend divinity.  


Astral shield (AS) (3/3): Large damage reduction in area of effect and a small HoT.  Our signature and best ability.  A must for any non DPS cleric.  Astral shield gives party a massive 24.2% damage reduction, a very respectable heal over time and acts as a location tool as to where party members should fight.  No Righteousness debuff on Divine-AS.  You should always have AS down in a strategic location, but don’t spam off cooldown.  You want it to be up when adds come or when a big hit is about to occur.  Discuss with you party where AS should/will go beforehand as it’s different for each boss.  For most bosses you will place it with one edge near boss and allow melee to tank inside it, for other fights (Pirates/Spellplague/Karrundax final), you’ll use it protect the CW and yourself while dealing with adds.   In dungeons you want it on ledges where CW will toss or under elites the team will burn down.  Cast this in divine mode always and save one pip for it, though if party is at full health and there’s not much threat a yellow circle here and there is ok for the mitigation (and the good AP boost).  In PvP smart use of AS can turn the tide of battle when capturing points.  You can be incredibly tanky within AS, although it also means enemies will gang up on you and knock you back from it frequently.  The DR of yellow AS will stack with blue AS in 2 DC party.  If casting on a boss or tough mob trap him off center so casters have more room to dance around.


4.2.4 Daily Abilities:

Dailies are usable when you have a full AP meter.  These are some of the most useful abilities and can change the tide of battle when used at the appropriate time.  A measure of a good cleric is how often they can get dailies up, so practice practice practice and don’t worry too much about saving dailies if you can get it up again by the next sticky situation.


Guardian of Faith (GoF) (1/3): A prone and a weak heal, one point because you have to, but replace with anything else as soon as you can.  Some uses in PvP as a quick prone and heal but after PvP changes neither is that effective.


Hallowed Ground (HG) (3/3): One of the best dailies and best thing DCs can do for their party.  Hallowed ground sanctifies a huge AOE around the caster and gives 30% DPS boost and 30% damage reduction to all allies within the area.  If feated with Moontouched it also heals 5% of Max HP of everyone in the AOE per 3s (ie ~25 % for the 17s duration).  Heal bypasses righteousness.  This is an amazing party skill for any 5 man situations and should be used in big fights whenever you have daily up and not saving for an upcoming boss fight.  In boss fights you should aim to get this down as much as you can for massive heals and DR.  In PvP gauntlgrym cast this over a contested point and everyone on your team will receive the boosts, have a much harder time dying and often winning the point for your side.  If the opponent cast this you must counter by casting it also.  This is always on my bar.  Animation is long, so watch for imminent red when casting.  Timing of Hallowed Ground is key- for use offensively try to cast it in a window where party is free to DPS.  Defensively just use when there's big hits coming or party suffered major damage.  For example you want to save HG until after Spider boss heal in ToS or Valindra choke in MC/VT where party can concentrate on DPSing.  However HG disappears as soon as you die, so watch out in PvP.


Flame Strike (FS) (3/3): Nice nuke early on, but towards the endgame I find it’s better to have HG/DA up rather than an extra bit of DPS.  Can be useful for soloing/levelling.  Mobs in center can be knocked prone.  Does not proc repurpose soul if it crits.  Good supplementary damage when soloing.  If going full DPS spec go 3/3 and should be on your bar always.  In party situations FS is unlikely to kill anything of importance and you should instead cast HG to boost everyone's damage to kill faster.


Divine Armor (DA) (3/3): Usually on the second slot in my bar in dungeons.  DA is an amazing clutch ability when someone takes spike damage or pulled too much mobs.  Gives 15% temporary hit points and damage reduction to those in AOE.  Watch your CWs in dungeons, usually they will need a clutch and that’s when you want DA to save them.  If everyone’s health is good then HG is probably better because of the HoT and DPS/DR bonus.  Temp HP from DA stay with you when cast out of combat but time out when cast in combat.  DA not as useful in PvP anymore with healing depression.  Use HG instead.  I see a lot of DCs cast DA in PvE when party is topped up and safe beating down a boss.  This is a waste of a daily and you should cast HG instead for DPS boost and HoT.  *Post PvP patch I really feel the usefulness of DA is very limited because of temp HP nerf.  I usually just use HG instead.


Hammer of Fate (HoF) (0 or 3/3) (Divine Oracle Paragon): Useful primarily for PvP to finish people off but with nerfs it doens't really hit all that hard PvP wise, especially since you're stacking for survivability and don't have your pet with ArP.  PvE wise it's three hits that hit for about 10-16k.  However I have scored large hits and hit harder than CW Ice Knife quite often.  Ideally you want to buff yourself with divine glow beforehand.  Each hit crits independently but can one shot people if they’re caught offguard and makes you immune to CC.  It’s generally very hard to time the immunity, your first hit needs to have gone off before you become immune, otherwise you can still be interrupted (albeit with AP points intact in most cases).  Very useful for solo foundries on the elite mobs that would otherwise take forever to kill as a DC.  For dungeons even if you’re DPS specced generally the 30% DPS boost from HG and healing is better than a 20k hit on the boss considering a TR can hit >100k with buffs.  *Post module 2 I'm really finding there's limited time I actually want to use this skill after Flamestrike fixes.  I only miss it in skirmishes or solo quests.  You can safely shuffle points elsewhere.


Anointed Army (AA) (3/3) (Anointed Champion Paragon):   When cast party takes very little damage, are immune to control effects, and have greatly increased power.   When someone takes damage, effects are removed and instead bestow a small amount of Temporary Hit Points to their holder.  This is a new clutch daily and may replace Divine Armor.  The 3 charges absorb attacks.  Immunity to control effects may be very useful for example during dragon wing flaps.  Fast cast so you can get it off quick.  However I don’t like how fast it expires.  May be a situational damage to mitigate some CCs or boss phases.  Not worth spamming otherwise and you should use HG instead as it's a much stronger DPS buff than raising power.


Suggested point allocation (3 spare points):




4.2.5 Heroic Feats

DCs have the cream of the crop (or is it bottom of the barrel) of worse heroic feats awards.  There's pretty much just 1 way to go when you consider how bad most feats are.  Combat Designers seriously need to rework most of these.


Healing Action (0/5): Adds 1-5% extra AP from healing abilities, which from others' testing are restricted to Healing Word and Bastion of Health only (Not Forgemasters).  Inferring from Grimah's tests for CW controlling action, this % is not a flat +1-5% of AP but rather a multiplicative percentage of your own AP gain.  Very close to useless and not deserving of points because it’s such a small boost, you get enough AP already.  Some guides will tell you it's worth one point because the AP gain rounds up, however this is incorrect.  It is just the AP meter displaying rounding and NOT actually what is happening.  As DC you have enough AP gain from high recovery to not need this.  Considering Healing word is about 8.9% AP per cast a few extra % is not noticeable at all.  Every class have a trash feat like this, but the DC one is worse of the lot, by far.

Greater Fortune (3/3): 1-3% bonus healing, not amazing, but decent and you should take it to unlock other powers.  Calculation is a bit strange that your WIS bonus seems to apply to this but there is strange rounding where it shows as +2% when WIS<20 and +4% at 24 WIS.  

Toughness (3/3): Max this, 9% HP is nothing to be scoffed at.  Every bit of survivability helps on any DC and synergises with %HP heals like Moontouched/regen/Miracle healers.


Holy Resolve (3/3): Highly recommended for all builds.  Even with the cooldown it’s amazing and will save your life many times over especially combined with Soulforged.  Gives you that extra buffer to wait for cooldowns/heal/clutch.  Great for both offense and defense builds.  Also a good warning when to pot.

Domain Synergy (0/5): It’s a trap.  The skill looks like a great deal until you realise that at 3000 recovery you get a mere 150 extra recovery for 5 feat points.  Coupled with diminishing returns at high GS and it’s just a waste.  You won’t notice it at low levels and you won’t need it at higher levels.  Inferior to every comparable feat of other classes.

Weapon Mastery (3/3): This is an additive 3% bonus to crit, adds to STR bonus and help boost your CRIT more than gearscore can, must take even if you don’t care about crit.


Initiate of the Faith (0/5): Another trap.  At 5k power 1% gives you an amazing extra 50 points of crit.  Seriously? Worse feat ever implemented.

Repurpose Soul (3/3):  Decent feat and makes crits pay off.  Basically each time you crit you get a free mini AOE heal.  It won’t be an amazing bonus but it is a 7-16% free healing to the party.  Doesn’t proc off ground target AOEs like daunting light or flamestrike but works with most at wills and spells.  The way it works I believe is that 15% of your base crit damage (before damage mitigation/arpen) becomes an AOE heal.  Repurpose Soul healing is not diminished by Righteousness.

Battlewise (0/3): Like sooth, useless feat, you don’t need to manage aggro and 6% won’t make a difference.


Cleanse (1/3): Fairly decent spec, many people say there’s not much to cleanse from but I disagree.  Spider temple web snares, Frozen heart slow debuffs and PvP all puts party under lots of debuffs which you want to cleanse right away.  Doesn’t cleanse revive sickness but still very useful.  Has high proc chance with even 1 point so no need to put all 3. 8 second internal cooldown.

Templar’s domain (0/5): Feat is only ok in theory, but terrible uptime- 5s with 5 minute cooldown.  Absolutely ridiculous.  If you’re not going for arpen 30% of 0 is 0.  With my ArP build and one point it rarely procs and not for long so until they fix it I don’t recommend it.  I prefer stacking 1.2K ArP and just boosting with Linked Spirit alone for 25% buff.

Bountiful fortune (4/5): max this if you have spare points.  Divinity is the lifeblood of the DC.  Even better with PvP/GG sets.


Sample Heroic Spec:

3 Greater Fortune, 3 Toughness, 3 Holy Resolve, 3 Weapon Mastery, 3 Repurpose Soul, 1 Cleanse, 4 Bountiful Fortune




Non Human



4.2.6 Paragon Feats:

You have 31 paragon feat points, and the allocation of paragon feat points is mostly what distinguishes a cleric from DPS or healing or buffing spec.  It’s going to be difficult to suggest the number of points in each so I will rank each feat from A to E where A rank is an excellent rounded good feat and E rank is a mediocre one just based on what it does and the ‘bang for buck’ rating.  Bear in mind that each tree unlocks separately and you need 5 points in the first tier of each ability to unlock the next, so you have to make your call whether it’s worth spending 10 points on mediocre feats to unlock a good one for example.


Feat points can be respecced independently of ability scores and encounters (~150k AD).  It may be worth shuffling feats around as you build your GS to pad out areas your party seems to struggle in whether it be heals or damage mitigation.  Always try it out on the preview server until you are happy with the actual feat.


Sadly many of the DC feats need serious addressing.  We have the worse capstone feats of all classes and many of the feat selection is just 'avoid the bads'.  IMO a lot of the feats should be reworded to more general and have their restrictions removed for them to be actually useful (eg Linked Spirit, Rising Hope, Enduring Relief, Divine Advantage).  Some are plain not working (eg. Power of the Sun)


Although I used to favour Faithful tree heavily I've played with all 3 trees a lot more on the preview server and feel they all have something to offer the group.  These are my impressions for Module 3 content (which are some of the hardest even at high GS).  The good thing is my gear and loadout will work with all 3 trees, they all have strength and weaknesses.



Build: http://nwcalc.com/dc...ku000&h=0&p=dvo

At Wills: Sacred Flame, BoTS (solo) /Astral Seal (party)

Class features: Healer's Lore, Terrifying Insight (solo) and Holy Fervor/Foresight (party)

Loadouts: Daunting light/Divine Glow/Sunburst/Chains (solo) and Astral Shield/Daunting Light/Divine Glow (party debuff)


The attractiveness of the Virtuous tree lie in 2 feats- Nimbus of light and Disciples of Divine Lore.  Because DoDL is always up (procs with anything), you basically have 15% stronger healing and 10% more DPS compared to the other 2 trees.  However you will be squishier if you don't slot foresight.  The new Cycle of Change is a undeserved nerf.  The stacks themselves are great but does not favor a mixed healing/DPS loadout which is most DCs in party play.  You have to work PL/SL in your rotation and it's just clunky to use.  For a capstone feat, very undeserving.  However for a DPS DC the free healing is decent and better than that of Sovereign Justice's overall.  Nimbus of Light turns Daunting Light into a debuffing nuke and stacks with your other debuffs.  Very strong with my debuff builds.



Build: http://nwcalc.com/dc...ki000&h=0&p=dvo

At wills: Sacred Flame, BoTS (solo)/Astral Seal (party)

Class features: Foresight, Terrifying Insight (solo) and Holy Fervor (solo/party)

Loadouts: Daunting light/Divine Glow/Sunburst/Chains (solo) and Astral Shield/Sunburst or Forgemasters/Divine Glow (party debuff)


Faithful build suffered the most from recent nerfs with Linked Spirit being bugged and Moontouch healing nerf.  Previously Linked Spirit increased GS greatly, but now there's not reliable way of proccing other than Forgemasters (bugged with Astral Shield).  Moontouch healing was a great reason to go faithful to make a great daily better, however nerfs mean you only heal about 7-800 damage per tick (3% max HP ever 3s, up to ~18% total).  For PvP this hardly mattered outside of open PvP and gauntlgrym area because it's slow.  Now there is no compelling reason to stay Faithful.


What you get is 11% damage reduction from feated Foresight from party, which is less healing.  Deepstone blessing gives yous slightly better healing on GWFs or when SF procs, though it is situational.  Linked Spirit uptime is severly reduced and as such doesn't really make a difference anymore.  Moontouched healing is about 8-15% previously, which isn't a lot, but it is passive maintenance healing when it matters the most, ie with lots of adds and bosses where you're focused on survival.  Without it you will need to clutch a lot more.  Faithful capstone gives extra pip of divinity which is really underpowered again.  I like it for better divinity management but by no means necessary.



Build: http://nwcalc.com/dc...fu0z1&h=0&p=dvo

Powers and Loadout same as Faithful.


Righteous is the more popular build now due to healing depression in PvP where healing is reduced by 50%.  DCs severly lack tools for surival and Healing Step is the best for that.  On suffering crits you get 5% temp HP and 100% extra stamina regen which means more dodges.  This procs a lot vs TRs and GWFs which help give you staying power as well as in solo situations.  Righteous also has the best divinity boosting feats.


Basically compared to Faithful you have stronger personal survival in PvE and PvP and the only trade off is you lose Moontouched Hallowed Ground healing.


Virtuous feats:

Virtuous tree is currently the weakest tree because of a number of reasons.  It's mainly to provide minor healing advantages for a DPS oriented DC, however I don't feel a DPS oriented DC really want to care about extra healing anyway.  Coupled with the fact we have no inherent ArP, it's so hard to stack, and doesn't work with the majority of our DPS abilities the damage focused DC is severly gimped.  On paper it looks to be providing supplementary healing bonuses to a DPS spec but unfortunately most virtuous feats are only situationally useful with selected powers which are NOT synergistic with each other and very weak in its current state.  You could consider this tree if you rely heavily on HW, Healer’s Lore, LoF and DA, but why would you if you want to DPS?  Nimbus of Light and Disciples of Divine Lore are ok but require too many point investments into an otherwise weak tree for my build, and even for a DPS spec cleric I’m not sure if I’ll take it.  


Desperate Renewal (D rank): Soothing light is a fairly mediocre heal at best and your divinity is usually better served in other places.  That said, as DPS spec soothing light is your only heal and you need to put points somewhere if you want to go Virtuous.  Put 3/5 points together with Bountiful Fortune to unlock next tier.

Rising Hope (B rank): This feat gives a chance for encounters to proc a fairly good buff giving 15% boost of your base recovery and power.  At 3k points that’s 450 bonus to each for 30-150 seconds.  From testing it’s been agreed that putting 1 point gives ~60% uptime and 2 points here is enough to have 99% uptime, so don’t put any more than 2 points in.  This feat is useful at lower gearscores but not totally necessary at 12k+ given you’ll probably hit diminishing returns and 450 power gives you only ~22.5 extra damage/heals.  If you use the module 1 or 2 sets this is important as you will have much lower recovery.

Restoration Mastery (E rank): Used to be in Righteous tree until module 2.  Can be procced by pretty much every heal when it crits, which at 33% can be fairly often.  Not sure of the exact uptime on this, but Benefit of Foresight is generally a better investment for the points.  Although many clerics seem to like this I'd like to point out 5% of 2000 defense is only 100 points.  Return is even lower return for low DEF squishy classes and won't even be felt.  Waste of space of a feat.

Second Sight (E rank) (Divine Oracle Paragon): A situational feat for a even more situational power.  You generally don’t want PoD to do damage, much less healing (~1k) but to give you AP instead so a very useless feat.  However Restoration Mastery is even worse so take whatever you think you'll get a use out off to unlock next rank.  The heal is around 1.3k per proc, which isn't too bad.

Battle Fervor (B rank) (Anointed Champion Paragon):  Blessing of Battle’s buff now also increases power by 3% per rank up to 15% (base power).

If BoB is on your bar a lot you can consider it to give yourself both a DPS and defensive bonus.  Battle Fervor together with Rising Hope and Linked Spirit gives considerable power (+85%).  

Nimbus of Light (B rank): This skill turns DL into a debuff skill also and applies a 10% booster debuff for 5s.  If you're going Virtuous this is one bit of good news as you're even more of a debuffer.  Sad as this is a third tier feat it’s too much of a waste to unlock for this.  Not needed for PvP builds because DL hardly hits anyone due to telegraph, small aoe and long delay.

Focused Poise (D rank): I have tested this with LoF.  It is still only on par if not weaker than SF after feating.  I don't recommend it even for DPS.

Disciple of Divine Lore (A rank): Currently DoDL procs from anything...even sacred flame and thus is pretty much always up.  One of the better reasons to go Virtuous.  Forces you to use Healer's Lore though, which isn't entirely bad, but you're not going to be healing that often.

Strength of the Gods (D rank): As a 4th tier power this just doesn’t cut it at all.  The defense debuff is nice but depends on your Divine Armor uptime.  Hallowed ground gives 30% damage boost already and makes the 10% from Strength of the Gods a joke.  If I want to boost DPS/defense then feated Hallowed Ground is almost always better than feated Divine Armor.  You’d almost never be running Guardian of Faith so very very limited use.

Cycle of Change (D rank): Like Disciple of Divine Lore, has unfortunate identity issues.  Procs off Sunburst, BoH, HW and Soothing Light which except for SB will likely not be in your encounter bar when DPSing.  You pretty much have to use HW/SB to build for this and get one other power to spend stacks on.  Possible for a hybrid DPS/heal build but you basically gimp your healing significantly for a negligible DPS bonus.  It’s much better to do the reverse, heal well and have a small DPS bonus. *Flagged for rework in mod 3 but doesn't look promising at all as it'd dependent on PL/SL.


Faithful feats:

The Faithful feat is the bread and butter of a healer specced cleric.  Has very strong support abilities and synergy with encounters.  Most feats are quite good so the difficulty is deciding what to leave out with our limited points.


Deepstone Blessing (B rank, A rank if going Anointed Champion): Your choice on whether you prefer this or Enduring Relief.  Personally I prefer Deepstone because when you/party members proc temp HP from Divine Armor/Holy Resolve/Unstoppable etc they need a clutch and thus need every bit of supplementary healing they can get.  If you use a lot of DA and SF go 5 points in Deepstone, otherwise go Enduring Relief or split 5 points between them.  Don’t spend 5 on each.  Deepstone is synergistic with Anointed Holy Symbol, Sacred Flame, GF’s Into the Fray, Take Measure, (Wrathful warrior) and GWF’s unstoppable, all of which gives temporary hit points and allow you to heal more effectively under those circumstances.  Definitely recommended for Anointed Champion path as you see temp HP all the time.

Enduring Relief (B rank): The tooltip is not entirely correct.  Astral seal procs this even in non divine mode.  I think Enduring Relief is better than Deepstone Blessing if the party is scattered a lot of the time (eg spellplague) since they will proc enduring relief from astral seals which in turn gives slightly better ASeal healing.  If you don’t want to commit to using encounters/daily go with Enduring Relief.

Benefit of Foresight (A rank) (Divine Oracle Paragon): Must take- increase foresight buff to 11% damage taken reduction, helps counter those spike damage and means less overall healing required.

Prestigious Exaltation (C rank) (Anointed Champion Paragon): Increases duration of Exaltation buff by 2% per rank and heals are increased by 2% per rank while you are buffed.  If you use Exaltation a lot (eg PvP) then the feat gets the mileage out of it, but otherwise I find it’s too situation a power and gives buffs which are weak for a 5 point investment.  If Exaltation is in your main rotation then definitely take it as you can almost keep the DPS/defense/heal debuff up most of the time.

Linked Spirit (LS) (B rank): Was a very good feat with the Sunburst trick explained previously.  Until they fix it with Astral Shield however it's very situational depending on your loadout and how reliably you can proc this.  Increases stats for yourself and allies in the AOE by 5-25% depending on how many party members it hit.  Currently it gives you bonuses for NPCs and even enemies that you have ‘linked’ so can give quite a significant boost.  Very useful in T1s/at lower gearscore as you’re not at DR caps yet and the party member will appreciate their stat boost.  When your party is all over 12k GS it’s not so important but every boost helps and LS is fairly significant because every stat gets boosted, your CWs will appreciate the extra defense and TRs will appreciate the recovery etc.  Can work also with Soothing Light, Astral Seal (when chilling in D mode) and BoH AoE .  Synergistic with Anointed Holy Symbol as the Sunburst tab procs the temp HP.

People are sometimes confused about which stats LS gives.  Linked Spirit raises a party member's OWN base stats by 5-25% regardless of the DC's stats.  So if a GWF have lifesteal and you have none he will STILL get a boost in his LS and you won't.  The 25% is additive with other stat raising feats (ie base stat only in most cases).  Formula would be something like New stat = base stat * (1+feat bonus 1+feat bonus 2...) so for example if you have 3k base power and have both linked spirit (25% and rising hope (15%) your new power will be 3000*(1+0.25+0.15) = 4200+ augment pet bonus.  This formula holds true for most stat boosting feats.

Invigorated Healing (B rank): Basically allows each heal to give a delayed secondary heal (~600-800 hp).  Not a huge amount but not bad either to help top people off or give sustained heals.  Procs off SB, BoH, Astral shield only on first tick to those inside AOE.  Stacks up to 2x.  I used it at lower GS because those extra heals are handy but no longer needed it when I have 12k+ as it’s likely doing overhealing rather than actual healing.  The extra heal won’t clutch anyone and the 5 points can go elsewhere.

Power of Life (D rank): Looks on paper alike a decent feat given how SF/ASeal are constituents of most healing builds.  However most builds skip it only because the bonuses are quite small and the other competing feats are better.  ASeal heals others for 50-500 generally, and 10% of that is minimal.  You never heal yourself for anything significant via ASeal due to righteousness.  ASeal is about 15% of outgoing heals, so another 10% of that isn't too significant.  SF gives ~330 temp HP so 10% extra won't change anything.  Points are better almost anywhere else.

Mark of Mending (C rank): If you use Healer’s Lore in your healing spec that’s 20% healing bonus total along with extra from wisdom and divine fortune.  Can all add up quite a bit.  The 5% power bonus is tiny (150 points at 3k) and makes little difference in itself.  Personally I find I heal just fine without Healer’s Lore unless you really want to be the ultimate healbot and make the party to not use potions at all, which I don’t advise as it encourages bad habits.

Moontouched (A rank):  Makes our best daily even better.  When I didn’t feat moontouched I used DA quite often for the temporary HPs.  After feating moontouched I pretty much use HG exclusively except for clutch situations.  A passive 25% HP heal over time (unaffected by Righteousness) is nothing to be scoffed at when you consider the huge range of Hallowed ground and its offense/defense boost.  It also helps counter the sea of red circles in many boss fights (FH, Karrundax, Spider) where you’re too busy running for survival than to stop and heal anyone else.  In Gauntlgrym 20v20 fights on contested points this gives your entire team amazing survivability even in 2v10 type situations.  Moontouched can comprise 10-15% of my total heals especially in large scale boss fights, very useful and a main reason to spec into Faithful.

Greater Divine Power (B rank): I used to call this a trap power in that it doesn’t provide any real bonus except enlarge your divinity bar.  The rationale is that If you manage your divinity well you won’t need a 4th pip.  If you are always running out of divinity an empty 4th pip will not help you.  However after experimenting with GDP I can say it has its uses.  I'm doing a lot of CN and endgame dungeons where we deal with extremely large pulls.  With 3 pips I was too used to holding back at full divinity for later and then often draining them too quickly.  With 4 pips I can load up for full protection/debuffs right off the bat then build up enough divinity to sustain my encounters as the come off cooldown.  This is important as the start of the battle is the most dangerous and decisive.  As a result I'm spending and managing my divinity a whole lot better.  For 1 point it's worth the investment and trading 1 point off ethereal boon.


Righteous feats:

The righteous tree is more about survival and party damage mitigation, but ironically may be better than virtuous for overall DPS/PvP survivability.


Divine Advantage (A rank): This is actually a really good feat- even wonder why sometimes trash mobs hit so hard? When surrounded they ALL gain combat advantage and do significant extra damage to you.  Likewise rogues when stealthed gain that 15+% combat advantage.  Using Divine Advantage to counter those situations, and to anyone you heal.  Procs off sunburst, HW, Astral seal, Soothing Light, Bastion of Health i.e. fairly often.  I didn’t used to take this but it really helps mitigating those spike damages that brings you down quickly.  Recent fix allows it to proc off Sunburst, Healing Word, Astral Seal, Soothing Light, Bastion of Health so fairly easy to maintain on allies even with short duration.  I recommend 2 points in this and 3 in the one below.

Righteous Rage of Tempus (C rank): This feat allows your crits to give bonus divine power.  Every bit helps as divinity is the key to healing.  Take it if you have points to spare.  However even at about 35% crit rate and 5 points you're gaining essentially 10%*0.35 = 3.5% more divinity.  Doesn't matter at all.

Ethereal Boon (A rank): Gives 10% of a divine bar for each spell coming off cooldown.  It’s not as much as it used to give, but sometimes that 10% is enough to just give you an extra divine encounter when you need it the most.  Don’t underestimate its utility.  Usually deserve 3-4 points for most healing specs.  Very important for regaining divinity out of combat spamming encounters to get ready for the next fight.

Power of the Sun (C rank) (Divine Oracle Paragon): In theory If you use BoTS a lot you will want this.  Most useful in PvP to reduce burst damage and enemy output.  In PvE you don’t get critically hit as much and 5% less damage off a few mobs doesn’t make as much difference on the whole when you get swamped by tons of adds.  WIth tests on preview I don't think this works correctly, if at all, so avoid for now.

Ancient Warding (C rank) (Anointed Champion Paragon): When the Anointed Army daily buff ends, the holder is healed for 5% of their max HP and gains 5% of their max AP.  The 5% HP heal sucks and the AP is pathetic, although you technically convert 100 AP to 25 AP to party.  Anointed Army is already useful without it, 5 points are better off in any of the other opening feats for righteous tree.

Warding Shield (D rank): Uptime of this is going to be fairly low given the long cast delay and cooldown of BoH, even after fix (unless you always cast in divine mode).  You’ll be lucky to get 33% uptime and BoH is not generally a spell you want to spam off cooldown.  If you use BoH a lot then worth considering, otherwise skip.

Power of Oppression (B rank): It's a little weak, but given you’re spamming ASeal a lot and especially on bosses and elites, this feat is worth taking if you need to unlock the next tier powers.

Healing Step (A rank): Probably one of the best feats in the righteous tree. Grants amazing survivability in PvP where it’s all about burst damage and gives you many dodges.

Righteous Flame (D rank): If you use FS a lot you can consider, but the stun is very very short compared to other classes and negligible for buying you time to actually do anything else.  From my testing I don't see any difference at all.  Also stun only works if your target is in the center when it hits.

Sovereign Justice (C rank): A rather mediocre ultimate after all the investments.  Heals for around 800 but short internal cooldown.  At least it's passive healing.  The heal can proc cleanse a lot which is helpful in PvP.


Example builds:

Divine Oracle Healing/mitigation/buff hybrid spec (my spec):


2 Bountiful Fortune, 5 Deepstone Blessing OR Enduring Relief, 5 Benefits of Foresight, 5 Linked Spirit, 5 Moontouched, 5 Divine Advantage OR Righteous Rage of Tempus (or split 3/2 each way), 4 Ethereal Boon


This is my current spec, allows good damage mitigation buff via divine advantage and foresight, good DPS buff via DG, HG and LS and enemy debuff.  You should not run into divinity problems and your heals are very solid.  Best for healing/buffing team DPS and survivability


Anointed Champion Healing/Buffing build:

Very similar build but via new paragon path.  Feats are almost exactly the same.  For powers take 3/3 Exaltation, Anointed Holy Symbol, Blessing of Battle and possibly Anointed Armor if you PvP.  Your main loadout would still be AS, SB, DG, Anointed HS, Holy Fervor, HG and either DA or AA daily.  If CW need more help then you can switch DG to Exaltation.  






I will discuss more DPS focused Virtuous and Righteous builds in section 7.

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5. Gear


5.1 Comprehensive DC Gear Analysis:

A common question I get asked is which set should I use as a DC?  My answer to that is regardless of healing or support or DPS you should get full High Prophet set.  Yes it is T1, but it has decent stat distribution and is far and away the best set bonus of everything we’ve got (possibly best set bonus of all the classes).  It's also better DPS than anything with ArP (Mod 1/Mod 2 set) or 2+2 sets (not that ideal for DCs PvE wise).  In PvP you should use either a High Prophet Set (in Gauntlgrym or if you're well protected by team) or one of the PvP sets with tenacity.  For solo you can use Miracle Healer’s Set.


Here’s a table showing the stat comparison of DC sets:



Tier 1:

PvP/ War Prophet (+400 recovery, +20% divine power gain).  Good bonus, but lifesteal on all pieces instead of crit makes it non ideal unless you’re going non crit build.  Because the glory artifact is so much better (24k glory), save your glory for that and skip this entirely.  You'll get T1 pieces from Dread ring daily quests anyway and that's almost as good.  That said, plenty of players have healed T2 dungeons effectively in PvP sets, proving that clerics are not entirely gear dependent, but you do want to upgrade to something better as soon as possible because well PUGs gonna PUG and will constantly challenge even a good healer’s abilities to keep the party up.  If you are trying to grind glory I suggest you do it via Gauntlgrym and get the Gauntlgrym set to trade for the T2 instead.

High Prophet (+779 P +1252 C +1652 R +945 D, when striking foe you shred 10% foe defense up to 3 times for 4s each). This is an amazing set both for T1s and endgame.  Recovery bonus is always good in T1 and T2.  I currently do all endgame content including Castle Never in High Prophet set because of its set bonus.  For skirmishs/ daily Sharandar dungeons/ Foundries/ Gauntlgrym where you solo allows you to kill stuff much faster.  You basically do up to 10% more damage to enemies per stack (depends on their DR and your ArP, see section 6.3), up to 30% if you can keep 3 stacks up.  This is better than (and complementary with) the High Vizier stack because it works with at wills, not just encounters.  Every cleric should have one of this because it is among one of the most powerful debuffs in the game.  Hit Dracolich or bosses once in a while with it and it’s an instant DPS boost to party.  Best in slot for DPS spec and PvE fast runs.  If you gear yourself right around this set, you don’t really need the T2 set to run anything else.  Even if you used it and prefer T2 sets don’t sell it because it’s handy to keep for future situations.

You may feel your healing is not that significant when wearing HP set in T2s, but once you start upgrading your jewellery and enchants you will heal just fine.  Don't get hung up about gearscore- a seasoned player learn to value set bonuses and the right stats than inflating GS.  PUGs will ask for 15k regardless.

Divine Emissary (+1252 P +1652 C +779 R +945 D , grant all nearby allies 250 defense and deflection) Gives a nice buff to party survivability, probably second best T1 set but very quickly grow out of its usefulness (by ~11k GS or so).

Sacred Hand (+1652 P +779 C +1252 R +945 D, encounters grant 1350 recovery and regen for 4 seconds with 20 s cooldown) is not as good in my opinion as power bonus is not useful at lower GS and the recovery/regen has too low uptime for you to feel a difference.  Don’t waste your time on this.


Tier 2:

T2 base sets all give 990 defense and have stats shuffled in power recovery and crit except for Prophet champion which replaces crit with lifesteal.  GT has higher crit, BoF higher power and MH higher recovery.  Overall GS is equal.  Module 1 set has slightly higher stats and Module 2 set higher still.

Gauntlgrym Prophet Champion (+1772 P +1047 Lifesteal +1322 R +990 D, +25% divinity gain and extra 5% healing).  The bonus divinity gain is really really nice, the heal bonus is extra.  You do however lost crit bonus for Lifesteal.  Lifesteal is actually a pretty good counter to righteousness, but even at the endgame outside of soloing you have limited opportunities of doing good damage to get the best benefit out of it.  Divinity bonus is quite good in PvP or if you have bad divinity management, and if you have good divinity management you'll get more out of it.  This set is worth getting to trade for the T2 PvP set at trader of blades for tenacity version (see below).  Parts of it is also super cheap on AH to give you a head start.

Grim Armor sets (T2 PvP) (3) (2/2 gives +450 recovery, 4/4 bonus same as Prophet Champion).  These new sets can be exchanged at Trader of blades using Prophet Champion sets.  Grim Faithful gives HP and very high defense at the expense of no crit.  Righteous gives defense and some deflect at expense of no recovery and Virtuous gives defense and deflect at expense of no power. These are good sets to start PvPing with if you're PvE focused.  Just grind GG for armor and boots, buy rest on AH and exchange at vendor.  Personally I went Faithful set for more HP and defense which significantly improves my tankiness (realistically and psychologically).  Full sets gives about another 8.5% resistance from tenacity.

The Profound sets have slightly better stats than Grim sets and set bonus is slightly higher at 30% divinity gain and 7.5% healing bonus but require a lot more glory and seals of triumph to grind.

Grand Templar (GT) (+1322 P +1772 C +1047 R +990 D, encounters have 35% chance for +450 power 450 crit to party once per 45 seconds).  4 piece stat boost is mediocre, proc chance is low, stats are not needed near diminishing returns and uptime is low- around 7s per 45s which is terrible.

Beacon of Faith (BoF) (+1772 P +1047 C +1322 R +990 D, healing powers have 15% chance to +900 recovery and crit once per 45 seconds).  This 4 piece bonus is even worse- lower chance, limited spells to proc it, bonus are in powers already hitting harsh diminishing returns and low uptime.  Skip.

2p BoF 2p GT with BoF chestpiece (+1772 P +1617 C + 1202 R 990 D) This is your BiS gearscore wise for healing builds as a budget option to MH and stacking power. Still viable for healing but you may as well go MH.  If you already have High Prophet the set bonus is much more useful to the party.

Miracle Healer (MH) (+1047 P +1322 C +1772 R +990 D, encounters cause ONE nearby ally to be healed for 5% of your HP).  No righteousness debuff on bonus heal.  MH is considered by many to be our current ‘best set’ and most expensive only because the other T2s are so bad. IMO it's a good set but situational.  Most of the time the heal goes to you even if you only lost 1 Hp and not to the one who needs it more.  The actual heal is nice- 5% is like a 1250 HP heal so 15% HP per rotation, great for foundries/soloing/PvP where you want to slot offense skills but have some way of keeping your health topped up.  If you consider 15s per rotation that’s 4x3 = ~15000 HP healed per minute.  I have tried both 2p/2p versus full Miracle healer and I personally prefer Miracle Healer.  Extra heals are useful and adds up in dungeons for pure healing builds.  If the group is really struggling and takes forever to kill anything MH's bonus heal stacks up quite significantly, although High Prophet would have helped kill it faster.  Some advocate trying MH for PvP, and if you gear yourself right I believe it can work well also.

Fabled Iliyaburen Chainmail(FI) (Module 1 set,  +1293 P +1743 C +606 R +1013 D +606 ArPen, your direct healing spells trigger a HoT heal of 2842HP over 15s , limited to 3 times per 60s).  Statwise this set gives slightly higher GS than other T2 sets.  More importantly, this stat splits recovery, the most easily overstacked stat for more ArPen, which is the most expensive and had to stack stat.   From a pure stats point of view LI set allows you to stack to 2540 ArP quite easily and you can make up for the loss of recovery with silvery enchants which are cheaper.  However max ArP only gives you up to 24% damage (on a few skills that work with it), while High Prophet gives you a free 30% damage that stacks with ArP.  As for set bonus- it DOES NOT work on yourself but only on allies.  You get 3 procs per 60s.  This could be 1 proc per party member or often its 3 procs on one party member.  It triggers off SB, HW, Astral SEAL, BoH, Soothing Light and maybe Repurpose Soul.  Because of this it’s very hard to control the procs.  It is good healing (~680 HP healed per tick), and supplements HW if you use it.  However DPS wise HP still helps the party more (at least until ArPen gets fixed for DCs) and for healing it maybe too much to swap all your jewellery to boost your recovery from MH set.  YMMV.  I suggest farming it anyway and try it out for youself.  3 pieces can be obtained from quests/campaign rewards, and the gauntlets from Malabog’s Castle.  I have it but currently not using it, at least not until ArP is fixed for DC abilities.

2p MH (Reinforced gauntlets, boots) and 2p Fabled Iliyaburen (Helm, Chest) This provides the strongest stat combination for BiS Gearscore.  This allocates some of the extra recovery to armor pen.  With this set you should be easily reaching 2k Arpen without sacrificing too much recovery while getting the bonus to both sets and diversify your stats.  Since High Prophet debuffs are so strong however you will probably still have higher DPS wearing full HP set than the LI or 2p/2p sets.

Dread Legion (Module 2 set, 500 AoE heal, +50 more healing per ally in AoE) The first thing you will notice is this is the first set that grants ZERO recovery.  It gives instead ArP and LS.  Statwise if you're building around this you may need to shuffle some recovery back to 2k+, though rising hope will help towards that.  Having used and tried it it's not a bad healing bonus because it's AoE and suits my playstyle, but I miss losing the High Prophet bonus.  There seems to be a minimum 30s internal cooldown and sometimes 1 minute.  The healing bonus worked out to to contribute to about 3% of my overall heals and will not proc in solo play.  If you prefer MH or already have High Prophet just skip it but if you're farming VT already just grab one.  For soloing content the Lifesteal is actually nice and you can slot all offensive abilities and not worry as much about healing due to lifesteal (set bonus rarely procs when solo).  However I find for solo MH's healing is usually stronger with minimal LS compared with around 1k Lifesteal from Dread Legion.


5.2 Dungeons and Gear

With delve chest gear being bind on pickup it's probably easier to invest in time to grind your gear in dungeons.  We have a very good T1 set and a very good T2 set so it’s fairly easy to choose one out of the rest.  With new boons and artifacts offering more boosts to building stats I no longer recommend 2p+2p to inflate gearscore and give up the set bonuses.  Those that do are gimping their party for the sake of show.


Gear can be obtained from delve chest during dungeon delve hour in the following Epic dungeons.  For T1 there’s maybe 50% chance of getting your gear drop, T2 there’s around 10% chance to actually get the set, so be expected to do the delve a few times.  Here I’ve listed the dungeons in order of difficulty when done properly (in my opinion, some depends on class/gearscore/party).  I do not recommend going into T2 dungeons unless you have your T1 set and have party healing experience.


Cloak Tower (T1 Arms)

Cragmire Crypt (T1 Boots)

Throne of Idris (T1 Chest and Offhand)

Lair of the Pirate King (T2 Offhand)

Grey Wolf Den (T1 Main hand)

Lair of the Mad Dragon (T1 Helm)

Icespire's Frozen Heart (T2 Boots)

Spider Temple (T2 Chest)

Caverns of Karrundax (T2 Arms)

Spellplague Caverns (T2 Helm)

Malabog's Castle (first 2 bosses only T2.75 Icon)

Castle Never (T2.5 Main/Offhand)

Dread Vault (T2 Weapon)

Malabog's Castle (Full clear, various loot in chest incl. T2 icon)

Valindra’s tower (Module 2 equipment)


Frozen Heart is significantly easier for a DC with a GF if he kites.  If you’re kiting I suggest you have decent defense and survivability.  Note though that even if your gearscore meets minimum the requirement that doesn’t mean your group will necessarily clear the dungeon with ease.  Anything after Idris require some coordination between members and decent gear.  Spider temple in particular is significantly easier with 10K+ average team gear score as you need to outDPS boss heals and clutch heal those blademaster charges/stuns/red circle explosions.


5.2.1  Best in Slot gear recommendation (depending on your preferences)

This is what I consider best in slot for a flexible endgame PvE.  I've often mix and match and swap gear as situation demands.  Easy dungeons I don't need survivability so I trade for more power/ArP.  For runs with large pulls I put on tankier jewellery to stay alive, but that is really only for CN large pulls and maybe VT 2/2.



Full High Prophet set (T1) for PvE

Ancient Slavemaster's Necklace of Control (Augment pet) + Ancient Fugitive's Necklace of Revolt (self) or Grim/Profound Necklace of Warding (HP tanky build/ PvP)

Ancient Slavemaster's Ring of Control (offense slot for high Power builds) / Ancient Necromancer's Ring of Undeath (defense slot for utility ArP builds) / Ancient Priest's Ring of Burning Light (defense slot for defensive/tanky builds), 2 for self and 1 for Augment Pet and you can mix and match depending on offensive/defensive stats

Ancient Necromancer's Belt of Undeath or Belt of Sildeyuir/Belt of the Dread Legion (same stats) or Thickgristle's Belt (for regen build)

Gemmed Exquisite Gamberson and Trousers (for deflect and regen bonus if you're into tanky builds/PvP, but shirt/pants version also very viable for traditional builds)
Fomorian Fabled symbol and Icon

Lesser or Normal Soulforged (greater/perfect is a waste)

Normal to Perfect Vorpal (for highest DPS/Healing), or Greater Plaguefire (best debuff) or Normal+ Frost (best mitigation)

Emblem of the Seldarine Artifact (best group healing)
Waters of Elah'zad/ Blood Crystal Raven Skull/ Thayan Book/ Sigil of Great Weapon (based on stats)


Offensive stat focus: 33% crit, 33% recharge speed inrease then either 1.2k Arpen or all to power

Defensive stat focus: 2300 Defense, 1k regen then Hitpoints



Grim or Profound DC set of the Faithful (tanky defensive set as I believe you need to be a good damage sponge to buy DPSers more time)/ High Prophet Set for debuff in GG or if you're well protected, though its effectiveness is markedly reduced compared to PvE (defense rather than mitigation debuff)

Grim/Profound Necklace of Warding

Similar Rings/belt for HP/Recovery/ Defense/Deflect

PvP weapon set optional unless at high levels, Module 3 set is probably BiS for PvP.

Plaguefire/ Frost enchant

Soulforged/ Frostburn enchantments

Emblem of the Seldarine 

Build defense, Hit points and recovery.  Armor pen is more useful in PvP and 1.2k is good if not more.  Don't worry about crit and power.


5.3 Auction House Buying Guide for fresh 60 DC

Here's how to get yourself ready most efficiently.  You need to spend AD to make AD.  Don't go straight to T1s in blues and greens.  If you buy a number of these upgrades you'll be significantly more powerful and the items listed are very cheap.

What I’ve written is a flow chart of purchases.  Start at the top (if you’re in blues and greens) and work your way down.  The approach is best bang for buck.  Upgrade first the items that will make the most difference in your stats, then the least.  Instead of spending 300k off the bat on a purple gemmed shirt, you’re better off buying a good weapon and entire set of gear for a much more significant stat boost first.


Auction House General tips: get familiar with DC gear and prices and enchantments by checking on gateway or auction house at various times of day.  Gear is usually cheapest in the hour or 2 after a dungeon delve as everyone undercuts for quick sales.  Gear can also be cheaper mid week than weekend as fewer buyers are online.  If you want to bid, always check the buyout price and don’t be fooled bidding more than something you can buy outright, know what your reserve price is and stick to it.  Use the gateway for bidding, the timer is more accurate and it’s more reliable in real time.


As a fresh 60, you want to upgrade to the following ASAP which are very cheap for their return.   


Short version:

Symbol of the Divine Conduit (10K AD, preferred, better stat distribution 1665 power, 230 Crit, 290 Recovery) /Prophet Champion (10k AD, Dwarf King Gauntlgrym drop, 1665 power, 290 recovery, 230 Lifesteal) OR Grand Dragon Eye Symbol (10k AD, Last Boss Karrundax, 1614 Power 113 Power 270 Crit 113 Arpen)

Greater Icon of Blue Fire (15k AD, First Boss Spellplague, 138 Power 150 Crit 138 Recovery)

Ancient Slavermaster’s Necklace of Control (8k, CN second Boss, 154 Power 154 recovery 154 defense)

Ancient Priest’s Ring of Burning Light (9k AD, 616HP 154 Def 154 Deflection) OR Ancient Necromancer’s Ring of Undeath (15k Ad, 154 Crit 154 Recovery 154 ArPen) OR Ancient Slavemaster’s Ring of Control (140k AD 154 Power 154 Crit 154 Recovery) (very expensive, CN first boss) OR Piercing Berserker’s Ring

Ancient Brawler’s Belt of Guts (6k AD, 616 HP 154 Lifesteal 154 Defense) OR Ancient Necromancer’s Belt of Undeath (7k AD, 616 HP 154 Def 154 Deflect CN third boss) OR Thickgristle's belt (6-8k AD, 575 HP 69 Def 69 Defl 144 Regen)

Azure rank 5s in all defensive slots until 2k def then you can swap some to radiants.  Azure (crit)/ Silvery (recovery)/Radiants (power) in offensive slots to adjust stats

-All of the above cost about 60k AD and are all pretty much best in slot for a defensive healing setup to get full High Prophet Set.  Grand version or rings/neck/belt are cheaper for negligible stat drop.

If you can’t afford all of the above, just buy the weapon and symbol, then buy blues in auction house and you can get everything for 1-2k AD (except shirt and pants).  Look for defense, recovery and power.  There is NO excuse to wear greens in dungeons at lv 60 when rare gear is so cheap and offer such good bonuses.  Also Dread ring T1 set from daily dungeon is decent stat wise, armor pen or not and good for fresh 60s.


Devoted’s Elegant Shirt 4k -> Gemmed Elegant Shirt/Gamberson 50k -> Gemmed Exquisite Gamberson 150k

Underdark Breeches 5.8k -> Gemmed Elegant trousers/pants 50k -> Gemmed Exquisite Trousers 145k

-Buy what you can afford and slowly upgrade.  The blue ungemmed version will last until you enchanted all other slots.


High Prophet Helm 110K Gloves 20k Armor 55K Boots (none), cheaper to farm your own in T1s

Lesser soulforged enchantment

Upgrade artifacts to blue

Cat or Ioun Stone (Zen Store, 2000 Zen or about 700k AD @ 350 Ad : Zen exchange ratio)

Greater Bag of Holding (Zen Store, 1000 zen)

Epic Mount (Stormrider Clydesdale, 2000 zen, zen store)

Normal Vorpal/Plaguefire Enchantment


Buy Ancient Royal Priest’s Symbol/ Offhand ~ 300k Each (4th Boss CN) OR

Do Malabog’s Castle for Formorian Icon, and farm fragments/ level Artificing to make Formorian symbol (>1 mil if you buy all tools/fragments, try to borrow from guildies)

You don’t need Miracle Healers set, but can farm for fun/swapping while doing T2s.

Upgrade enchants to lv 7+

Upgrade to greater/perfect vorpal, Normal soulforged (greater optional, perfect is a waste).
Upgrade artifacts to purple, acquire 3rd artifact

Upgrade companions ranks


**For PVP grind your way up to Profound set with glory.


Long Version:

Weapon/offhand : Start by buying the Symbol of the Divine Conduit/ Symbol of the Prophet Champion (~10k AD, Gauntlgrym Dwarf King drop) and Greater Icon of Blue fire (~15k AD - 138 Power 150 Crit 138 Recovery) both are T2, cheap as pie and have really good stats and distribution.  Weapon damage is the most important stat and the DIvine Conduit/Prophet Champion symbol is cheap and has up to 802 damage (3rd highest in the game).  Don’t be tempted by the T2 weapons or offhand with set names, not worth the AD, and the T1 ones have inferior stats.  I would say pre CN the Grand Templar/Divine conduit icon is best in slot in my opinion (for Ioun stone) as power and crit>recovery for DR, but differences are small to not warrant the waste of AD (~40k).   Drake’s icon of Miracle Healer is also decent if you have seals to spare.


Shirt/Pants: If you don’t have them yet, get your Fancy Mail shirt/pants or ask a guildie for some.  They are usually a couple of hundred AD each.  If you have those or better underwear it’s fine, don’t spend AD upgrading them yet.  You can upgrade to blue ungemmed lv 55 underwear after your T1 sets or if you have AD to spare (10-15k each typically).  The Underdark breechers are better than crafted blue ones due to more defense if you wanna try your luck (delve chest from normal spider temple).  If you have the money, the Gemmed Exquisite Gamberson and Trousers (with deflect stat) are considered best in slot.  Don't ever buy unslotted blue/purple pants, waste of AD and better to save up for proper ones.


Necklace: I recommend going straight for Ancient/Grand Slavemaster’s Necklace of Control (~3500 AD- 150 Power 150 recovery 150 defense).  Defense stat is very good, especially pre T2 and power/recovery are useful all the way through your upgrades.  This will last you until the end, or if you can afford, go straight for the ancient version at 18k AD for 154 of each stat.  No need to upgrade from grand to ancient till you really have diamonds to spare (after the stone and full T2).  Use the same one on your pet if you get one.  Other contenders which aren’t as good: Amulet of fire (first boss drop in Karrundax, 3-4KAD, 125 Power 125 Crit 125 Recovery 50 regen), Mantle of the Aboleth (can drop from bosses in Spellplague, 3000K AD, 106 Power 106 Crit 106 Defense 106 Deflection.  Special mention goes to the PvP T2 necklace that gives 500+ HP.  You can then put this on the stone if you want to go with another necklace on your character.


Rings: For the budget route save your AD and run Epic cloak tower and T1s where bosses drop Forgekeeper’s band (200 AD, 94 power 94 Arpen 94 deflection 94 def) and Greater ring of health (~2.5K AD, 500 HP 188 regen, drops off 2nd boss Cragmire Crypts).  Also very cheap on auction house if you have the AD.


If buying I recommend the Necromancer’s ring of undeath (25k for ancient) or Priest’s ring of burning light (18k for ancient).  I have both and switch depending on offense/defense.  Both have defense slots and you should slot it with rank4/5 azures to boost your DEF and survivability in dungeons.  If you have the AD to afford higher Azure enchants (for defensive slots) you can go with Slavemaster’s ring of control but the stats are not really needed at the high end to justify the cost.


Noteworthy mentions- Master Slaver’s ring (25k AD- 125 power 125 Crit 125 Arpen 50 lifesteal, offense slot) and Pyrotechnic band (50k AD 125 power 175 crit 125 arpen, offense slot) are decent rings you can upgrade to if you get them (drops off first boss of Spider Temple and Karrandax respectively).  Aboleth gear can be ok but I prefer 3 higher stats than 4 with deflection.  The icy rings/neck set is not that good for clerics because we don’t need half the stats.  No need to upgrade rings further beyond drake seal stuff until you got your pet.  Piercing berserker rings deserve special mention when stacking ArP (I use it on my Ioun stone).


Belt: To start with I recommend a +HP and +Def belt to help survivability.  Grab an Ancient Necromancer’s Belt of Undeath for 4-5kAD (616 HP, 154 Defense 154 Deflection).  This could be your best in slot.


In terms of lv 60 armor, for most budget option buy lv 60 Blue items with Exemplar’s modifier with them.  Some are really expensive, some are cheap.  There’s usually 2 tiers, try to buy the one with higher stats.  Exemplar’s _ of Protection is really good for higher defense. Exemplar’s _  Of Youth is inflated pricing because people use them for PvP.  Buy what you can afford but no more than 2-5k per piece.  Focus on those that give high defense, recovery, regen, crit.  You can do T1s and even T2s in those.  Exemplar gear has high defence which gives really good survivability and give you 3k defense easily while you work on getting your jewellery and enchants.  Don’t be too quick to trash them as you upgrade You can keep this tanky set for PVP or some parts of dungeons where you need to kite/tank.


If you don't want to spend AD Dread ring daily dungeons drops 3 pieces of the T1 set eventually which are ok to use.


Total cost so far: ~25k AD, Gearscore- 4510.  It’s worth getting all the items above (blue rings).  If you’re running 2p/2p T1 you’ll get 5028 GS for 9538 total without enchants which is enough to get into ALL epic dungeons (doesn’t mean you should or will clear the boss, though certainly achievable with skill and a good group).  With rank 4-5 enchants in all slots you’ll get 10k GS easily.


5.4 Weapon and Armor Enhancements

Combine 4 shards with a coalescent ward for a lesser, then upgrade via refinement (need 1 of previous rank as catalyst).  The biggest cash sink in this game.  Here are some enchants most DCs consider.  For weapon I’d generally recommend a Vorpal/Plaguefire/Frost and armor Soulforged.  Get a lesser soulforged before considering a weapon enchant because dying is bad.

A comprehensive list of enchantment info is found here:


Vorpal: Top choice for all DC builds- +12/25/38/50% Crit severity- both your heals and damaging spells can crit, Vorpal helps it crit harder.  Do not bother with a lesser vorpal.  Start at Normal and work towards greater and perfect.  You’ll get shards from boss drops and delve chests, all random.  The increased crit severity doesn’t show on your character sheet but rest assured it does work in game.

Frost: Top choice for protective builds in PvP and PvE.  Although tooltip says 'reduce recovery', Frost debuff basically slow/daze/stun enemies for 4s every 20s and works on each enemy.  This means you team gets to hit them for free and little threat.  Reported to work even on bosses and Valindra/Fulminorax/Draco.  A great enchant and much better than Holy Avenger.  More info on frost here.

Plaguefire: Synergistic with High Prophet set as stacks work in the same way.  Does help add more armor mitigation to enemies, adds up to 9% more damage to foes with greater Plaguefire.  Has no perfect version.  Good with debuff build but as you’re already debuffing so much PF becomes a little redundant until high end gameplay (High Prophet gives 30%).  The actual plaguefire burn damage is quite insignificant and adds a 1/2/3% overall damage depending on rank.  At the end game every bit of debuff helps and can be considered BiS along with Vorpal to help down bosses faster.

Terror: Shards are most accessible (one in chest for each run of Gnarlroot Caves, also cheap as chips).  Decent damage and debuff is good but you only end up doing a few extra % damage to debuffed mobs like the PF.  Terror stacks last slightly longer and only require 1 stack which may be good for situations where you're on the run a lot.  Not many others run a terror so it's less redundant than say a GPF if someone else in party is using it.  However, a Normal Plaguefire debuffs better than a Perfect terror, so I wouldn't really bother going out of the way to get it.

Holy Avenger: I feel Holy Avenger is a trap.  Decent damage boost, not that you care about DPS, when it procs it provides a minor defensive buff (Damage reduction buff is great) to the team (I don’t think it applies to self, but up time is average (10s per 60s).  Buff is multiplicative of current DR and NOT additive.  An okish budget option but IMO inferior to Frost and more or less a waste of AD.


Barkshield:  Has 3 charges which absorbs small fixed amounts of incoming damage.  Can be considered as a regenerating temp HP shield.  Useful to reduce your overall damage taken and healing required.  Shards have a chance to drop off chest in Master of the Hunt.  Start at Normal to notice a difference and work towards a perfect.

Soulforged:  In Module 2 Soulforged will immediately resurrect you when you go to 0% HP with no revive sickness and give you a small amount of HP back.  However as there is no aggro/cooldown reset you are very vulnerable and could die again.  Still better than nothing, because DC have a crucial role and you need to get yourself up anyway you can.  The 90s cooldown is not an issue as you shouldn’t go down that often.  Even a lesser is incredibly effective, a Normal is preferred, and you don’t need a greater/normal.  Get your SF before the vorpal as survivability is more important.

Negation: when taking damage you have a 5/10/15/20% chance to increase your damage resistance by 10/15/20/25% for 4/5/6/7s once per 60s.  As your DR is generally quite high, and you’re often standing in Astral shield I would say Negation won’t offer you all that much with its short uptime.  Damage reduction is additive to current bonus.

Frostburn:  Similar to Frost, a short stun every 60s.  Not as useful due to lower uptime but can be considered.  Also looks very pretty.


5.5 Enchants

Save all your enchants from 1-60.  I fuse all lower ones to lv 3/4s and keep them in the inventory.  I didn’t enchant items below lv 60 with ehchants and never felt I needed to.  As you buy decent gear though start slotting rank 4/5 enchants to boost your stats- azures (+def) in defense, silvery/azure/dark/ radiants (recovery/crit/arpen/power) in offense as you see fit.  Early on you probably want more recovery, crit and defense, and as you gear up probably more HP, power and armor penetration.  


When you start T1s you should be able to slot rank 5s in everything.  When you move to T2 start upgrading to rank 7s and it will help round all your stats out for end game. 


As you save up keep an eye out for cheap enchants on AH to buy- you generally want some Azures for defense, dark for armor pen, lots of radiant for HP/power.  You might use silvery at low GS but probably not needed at higher GS unless you’re getting the Feywild set.


In terms of what enchants I use: I started with multiple Azures in defensive slots for def bonus.  As I got better gear and upgrading ranks to get around 2300 def I start switching them to radiants for HP.  For offensive slot I use a mix initially to get 1k ArP (dark/savage).  Next was recovery and power (cruel/radiant).  You won't really need azures as you can get 33% crit rather easily with your weapons and items alone.  Utility slots I put silveries in PvP gear and Fey blessing in PvE gear.  You can put darks in for extra runspeed if you wish but not really needed.


5.6 Companion bonuses

With Module 2 you can have 3 artifacts and 5 active companions which will grant you a passive bonus.  Those that give one stat will grant +25/100/190/300 improving with quality (common/uncommon/rare/Epic).  Those that grant 2 stats will give +0/55/105/165 to each stat.  My opinion is the pets don't do that much for DC class atm so don't bother spending huge amounts of AD on them.


A full list of companions/costs and bonuses are listed here:



Cat vs Ioun Stone Augment pet:

Ioun stone is a fair bit cheaper, cat has 2 stats (crit/recovery) vs Ioun stone's 3 (power/crit/recovery) which doesn't really matter.  

Cat gives a minor deflect boost which is arguably nicer than the slow effect, which rarely procs.  The falling damage reduction is great for Dracolich fight but that's about it.

Main difference is cat has belt slot vs Stone's Icon slot.  There are arguments for both.

Icons: We are the only class with access to decent high end Icons, and we have some good choices come Module 3 so we can make the most out of the Stone's stats.  

Belts: Belt slot is preferred only if you want a lot of regen.  Also belts offer offensive (blue items) and defensive slot (purple items) options while most icons are offensive slot only with the exception of Nightmare icon.  Defensive slots are pretty good for DCs.  In the end it's a very minor difference so won't worry either way.


In the end, the difference is really really fine, Ioun Stone is much cheaper and in many situations equal or better.

*Note Module 3 gear provides Icons with much higher stats.  If they don't decay after empowerment it is going to be very useful (corrupt for offense and purified for defense).  Module 3 belt also has good regen stats (725 HP, 181 Recovery, 138 Regen, 55 Tenacity) so not a bad choice either.  Ioun stone will offer more BiS flexibilty I think post Module 3 because we finally have some good Icons.


Other companions:

In my opinion these are the pets to consider based on their bonus.  There's not much that helps with healing so don't feel you need to dump loads of AD to be a better DC:

Ioun Stone of Allure: 7/10% chance to slow target (1200 zen)
Cat: +125/200 Deflect, reduce falling damage by 25/50% (Wondrous Bazaar, 833k, 750k upgrade to purple)

Cleric companion: 25-300 regeneration (2 gold, 300k upgrade to green, 500k to blue, 750k to purple)

Man-At Arms/ Shieldmaiden/Frost mimic: 25-300 Defense (2 gold plus upgrades)

Cave Bear: +400-1200 HP (800 zen at green)
Sprite: +2% AP gain

Helmite Ghost: 55 Recovery 55 Regeneration (CTA skirmish)

Dancing Blade: +3% Crit Severity/+5% at purple (765 000 AD)

Fire Archon: +5% damage when target less than 50% health (1000 trade bars)
Rust Monster: 25% chance when hit to reduce mob damage by 5%.  Procs quite often, and while not significant it is considered mitigation and fits with your class role.
Renegade Evoker: Does ~450 damage whenever you suffer a crit.  Small DPS boost, good considering the low price
Lilliend- 2% max HP healing to party whenever someone uses a daily (30s cooldown).  Small bonus, not too bad if you can afford one but not that special.


5.7 Artifact bonuses

Module 2 also introduce 3 artifact slots that can be equipped.  Artifacts all provide a passive buff to stats, and the primary artifact has a nice ability that can be used often with a 2-3 min cooldown.


Artifacts accumulate ranks by refinement (consuming runestones/shards/enchants) and can be ranked up from common to Legendary level.  It does take >3 million refinement points to go from lv 1 to 100 so realistically getting it to purple is good enough.


The full list of artifacts and info is found here:



For DC based on stat boost alone I recommend

Waters of Elah’zad (up to 300 recovery, 300 def, 400 regen)

Lantern of Revelation (300 crit, 300 ArP, 400 combat advantage points)

Blood Crystal Raven Skull (300 recovery, 300 regen, 400 stamina regen)


For me the Emblem of Seladrine dropped at Malabog's Castle and I do highly recommend it for a DC in the active slot because it's an excellent supplementary heal.  At purple it gives 700+ heals to everyone each time they get hit.  It's not a total clutch, but helps with big pulls, PvP and messy fights in CN/VT and acts like a mini Astral shield.  Defense bonus is good because I can replace azures with radiants for more HP.  Lifesteal is not so useful but it's some healing anyway.


I also have the Blood Crystal Raven skull and Lantern.  With my seal of the executioner and boons I have 1k+ regen without using any other regen ring and it's great supplementary healing for when I'm not DPSing.

Obviously it will required a lot of resources to rank artifacts up, but they will supplement your gear significantly and allow you to stack regen and ArP more easily for example.


5.8 Zen store items:

If you’re doing things the best bang for buck way, save up for your Ioun stone of Allure (2k zen, ~650kAD) after getting all your T1 armors.  There’s not too much of a jump stat wise from T1 to T2 (notably the +defense) and you get more stats from equipping a stone with 3 extra pieces of gear. 


If you PvP or gauntlgrym a lot a 110% mount would help a lot (2k-4k zen) especially as it’s account wide.  A greater bag of holding (1k zen) would also help enormously with inventory management and is not bound to you so you can switch to different characters and even sell later.  Being a serial hoarder I bought my bag before T1s but don’t regret it due to inventory management being a nightmare.


5.9 Gear set demonstrations

Here are some screenshots of my gear/stats as a guide.  I have mostly rank 7+8 enchants.  I am by no means supremely geared but it goes to show this build works really well without having rank 10s all over.  Gear choice is something evolving over time depending on what is available so there is definitely scope for experimentation and improvement.  

Current enchants:
Offensive Slot: 1x Rank 7 Cruel, 1x Rank 7 Savage, 5x Rank 7 Dark
Defensive Slot: 1x Rank 8 Azure, 2x Rank 7 Azure, 2x Rank 7 Radiant


(Historic gear, newer stuff on bottom)

Main Dungeon set- High Prophet (12k+ GS recommendation)


My main set for dungeons and group.  Campfire buff is active.  I’m using Grand exorcist's necklace of blessings because it’s one of the few that can be transmuted to a cloak and actually has decent stats J.  Ancient Slavemaster's Necklce of Control is on my stone for now.


Ioun Stone


Can swap the profane rune to empowered or Eldritch depending on what you need.


High ArP set- Fabled Illiyabruen



High GS set- 2p Illiyabruen 2p MH


Your best in slot for (useful) gearscore right now.  MH bonus goes really well to fill the FI set deficiencies.


High Defense set for PvP (no Ioun stone)


I should probably ditch all the armor pen for deflect but really can’t be bothered having another set of gear.  However you can see how the defense has gone up significantly with just a few pieces of gear change.  It's also perfectly fine to leave the Miracle Healer chestpiece in if you have an armor enhance enchant.

14k+ GS recommendation (no campfire):
Here are my stats with 3 purple artifacts and some more rank 8 enchants.  Keeping old pics so you get a sense of the progression.  ArP is at 14% resistance ignored, you can drop down to 1200 and it's still ok.  Recovery at 3.8K allows me to keep AS at 14.8s cooldown (even less in combat with Rising Hope and Linked Spirit).  Shuffled all extra points in CHA back to WIS.

Current enchants (slowly working my way up rank 8s, just not a priority currently):
Offensive slot: 1 rank 8 savage 1 rank 7 cruel 1 rank 8 radiant 1 rank 7 radiant 2 rank 7 silvery 1 rank 7 dark
Defensive slots: 2 rank 8 azure 1 rank 7 azure 1 rank 7 radiant 1 rank 8 radiant
Stone: 2 Empowered (offensive) 1 Eldritch (defensive)


Kaelac Symphony- 15k+ High Prophet Devoted Cleric, my DC guide http://laggygamerz.c...in-neverwinter/
Kalyn Symphony- 15k+ High Vizier Control Wizard

Kestis- 16k+ Knight Captain/High General Guardian Fighter

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6. Practical Play Tips that Will Lift your Game


DC 12k+ stone is not a guarantee for a well played DC.  The number one test is how well you’re able to keep your DPSers CW alive when they are AOEing and DPSing.  Number two is how well you can help the party recover from a fluster cluck if you pull too much or someone made a mistake.  Number three test is how fast you can get a party through dungeons safely and quickly, though this is not entirely up to the DC. 


6.1 Grouping Tips

I play my cleric as an off tank (main tank if no GF/GWF)/ healer/buffer/debuffer.  I stay almost always in short- medium range to the center of the action.  My Astral Shield is usually in the thick of battle with melees on one side and hopefully the CW on the other.  I’m usually just a foot or two away from melee baddies.  This is so AS can have max coverage of the party, Sunburst can hit allies and enemies and Divine Glow can cover myself and melee.  As a lot of the CW’s strongest AOEs are also short ranged, you being there with him offers a lot more protection, even if it’s a more chaotic battlefield.  By being on the scene first and drawing aggro you localised the mobs on yourself, which helps set them up for CW attacks, and split the damage taken with CWs.  Often I’m first or second in most damage taken (depends on who’s tanking)- this is a good thing, given our higher defence, and it means less aggro on the party and they can focus on DPSing.

When playing my other classes I do see a fair amount of clerics who stand at the back and fire the occasional heal.  This may be how you're used to playing a healer in other games but does not apply in Neverwinter.  You are not squishy if you stack 2k+ defense.  By standing at the back you isolate yourself and tanks/melee have to rush to the backline to kill/pull stuff off you and create two fronts (3 if CWs are again off on their own).  It is inefficient, and makes the entire party vulnerable.  Much easier surviving closer to the frontline with the melee where they can aoe everything around you.


When pulling a pack, you should enter the fray either before or with melee classes.  If there’s a GF I’ll let him taunt/start hitting first but move in with him.  I will tag a mob with Astral Seal then often use sunburst to gather the pack to myself and start debuffing.  If they are not particularly elite or hard hitting mobs I will often open and tank the initial part of the fight.  This baits red on the ground and allows the CW space to drop close to a full rotation before they need to dodge, and by then most of the trash is already thinned out, making things significantly easier.  You have the defense and damage reduction to mitigate a lot of damage.  Practice which hits you can take, know just when to dodge, don’t get surrounded and you’ll find you’re actually very tanky a lot of the time.  If there's red, you can either walk out of it, dodge out of it, or time your immunity so that you're within immunity frame when damage is dealt to take zero damage.  With a good group I don't cast AS right away but rather open with sunburst/DG and then AS as they start to hit the party.  With PUGs I cast it a second early so they know where the fight will take place.  You have generally a split second to decide where AS is to be cast so try to make optimal placement second nature.  AS should always be blue at the start of the fight- later when there’s only a few left yellow AS is permitted to save divinity and still help charge AP and boost party damage resistance.


In a really good group, or in a party with 3 CWs you must keep up with DPSer, especially the lead GWF or CW who does most of the pulling and ensure they’ll stay protected.  A GWF will tank the first hit to pop unstoppable, but be there just in case he needs extra healing.  Look after your main DPSers and the entire dungeon run will be a breeze.  


Dodging red:

Know how to get the most out of your dodge immunity frames.  Your dodge gives about 1 seconds of immunity from the start of the animation.  Even if you land/slide in red, as long as you are within immunity frames as the damage lands you won’t take any damage/knockbacks.  This works for all attacks including bosses and Dracolich hands.  Practice practice practice.  For example with Dracolich's wing buffet, when you see the big red aoe, dodge about 1 s after and your immunity frame will keep you safe and in position.  Learn to factor in your lag as well.  I'm from Australia so most of the time I have to dodge before I need to as by the time I see the red it's almost too late.  The most dangerous part of taking a red hit is where it stuns or knocks you prone, because then not only will you give combat advantage but you can be knocked from one red circle to another and usually die.  If you’re lucky Soulforged and Holy Resolve will save you once.  Juggle your stamina well and don’t waste it, but don’t hold back either.  Don’t use dodge as a gap closer towards mobs or in PvP unless it’s very safe, save it for survivability.  PvP is also a good place to test out your dodging skills and knowing when to dodge certain attacks such as Ice Knives and the 3rd hit of Duelist's Flurry.  Also get a feel of how fast your stamina recharges for the next dodge and spread them out so you always have a dodge ready.  The direction of your dodge is important too.  If you have aggro dodge away from party, otherwise whatever's convenient.  In PvP if you're being ganked look for ways to break line of sight, and if nothing else, kite them away from the node back to their base to buy the party time to recap other nodes.



Generally when not kiting you’re the best person to revive along with TR (if they’re not on boss).  Don’t rush, you have about 15 seconds.  Just like in first aid, your first priority is make sure the coast is clear and no further harm will come before reviving.  Try to put AS on the target, stand wisely (ie where it’s not red or going to be red) and revive.  If someone's already reviving don't go near the person as you'll draw red and aggro.  As soon as you get the teammate up dodge (and hope they do too).  Cancel the revive if you’re going to die instead.  In most situations it’s not worth trading your life for another party member except a kiting tank or DPS TR on boss.  Also don't neglect the rest of the party to revive someone else if situation is dire.  In about 99% of the time the revived person will dodge right out of AS and not go back in, so expect to babysit them till they're good.


6.2 Encounters and Daily Tips

On Astral Shield (AS):

The Cleric is a leader class.  You control where the party should fight by smart placement of Astral Shield.  Always judge the situation well, you don’t want to waste AS by putting it in a bad spot and wait for the longest 15 s of your life.


If you’re planning to fight where the enemy’s at, place this close to the enemies but slightly ahead because they’ll run towards you as well.  You want it to be in the midst of everything you’re gonna fight.  Eg, right next to a Malabog tower or off centered under a singularity.  If you’re pulling enemies back, place it far back enough that it’s not going to aggro other  mobs, and hope the party resists the temptation to run up and fight them away from AS.  To be safe it's better to cast AS late than too early as mobs won't lay down red right away and AS will be in the right place once mobs are in melee range for engagement by GFs etc.  Given that most mobs are melee I would cast AS on the mobs and party.  CWs can choose to stay out of it if it’s safe or come in to use their short range AOEs.


When I’m putting it on a brute/boss, don’t put the boss right to the center, but rather off center closer to an edge.  That way you give your CWs and party more room to manoeuvre and dodge red.  If boss is dead center often he just fills AS with red.


Astral Shield should always be cast in divine at the beginning of a pull except where you really run out of divinity or it’s cleaning up stragglers and you’re just after the AP/DR.  Constant yellow AS during pulls will draw complaints from party.  However, I have no qualms casting yellow AS towards the end of a pull when the party is topped up so I can get my AP and DP up again for the next pull.  A lot of the time if the party kill stuff fast enough they don't even need the healing from D-AS and the mitigation from yellow AS is sufficient with sunburst top ups heals.


Your party should almost never fight in a bottleneck or narrow passage, because enemy red aoe and cones can fill the entire area with one attack, and AS is wasted.  Always fight where you have room to manoeuvre/ dodge.  Use party chat to point this out to an inexperienced group.


Communicate with CW before pulls  in dungeons like Spider/Spell if they’re going to toss off certain mobs or AoE down a cliff.  You must learn these points.  Also learn the CN points where singularity will be dropped (usually against a corner) and make sure it’s covered by AS to protect party.  If so get to the spot, pull mobs, then as they come in put AS down to cover singularity.  Then get out of the AS so enemies target their red elsewhere and leave the CW safe space to shield mobs from AS.  Remember, if you have aggro, don’t stand right in the middle of AS as that blocks it from being usable by the rest of the party.  For dangerous mobs such as Thoon Hulks, you want to bring them to the edge so even if CWs are preoccupied you can Sunburst them down yourself.


Daily Use:

Drop Divine Armor/Hallowed Ground at the BEGINNING of a dangerous pull, not at the end.  At the start of the fight is where it’s messiest, most number of mobs and most red.  By boosting DPS you ensure the first rotation/dailies of the party does max damage and the pull will get easier.  That way you can start charging your daily with SB right off the bat and have it ready for the next pull.  Especially important in mob heavy pulls such as CN.  If the fight continues when your daily is charged don’t be stingy and just recast HG as often as you can except the final rotation or two.  If there are mobs you can build your daily up.  Only save it if you don’t think your daily will be up in time for next pull or where it’s otherwise very safe and quick.


Sometimes you may hold off a daily to clutch with Divine Armor (+20% temp HP and defense resist).  If the CWs aren’t going to make it, or need support to get their daily/control spell off, cast it before they go half health because they usually get 2 shotted.


Whatever it is, don’t hold off a daily if it’ll help party do better against a large pull.  With Holy Fervor and good equipment you should get your daily back in 2 rotations or so.  HG’s Damage and DR buff is not to be underestimated.  Getting your daily up often is a mark of a good DC, you should use Holy Fervor most of the time in party situations to assist with that.


When DPS specced usually you slot HG and HoF.  Judge whether the party needs the help/heals from HG more vs HoF to kill targets.  A well debuffed target can be HoFed for over 125k, but it’s a guilty pleasure if rest of the team has high DPS.  


Linked Spirit:

Try to make proccing Linked Spirit second nature- cast Sunburst/ BoH, then after about 0.5s press tab to go into divine mode.  You’ll proc LS on party without using divinity.  Placement is important- you want to cover most of your party each time.  If things are really hectic don’t bother with LS, but as you get better it’ll be second nature that you can do it even with lag.  If you have NPC nearby/ non augment companion LS works with them also.  LS stacks from multiple DCs.


**Note 25th March Sunburst-tab-Linked spirit no longer works so don't worry about spamming the tab anymore unless your're AC path and want to spam for AHS.


Healing/Recovering divinity/AP out of combat:

You should spam your encounters in non divine mode when idling/out of combat to charge divinity per cooldown via Ethereal Boon.  For charging AP, switch in Bastion of Health and spam it for ~10% daily meter per cast.  Can be a chore, but helps ensure you’re ready for next fight eg after wiping on a boss.  Also don't be lazy and try to heal party members between pulls also with your heals (does require certainly amount of coordination).  That said, they shouldn't expect to be fully topped up by you without using their own potions as well.  If they're going to facepulll an encounter with 15% health and blame you for their death you have a clear conscience.


Your general rotation in combat:

Use High Prophet set unless party is really weak and need more heals.  The old advice used to be tag every mob with Astral seal, however it's no longer necessary with an increase in DPS.  Usually I tag 2-3 of the more elite/tougher mobs to proc your healing feats on party members as they do damage.  As enemies close in drop Hallowed ground first (so you can charge AP with rotation), then sunburst or FF or PoD or whatever your encounter is, when melee gets there cast divine glow and then Divine Astral Shield.  If it’s a lot of adds buff CW with D-DG, otherwise buff TR/melee/self.  I usually toggle divine/non divine DG depending on whether I have DP to spend/build.  Then spam Sacred Flame on priority target to proc 3 stacks of High Prophet, once in a while re-tag mobs with Astral Seal and continue the rotation as things come off cooldown.  Learn which skills you need to dodge and which you shrug off.  Usually red AOEs from elites should be dodged as should any web/stuns/disables.  Don’t get surrounded by a cluster of mobs as you’ll go down very quickly.  Watch health bars and particularly CW positioning. 


If the CW is good at DPS and positioning keep up with them and cover their backs.  If the CW frequently dodges away from group and stays out of healing range don’t neglect the rest of the party to heal them.  Some lessons are better learnt by death.


Your priority heals in most fights are the GWF/TRs on bosses or CWs on adds in most fights.  Good GFs and GWFs can totally tank and take care of their own heals in fights including Frozen Heart last boss without a heal from you.  In most cases your AS will be on TR near bosses or CWs when they draw aggro/ under their singularity.  It’s better to cast it on them then move into the AS than cast it on yourself and expect them to move to you, unless your location/ position is preferred.


6.3 Understanding Debuffs and Class Synergy

I'll probably write this as a separate guide but will park it here for the moment.


Because we are running a lot of buffs/debuffs there is a lot of synergy with other classes who do likewise.  Combination of many of these buffs can stack up some very impressive numbers.  Many times when partied with me DPSers will exclaim “I just Hit X for 60K etc” which is their personal best.  I’ve mentioned throughout this guide the various debuffs and abilities and how they are very power to support your group.  Here I will illustrate how debuffs stack and work with one another towards increasing one’s damage.  Written primarily from DC perspective, since we are the main debuffers but mechanics are same for buffs/debuffs of other classes.  This started as something simple but as I delve into testing and understanding the mechanics it got invariably more and more complex and there are lots of numbers involved.  I apologise for that and will try to make it clear with supporting information for those who wish to understand fully and a TL;DR for those who want a simple take home message.


As topics of debuffs and armor penetration gets often mixed up/ confused I will address these two separate and parallel mechanisms separately.  


TL:DR section

1.  You need to stack high or full amounts of armor penetration to bypass enemy damage reduction.  For PvE content up to and including module 2 that is 2540 ArP or 24% resistance ignored.  High ArP should never give you bonus damage to mobs by itself regardless of their damage resistance.

1a. Note that some skills don't use ArP in calculating damage.  ArP won't help you with such abilities, (most DoTs, boon damage, Ice Knife, Icy Rays, Chains of Blazing Light are forever gimped, etc etc).

2.  Buffs increase your skill tooltip damage on application and is not highlighted in logs or ACT.

3.  Debuffs are divided in 2 types, defense debuff modifiers and booster debuff modifiers.  They are additive with each type but multiplicative in their effect.

3a. Booster debuffs apply a fixed damage multiplier to targeted enemy in PvP and PvE and you always get the full benefit.

3b.  Defense debuffs (the one that says 'reduce target defense by X', including Terror, Plaguefire, High Prophet, High Vizier, Elemental Empowerment) is reduced in power by the TARGET's damage resistance stat.  Having high 'resist ignored' (eg via ArP) will reduce this reduction effect but will never overcome it completely.  

3c.  In PvP, defense debuffs directly reduce target defense as tooltip suggests rather than directly influence damage resistance.



6.3.1 Armor Penetration and damage resistance in PvE 

Armor penetration, when working properly, grants a 'resistance ignored' stat, which directly mitigates an enemy’s 'damage resistance'.  Note that in PvE enemies do not have a 'defense' stat.  They only have damage resistance.  


For content up to and including module 2, this is capped at 24% damage resistance for bosses, 20% or 22% for brutes, 16.8 or 18% for strikers and Leaders, 14.4% for minions.  This damage resistance stat is important to note and we'll come back to it later.


For module 3 content it is possible some enemies will have more than 24% damage resistance.


If the enemy has 20% damage resistance, you need to have 20% 'damage resistance ignored' via armor penetration to negate that attack and do full damage, otherwise with no ArP you will only do 80% of your damage with each attack.  GF (via DEX), GWF (via CON) and HR (via STR) gain innate bonuses to their resistance ignored stat.  Further reading on Armor penetration and how much you need to stack is provided here.  


Checking your combat logs/logging in ACT parser allows you to see your effective damage.  If there are brackets, the number in bracket is the base damage and outside bracket is actual damage.   If your damage resistance ignored is lower than enemy resistance your base damage is reduced, however, resistance ignored will not grant extra damage if the enemy has less damage resistance. 



Actual damage = base damage * (1 + your resistance ignored % – enemy damage resistance)


Eg if you have 16% resistance ignored and enemy 20% damage resistance

Actual damage = base damage * (1+0.16-0.20)

= base damage *0.96


You do 4% less damage on every attack to that enemy.


Note that unfortunately most DoTs and some skills (especially DC and CW skills) don't currently take into account your armor penetration in their calculation of damage.  In those cases you will always do reduced damage to mobs regardless of your armor penetration.  For DoTs like Forgemasters, BoTS, BtS ArP works with only the first tick but not subsequent DoTs.  This a design issues developers are probably at least aware of, but they are not fixing because they are using it as a provisional 'damage nerf' to what they may consider skills being otherwise OP.  I don't agree with the premise of keeping bugs alive to counteract/ procrastinate outdated design and balance but it is their game and prerogative.  I would say this is the number 1 issue I would want fixed for the DC class though.


6.3.2 Armor Penetration, damage resistance and Tenacity in PvP

In PvP, players have a defense stat, which provides damage resistance via the relationship plotted in section 3.  Your resistance ignored % will go against this damage resistance % to determine how much damage you will deal.  Since player DR can be easily over 40% for some DCs, GWF and GF builds offensive classes may choose to stack ArP well above 24%.  I do not believe you can overcome resistances applied from tenacity currently though I've heard reports continual damage can suppress it.


In PvP, an additional damage resistance from tenacity is applied (base is 10% with 0 tenacity and at ~20% at 1k tenacity).  If you attack is a critical hit, an additional crit resistance modifier is applied to reduce damage.


Actual damage = [base damage * (1 + your damage resistance ignored % – enemy damage resistance)]* (1-tenacity damage resistance)


For critical hits


Actual damage = [base damage * (1+ crit severity) * (1 + your damage resistance ignored % – enemy damage resistance)]* (1-tenacity damage resistance) * (1- tenacity crit resistance)


Note: I'm assuming tenacity multipliers are multiplicative at this stage.  It's pretty hard to test without knowing each other's stats and I don't have the time to fully test the mechanics at this stage because it involves an absurd amount of numbers and influencing factors so apologies in advance if this info is not 100% accurate.


6.3.2 Buffs


If you want to do more than full damage (outside of crits), this is where buffs and debuffs come in.  Buffs are simple- they increase your base damage by X% and you can notice it on your tooltip.  You will not see this in ACT or combat logs because it increases your skill's base damage.  If you check your tooltip damage before and after the buff is applied you can calculate the buff %.  Eg, Sacred Flame tooltip damage will increase by 30% when you’re standing in Hallowed Ground.  As far as I know, even if a buff was applied after you activated the skill you will still get the boost when damage is calculated/dealt, so for example Hallowed Ground right after a sing in progress will still boost its damage.


Formula is


Actual damage = base damage * (1+buff multiplier%)


Buff examples:

Hallowed Ground: 30% to targets in AoE

Divine Divine Glow: 20% to targeted allies

Disciple of Divine Lore: +10% when procced using Healer's Lore

Rising Hope, Battle Fervor buff, Linked Spirit and other power increasing feats will increase tooltip damage with new power calculation


Other classes (not an exhaustive list):

Arcane stacks: +3% damage on arcane encounters, up to 5 stacks

Malevolent surge: +10% for 4 s for each target killed, up to 3 stacks

Bitter cold: +5% damage for applying chill for 6s, 1 stack

Frozen Power transfer: +5% for each enemy hit with Chilling cloud’s 3rd hit, up to 5 stacks

Tempest magic: +10% damage when target , 30% max HP...etc etc for CW abilities


6.3.3 Debuffs for PvE

Debuffs are more complicated to understand.  Debuffs are worded as if they reduce ‘defense’ (eg. High Prophet set bonus, High Vizier set bonus, student of the sword feat, Terror enchant, Plaguefire enchant) or apply a Defense resist debuff (e.g. Divine Glow, Prophecy of Doom), or mitigation reduction (Assailing force feat).  This nomenclature is not entirely consistent across class/skills/feat and for the purpose of this discussion let's just ignore the nomenclature and concentrate on their effects.  


An applied debuff places a damage multiplier on the target which allow your abilities to do extra damage.  I will classify debuffs into 2 types, which I will call defense debuff multiplier and booster debuff multiplier.  Debuffs of each type stack additively with itself, but the 2 types interact multiplicatively.  The basic formula to calculate damage is


Actual damage = base damge * [(1+defense debuff multiplier(s))*(1+ booster multipliers(s))]


For the sake of completion, the overarching ArP, buff and debuff formula is


Actual damage = [base damage * (1+defense debuff multiplier)]* [(1+base multiplier(s))*(1+ booster multipliers(s))]*(1 + your damage resistance ignored -enemy damage resistance)


where Armor penetration only applies if damage resistance ignored% is less than enemy damage resistance


So lets classify our debuffs into the two categories.  Honestly, the only way to know for sure which is which is by testing how it interacts with a known multiplier.  If they stack additively they're the same type, if multiplicatively they're opposite types.


Booster Multipliers:


All powers and feats assume at max rank

Booster multipliers will always work at full strength in PvE and PvP because it just places a debuff multiplier on target.


Divine Glow debuff- 15% when cast on target for ~8s in normal or divine mode.  I believe a normal mode divine glow will stack with a divine mode divine glow on the same target

Prophecy of Doom- 10% debuff at normal mode and 15% debuff in divine mode for ~8s, normal stacks with divine

Terrifying Insight- 4% debuff per stack, stacks up to 4 stacks or 16% even if target shows 5 or 6 stacks.  Stacks placed with at wills and encounters and can be refreshed like High Prophet, affects self only

Nimbus of Light- 10% debuff for 5 s after casting Daunting Light on target


CW feat- Assailing force- 15% debuff on targets in AoE of Conduit of Ice

CW encounter- Ray of Enfeeblement- 15% debuff per ray

GF tab Mark (also from Threatening Rush, Indomintable Battle Strike, Daring Shout and similar GWF skills that apply mark): +8% on marked targets until mark falls off

GF at will Tide of Iron- 20% debuff on target for about 8 s.

GWF feat Student of the Sword (5% debuff, up to 3 stacks per GWF currently) but that will change in module 3 as a 5% 1 stack self buff

TR encounter Wicked Reminder 5% per stack up to 5 stacks (broken in PvP and only 1 stack seems to be active)


Untested buffs: 

I haven't tested these so I'm not sure of their values, if you have info let me know!
GWF- Weapon master's strike debuff targets to your at wills

GWF- Come and get it places a 3s buff (self) on AoE targets

GF Overwhelming Impact feat 5%

TR Distracting knives grants 5% from disheartening strike

HR Aspect of the Lone Wolf: unsure if it's their damage mitigation or an extra debuff

HR Commanding shot


Defense Debuff Multipliers:

From their name, defense debuff multipliers are usually the ones that 'reduces' defense by X' in their description, and therefore their effect can vary depending on the mob's damage resistance stat.  However, because PvE mobs don't have defense, the game substitutes damage resistance in those calculations.  These abilities will debuff their fullest on mobs with no armor penetration, like a target dummy, but their effectiveness will decrease based on enemy damage resistance and net demage resistance (1+ your armor penetration- enemy damage resist)


Firstly, the maxed debuff values of these multipliers on something that has no damage mitigation, like a target dummy:

High Prophet’s Set (10% debuff per stack, up to 3 stacks for 4s each), stacks can be refreshed.  Stacks applied with all at wills and encounters.  Punishing light and DC Dailys apply 3 stack instantly but they drop off when ability ends.

Plague fire Enchantment (1/2/3% debuff per stack depending on rank, stacks up to 3 stacks for 4s each).  Same mechanics as High Prophet set.  Plague fires of different ranks will stack, but not of same ranks (i.e. 2 Greater Plague fires are redundant)

Terror Enchantment (1/2/3/4% debuff to mob for 5s depending on rank).  Only 1 stack can be applied

High Vizier’s Set (10% debuff, stacks up to 3 stacks for 4s each).  Only placed with certain encounters and not at wills.  Oppressive Force applies 3 stacks instantly but drop off when effect ends

CW feat- Elemental empowerment -10% debuff with arcane encounters for 3s


The actual debuff % applied from defense debuff multipliers are reduced by the mob's damage resistance stat (PvE only).

Thank you to mythlond2 for writing in and providing information and corrections on this


Because these abilities 'reduces target defense' in some way, including High Prophets, Plague fire Enchantment, Terror Enchantment and Elemental Empowerment, the amount debuffed per stack is first reduced by the mob's damage resistance modifier, regardless of your resistance ignored.  It is then subject to the difference between your mitigation ignored stat and the enemy damage resist stat.  


Debuff calculation for High Prophet, Plague fire, Terror and Elemental Empowerment:


Effective debuff = base debuff * (1- enemy damage resist) * (1+your mitigation ignored % - enemy damage resist) 


For example, a 'brute mob' such as a Fey troll has 20% damage resistance.

Even if you already have >20% resistance ignored from ArP:

For 3 stacks of high prophet

Effective debuff = 10 * (1 - 0.2) * (1 + 0.2 - 0.2) = 10 * 0.8 = 8% per stack or 24% for 3 stacks


If you had zero armor penetration

Effective debuff = 10 * (1 - 0.2) * (1 + 0 - 0.2) = 3 * 10 * 0.8 * 0.8 = 6.4% per stack or 19.2% for 3 stacks


Debuff calculation for High Vizier

Somehow High Vizier gets away with only 1 debuff multiplier,

Effective HV debuff = base debuff * (1+your mitigation ignored % - enemy damage resist%) 


What this means is the strength of your debuffs is directly proportional to your armor penetration.  If you're debuffing via High Prophet and/or Plague fire/ Terror your debuffs will be up to 24% weaker than without ArP (converts to about 5-6% debuff overall).  Obviously it's not worth stacking 2540 ArP just for that so you will need to decide what is a reasonable compromise.


Overall formula for debuff interaction is thus 


Debuffed damage = base damage * [no. of stacks * base debuff * (1- enemy damage resist) * (1+your mitigation ignored % - enemy damage resist)] *(1+ booster multipliers)


Confusing?  You bet, but that's how it works.


Here’s some examples of how the 2 types of debuffs interact (on target dummies)


How multipliers stack:

Defense debuff and defense debuff multiplier (additive)

High Prophet (30% base) and Greater Plague fire (9% base)

Actual damage = base damage * (1+0.3+0.09)

=base damage * (1+1.39)

= base damage * 1.39


Booster and booster multiplier (additive)

Divine Glow (15% booster) with Divine Prophecy of Doom (15% multiplier)

Actual damage = base damage * (1+0.15+0.15)

= base damage *1.3


Defense debuff and booster multiplier (multiplicative)

High prophet (30% base) and Divine glow (15% booster)

Actual damage = base damage * [(1+0.3)*(1+0.15)]

= base damage *(1.3*1.15)

= base damage*1.495


Everything together, maxed stacks

High Prophet (30% base) and Greater Plague fire (9% base)
D-PoD (15%), Divine Glow (15%), Terrifying Insight (16%), Nimbus of Light (10%)

Actual damage = base damage * [(1+0.3+0.09)*(1+0.15+0.15+0.16+0.1)]

=base damage * [1.39*1.56]

= base damage *2.168


Everything without Terrifying insight (boost to party)

= base damage * 2.0294


Your damage is effectively more than doubled in that very narrow window where everything stacked.  The good thing is apart from terrifying Insight everyone else gains the same benefits when attacking those mobs.


If you factor in buffs (HG 30%+ Divine glow 30% you’re looking at 150% base damage and 200% debuff which is about a 300% high damage total (3x base damage).  If your Linked Spirit procced along with your other +power feats there are further buffs on top of that.  This is why DCs are debuff powerhouses.


What you want is a party who are all using buffs and debuffs- they will stack significantly- 3x HP+ 3x HV + Conduit of Ice with Assailing force + Mark + Tide of Iron + Divine Glow+ Student of the sword + Wicked reminder will allow your entire party to do astonishing damage.  Mix in the buffs from Hallowed Ground, D-Divine glow, Linked Spirit, Knight Captain’s set and your party will truly be hitting numbers they have never seen before.  This is what the entire build is about- Maxing Party DPS, and this is how very well geared and experienced groups can kill trash and bosses very quickly and efficiently.


6.3.4 Debuffs for PvP

In PvP, booster multipliers work in full as usual.  Use the ability, get the debuff.


For the defense debuff multipliers, 2 things have changed.

Firstly, most of these debuffs 'reduces defense by X'.  Because players have a real defense stat, their actual defense gets reduced.  Damage resistance is then scaled according to the Defense vs damage resistance curve in section 3.  Therefore they no longer act as a multiplier towards damage, just reduces defense.  Here the tooltips actually are accurate.  Terror, (reduce 20% defense at perfect) Plague fire (reduce defense by 5/10/15% per stack, up to 3 stacks), High Prophet (10% defense reduced per stack, up to 3 stacks) and High Vizier (450 defense per stack, up to 3 stacks) actually reduces player defense rather than damage resistance.  So instead of a flat 10% damage resistance, you reduce their defense by a fixed amount per stack, which then converts to a lowered damage resistance based on the curve in section 3.


Testing with a GPF vs GWF with defense 3470 and DR of 43.5, 3 stacks of GPF reduced his defense to 1947, which is 55% of original value.  The corresponding DR from his defense was 36.6 which is about a 7.5% change.  Note this change is not proportional linearly and depend entirely on a combination of base DR (feats /Armor Class / gear, which is not affected) plus where he sits on the defense vs DR curve.


3 stacks of High Prophet reduced his defense to about 2437 and DR of ~39.4 or a 4.1% DR change.  Here High prophet correctly reduces defense by 10% per stack (2437/3470 = 0.70) which is equivalent to a normal plague fire.


As you can see, a greater plague fire stack actually reduces more defense than a high Prophet Stack, which is the opposite of norms in PvE.


It is harder to test how they stack.  They seem to be stacking additively for the moment.  So assume 3 stacks HP+ GPF reduces defense by 75%.

They no longer multiply with booster debuffs because they reduce damage resistance indirectly via defense.


6.4 Switching modes

You have versatility in your cleric, always remind yourselves which are your strengths and don’t be afraid to swap encounters and items on you and your pet to give you and your team a boost where needed.  Sometimes it may not make a difference, sometimes it may.  But if you’re all about min maxing, every advantage counts.


I have basically two mode I switch between, an offense oriented high ArP mode and a defense oriented high HP/regen survival healing mode.  I change part or all of my loadout/gear depending on how tough the content is or how the group fares.  In easy content/skirmishes/daily quests I go full offense.  In PvP or CN door to door pulls I go full defense. 


Switching loadouts:

I carry 5 sets of armor/equipment with me (and growing).  It can be a pain but also has their uses- High Prophet set, Blue Exemplar set and Miracle Healer set, PvP Grim set, and also Mod 1 and Mod 2 set for fun.  I also have a few rings/necks to switch specs with.  Eg I have 2 Priest’s Ring of Burning Light for more HP/DEF and a Piercing Berserker Ring with dark enchant for arpen along with with my standard Necromancer’s rings of Undeath, and Seal of the Executioner with power for regen/healing.  The stat differences may not be that great, but if you’re min/maxing and into squeezing the best out of what you have to offer why not.


Some fights it pays off to switch skills as you go.  Get to know the position of your skills well.  You can switch in combat or between fights.  To do so usually I press T to autowalk (make sure you're not going off a cliff), then P to bring up power screen, right click power and click which slot to put it in.  Bam, you have switched loadouts.  Get used to doing it on the fly especially in places like CN to save time.  CWs and GWFs are impatient and will run off and pull without waiting for you.



My standard encounter is AS/SB/DG.  If your other member’s DPS seems to be low, swap your DG to DL instead to help burst stuff down, prioritising the squishy targets like archers and trash mobs.  You want to kill all those annoying little guys while the melee keeps big ones occupied.  In full DPS loadout (if there’s a healer DC) I go Sacred Flame/Brand of the Sun/ Hallowed Ground/ Hammer of Fate/ Foresight/ Terrifying Insight/ Divine Glow/ Sunburst/ Daunting Light.  Start by tagging everything with BoTS, then buff yourself/party with D-Divine Glow, cast sunburst and D-Daunting Light.  DL is your main nuke.  Learn its timing and AOE to not waste it.  If there’s a lot of singularities/entangling force and trash you can switch DG or SB for Searing Light in divine mode, but you will run out of divinity a lot.  You should nuke most trash/archers without a problem.  Leaders and Elites will take a few rotations.  Juggle between full DPS and DPS/support depending on how good the party is and how much healing they need.  Checking with combat Parsers, Daunting Light and Brand of the Sun together often do more than half my overall DPS so make the most out of them.


On DPSing:


With my gear and spec you can actually do significant amounts of DPS, and a Vorpal enchant helps a lot here.  Use High Prophet Set for this.  The debuff gives you way more DPS than the extra GS or ArP that other sets would.  Put armor pen ring (Piercing berserker) on stone.  I have Paingiver and Executioner title on my DC without trying all that hard while being faithful specced.


In my standard healing rotation I can beat fully defensive tanks and bad GWFs/TR in DPS (excluding some boss fights).  In a DPS heavy loadout I can top or be 2nd DPS, although a well geared and well played CW and GWF can and should top you.


Note when DPSing it doesn’t mean I stop helping the team out for the sake of personal DPS.  The main reason I still use Sunburst is for its top up heal and Linked Spirit.  If the CW is better at DPSing I’d still tag him with D-Divine Glow rather than myself.  I still want to proc my buffs on party and enemies.  If the healer needs help you should still help with heals in parts.  Be flexible.  If party is struggling or you find you have aggro switch DG back to AS.


Situations: Skirmishes, easy dungeons, Foundries, Gauntlgrym PvE, PvP if you’re going glass cannon (swap SB with chains), Sharandar dailies.


On Soloing daily quests and dungeons:
High Prophet set and at least 1.6k ArPen makes solo content easy.  I use same loadout as above.  DG/Chains/DL.  Cast BoTS on each mob, DG debuff, secure with chains then drop a divine DL (now with 3 stacks HP/Terrfying Insight).  Most stuff should be dead.  Use at wills and repeat.  Keep the Ioun stone of Allure out. Switch DG for Healing word for great free background heal if you need it and also nice if you're running with a friend or doing drive-by healing on other people in the zone.


On Kiting/ running through large pulls:

Not always necessary for a gear change, but if you find yourself dying and party running off without you, wear blue Exemplar’s set for 4k defense (can also go Exemplar’s ...of Youth with regen but harder to find).  Slot AS/SB/Healing word.  Swap SB for chains if you prefer.  Don’t cast unless you have stamina for a dodge.  When you have a lead, cast, dodge, and keep running in circles.  Try not to kite mobs around the boss so as to reduce the number of red circles on party.  Healing others will be tricky if you’re kiting and they should not expect heals.  Slot Healer’s Lore/Divine Fortune and Foresight.  Put a regen/defensive ring on pet and yourself if you have.


Situations: Frozen Heart, Spellplague last boss if kiting, CN between 2nd and 3rd boss.  PvP if you’re going tanky support.


On Full Healing:


This is my healing loadout for Draco and Valindra on when you want/need to be a care bear.  (**PIc error, BoTS should be replaced with ASeal) You shouldn’t need this for dungeon clearing unless party is undergeared or you are undergeared.  HP set is still very useful for full healing because boss can die faster.  You are debuffing with at wills and healing with encounters so you are still doing both.  If you really want to you can break out the Miracle Healer set.  Slot Foresight and Divine Fortune for more divinity via Healing Word.  Some may prefer BoH if you have points in that but it’s a bit slow.  Use Forgemaster’s Flame if you have 2 groups (eg one on boss and others on adds).  Forget about armorpen and go defensive jewellery/power stat.  


On Full debuffs:

Now that Linked Spirit doesn't work with SB-tab I switched it out for Prophecy of Doom for extra debuffs and AP.  The AP from PoD isn't that great and in fact is probably less than SB would have given over a fight due to the long casts and cooldowns but the debuffs are great for a high damage team.  Go AS-PoD-DG, enjoy melting bosses in 2 rotations.


Punishing Light/ Soothing Light:

Both are good abilities to channel divinity to burn mobs/heal.  PL used to be good to put stacks on targets quickly, but is currently broken and drops stacks when stopped.  SL should be used to burst clutch heal (I usually use half a bar of divinity) someone from brink of death- it’s not so much the extra heals that matter but the foresight buff and other procs that help them recover.  Sometimes your heal can pull aggro off them to yourself which helps your target survives.


6.5 Boss Fight Loadouts and Tips:
As I get quite a few questions on bosses here's what I generally run with.  Be willing to switch for more offense/healing/protection depending on your party.

Daily: Hallowed Ground (main) and Divine Armor (only if team needs a clutch)
Class Features: Foresight and Holy Fervor (standard) or Divine Fortune (when Healing Word is included)

At wills: Astral Seal (keep on bosses and major mobs) and Sacred Flame (use to keep High Prophet stacks up)

Standard Encounters:  Astral Shield, Sunburst, Divine Glow- works for most dungeons and Karrundax, Pirate King



Frozen Heart boss: Because party is more scattered, and you don't want multi target spells I run Astral Shield, Forgemaster's Flame (procs Linked Spirit) and Healing Word (boost player morale for kiter, even if they don't really need it) otherwise Divine Glow because a good tank doesn't need healing.

ToS boss: Standard encounter is good, save divine sunburst to knock adds from party when they may explode from boss heals.  You can switch Divine Glow to Forgemasters if party needs more healing or Daunting Light if the party DPS is through the floor.
Spellplague boss: Astral Shield, Sunburst (throw Mindwraps into acid if you need), Chains of blazing light (trap mindwraps for later tossing, helps with extra CC to give CW/kiter breathing space) or Forgemasters/Divine glow depending on what party needs.  The person on boss shouldn't really need heals between ASeal and lifesteal.  Your role is help support CW to burn adds in middle.  Burning them is so much more efficient in the first couple of stages than kiting to an edge to singularity off if the DPS is there.  As platforms fall you should fight somewhere between the center and closer to occasionally push a few off.  Fight actually gets easier towards the end.


Dwarf King Crypt boss:  Astral shield, Sunburst, Divine glow

You can tank the adds, rest can go on boss.  Keep boss near chest and debuff him as much as you can so he dies fast.  Adds will continuously respawn so don't worry about damaging them too much.  They shouldn't do enough damage to worry about.  Use lantern/HG when in Juggernaut phase to burn him faster.  Fight is all about speed and efficiency so you get more runs in.


Malabog Castle boss (Fulminorax): Astral shield, Forgemaster's Flame (Large dragon = even larger AoE heal), Healing Word

Forgemasters is a great heal here because big dragon = huge healing AoE.  HW top up on squishies.  Save HG daily for Valindra Portal.  Astral shield for tank or yourself if tanking dragon.  If you've got dragon aggro just dance left and right rather than spin dragon around so rest of the party has an easier time.


Valindra's Tower (Valindra): Astral shield (cast in middle to cover casters), Forgemaster's Flame, Healing Word (for average party)/ Divine Glow (for High DPS party)

Valindra's magic missile does 5k damage to the party every 6s.  You need to heal some of it and the party needs to lifesteal the rest back.  If they don't stack lifesteal they will struggle.  Again, Forgemaster's Flame is very useful here to build AP and proc Linked Spirit over sunburst.  Save FF for the Phantom Claw- the target cannot die because the FF healing is so strong.  Keep ASeal on Valindra and hope the party has good lifesteal.  HW on Wizards/TR/HR.  Cast HG just after a choke when party has time to DPS burn.  Keep 3 High prophet stacks on Valindra- it's a DPS race and every bit helps.  For very high DPS party swap FF for PoD for extra debuffs.


Castle Never boss (Dracolich): Astral shield (cast somewhere near middle for CWs), Sunburst, Healing Word, swap to Divine Glow if party is strong


AS should be off center near Draco ribs for CW to dance in and out of.  HW on CWs with aggro.  Time your dodge.  I rarely see anyone doing this, but when Draco does AoE wing flap, wait about 1s then dodge TOWARDS Draco and you won't get thrown out because of immunity frames.  Practice on Karrundax if you want, same mechanics.  You need to keep your positioning even if everyone flies off and heal right away if they need it.  Stay near either side of Draco's ribs as it's the safest- tail whip has no warning, and usually breath attack/hands spawn in front of Draco.  Keep ASeal and 3 stacks of High Prophet on Draco whenever you can.  HP >>>> Miracle Healer in all boss fights and Draco is prime example.  Watch out for Singularity bringing hands under you.  Manage your stamina and dodges well, they are invaluable and the prime reason why you have a high STR score and took the top Sharandar 5th boon.  If you have a Cat you'll thank yourself if you took a hand.  Sunburst is for keeping your AP/divinity up and proc Linked Spirit.  Also when Red Wizards spawn too far from Draco you should Divine sunburst them towards the middle.  Divine sunburst can actually knock hands away (as can CW shield pop), you don't really need to do this, but if there's no other options you can help push them away and save an ally.


7. Alternate Builds

Like I said at the start, DC is about versatility.  My above spec is a primary healer and 2nd buffer/debuffer/DPSer.  There is opportunity to switch the priorities around, and I am also tinkering with the new Paragon for options.


7.1 DPS build (Divine Oracle)

Many may laugh at the thought of a DPS DC.  Our weapon damage and ability damage are amongst the highest of the classes however we suffer from slow single target at wills and only 3 encounters.  Geared and specced well DCs actually can out DPS classes, and if you know what you're doing you can quite easily outperform mediocre DPSers.  This is after many months of playing healer, healer/buff/debuff, healer/DPS and full DPS DC, whilst STILL being Faithful specced.  One major problem facing DPS DCs is armor penetration.  Firstly we need high ArP for our skills and debuffs to function to their full potential, however a lot of our abilities also do not use ArP in damage calculations.  Secondly we have no intrinsic bonus to ArP and have to build it from scratch in our gear, which increases the challenge DPS DCs face further.  Thirdly our highest DPS output set is High Prophet, which is T1 and has no ArP, so you have to gear accordingly.  It is also GS dependant (naturally) and you need to have good stats, good experience and good flexibility.  Post module 2 our DPS gets a very minor boost from stats and Daunting Light fix, but GWFs and CWs have significant boons to their feats and skills which increase their DPS potential.  It is now very difficult for a good DC to outDPS even an above average or decent GWF/CW, let alone a good one.  Just accept it and play a hybrid DPS/debuff role rather than purely pursuit selfish DPS which doesn't benefit the team all that much.


In most dungeons a strong CW will outDPS you, they have 4 encounters, you have 3, and they have fewer target limit restrictions and more AOE capacity.  It's a fact, but you two can work very well together in timing your spells and debuffs to get overall much better DPS.  You can keep up with and perhaps even top DPS GFs.  A very well geared and played GWF can and will outDPS everyone.  For TRs it's simply a matter of how much trash vs elites there are so it's relative.  In Malabog's Castle for example by 2nd boss most healer DCs will have around 1-2 million damage, and as heal/support I will have 2-4 million.  If I go full DPS I can get 6-7 million, but of course it does depend on how good the rest of the group is.  If they're weak I'll probably get more DPS in.  A number of times the 2nd-4th place may have very similar damage numbers which is a good thing.  As a DPS DC the good news is you get more divinity from your offensive encounters than from healing so it may be slightly more manageable, however because you still want to use a lot of them in divinity to get the best return you are going to always need more.  The bad news is you now have both healing aggro and DPS aggro, and if you take a glass cannon build you are not going to survive as well as other classes because you are going to have to rely on lifesteal or healer DC.


If you are the only DC in the party, please be conscious of the fact that they do depend on you somewhat for survival and you may have to sacrifice some personal DPS to stop them dying left right and center.  I know it's not entirely fair but it comes with playing a support class.  With that said, if you have a very strong DPSer with you you should compare and think how to best boost the overall party DPS.  Sometimes it may mean you doing your share of nuking, other times it may mean swapping out Daunting Light for Divine glow to buff your best DPS classes/bosses.  And in most cases, it also means using Hallowed Ground instead of Hammer of Fate because it's overall more Party DPS.  Divine glow + Linked Spirit on GWF and CWs means you will just melt entire clusters of mobs in 1-2 rotations.


And please do not try to queue as DPS before you have 10k+ GS, you simply will not have adequate stats and gear in the right places to keep up with the other DPS classes and will hinder rather than help the group unless there is another healing DC present.  You can be DPS specced, but at least use healing encounters (Astral shield, sunburst and either Divine Glow/Forgemasters/HW.  You should still be able to solo heal most dungeons by switching encounters.

My setup described above in section 6 does the best I can with the Faithful spec and gear.  If you run with premades where there is another healer and you want to go full DPS consider running the following gear:


Full High Prophet Set (Azure/Radiant in chest, Soulforged enchant, rest doesn’t matter)

Formorian Set Main/Offhand (with Cruel/Savage enchants if you can, otherwise Radiants/Dark) with at least Normal Vorpal (pref Greater/Perfect) or Fallen Dragon/ Thayan Legion set.  Plague Fire enchant also works well.

Ancient Exorcist’s Necklace of Blessings

2 Ancient Necromancer’s Rings of Undeath (with azure enchants for def/dark for lifesteal) OR Pyrotechnic Bands OR Piercing Berserker Rings OR Ancient Slavemaster’s rings of Control (Slot Darks for ArP) OR combination depending on budget/stat priorities

Whatever belt you fancy- either defensive one or offensive, I stick with Ancient Necromancer’s Belt of Undeath or even jack of all trade ones like Belt of Sildeyuir.


Ioun stone of Allure with:

Empowered/Eldritch In offensive slots

Eldritch R7 in defensive slot


Piercing Berserker Ring with Darks

Ancient Slavemaster’s Necklace of Control or Piercing Berserker Necklace

Ancient Royal Priest’s Icon Or Fabled Formorian/Fabled Illiyabruen  OR Grand Templar


With your gear you basically then use enchants to round off your capabilities, and have CW like stats aiming for:

1.5k Defense (you are an aggro magnet and need some survivability)

33% Critical Chance (depends on STR)

30% Recharge Speed Increase (depends on CHA )

2000-2540 Armor Penetration (depends on how often you’re on boss, and whether you are using Linked Spirit or have DC in party who will use Linked Spirit) to get the most out of debuffs and abilities

Rest into power (5k+, as much as you can)

Some points into Lifesteal (~5%) to help heal yourself when DPSing.  Fallen dragon set or Thayan Regent weapons sets can be good for this.  Otherwise Regen can also help


Greater or Perfect Soulforged and Vorpal.


Virtuous build spec:




Note: Focused Poise is useless.  Feated Lance of Faith is still doing less DPS as sacred flame (because it's slow) and divinity gain is still abysmal.

Restoration mastery is useless- you're not healing and the 5% defense is tiny hence second sight even if it's situational.

Disciple of Divine Lore is up almost all the time

Cycle of Change in Mod 3 does an extra burst of heal/DPS depending on loadout rather than a flat 10% boost, not as good but still more healing than Sovereign Justice.



Daily: Hallowed Ground and Flamestrike/Hammer of Fate

At will: Sacred Flame, BoTS

Class Feature: Healer’s Lore, Terrifying Insight

Encounters: 2 of Sunburst/Chains/Divine glow, Daunting Light, swap SB with PoD for 3 debuff skills.


Your rotation:

Start BoTS on most mobs, especially the tougher ones but don’t bother tagging everything

Cast Sunburst (with tab divinity trick always) build your AP, DP, and more importantly to proc Rising Hope, Linked Spirit, Disciple of Divine Lore and Cycle of Change, all of which increases your personal DPS.

Follow it up by Divine Glow on enemy mobs, or divine mode on yourself/mob/main DPSers depending on location for AP/DP/DPS. 

Nuke with Daunting Light- by now you have 3 stacks of High Prophet, Terrifying Insight, Nimbus of Light and have maxed your offensive stats, you should see 5 digit numbers all over most of the time.

Continue BoTS/Sacred flame until Sunburst comes off cooldown and repeat.


Compared to Faithful basically you turn Daunting Light into a 10% debuff also.  Disciple of Divine Lore is almost always up (procs even with Sacred Flame) so you're healing 15% stronger and DPSing 10% stronger, but you lose the 5-11% damage resist from foresight and Moontouched healing.  Your group debuff is stronger but mitigation is weaker.


This spec would also work with Anointed Champion path- you would lose BoTS (replace with SF/Blessing of Battle) which trades around 15% damage for 5% more defense (and small power boost if you take the feat).  You lose the 16% DPS bonus from Terrifying Insight but you gain Anointed Holy Symbol which gives temp HP and is again synergistic with Sunburst.  Move 5 points from power of the sun to Battle Fervor which adds more power.


7.2  PvP


**PvP have changed significantly with PvP changes Mar 2014.  Unfortunately most of these changes do not favor the DC class and if anything we are less useful due to healing depresion.  Basically there's less burst from crit, shorter chain CC duration, proning won't disadvantage you as much in the hopes that fights and duels last longer.  However healing is depressed by 50% for 10s anytime if target suffers damage.  Helps squishies survive longer, but not good for DCs because our offense output is worse and do even less damage.  Without armor penetration you'll probably hit like the proverbial wet noodle.  DCs are no longer very tanky.  You will go down 1v1 vs any class of comparable skill/GS because you have no way of sustaining yourself and doing significant damage.  You cannot stay alive for very long at all in 2v1 situations.  You can no longer heal allies very effectively and if shortmanned your team will probably lose.  There is more emphasis on teamwork and ganking players.  


DCs are by far the weakest and least enjoyable class to PvP with.  Module 3 will combine PvE and PvP content in some zones with 'open PvP' worlds.  I am skeptical DCs will have an enjoyable time there although safety and anonymity in numbers can be where a support DC really shine.  You can make a good difference as long as you aren't being ganked.


GCtrl's tank build was the meta, but even now is not as relevant.  I'll keep the link here, but it's no longer totally relevant.


For a strong PvP character

You would probably want to go Anointed Champion path for more mitigation and immunity.

Go righteous path for better mitigation/survivability.

The gist of it is go Halfling, max DEX and CON.

Silvery in all defensive slots for deflection

You will get ganged up on a lot, be CC'ed most of the time and die all sorts of horrible deaths, accept it and tell yourself that the longer you stay alive the more time your team has to DPS/cap.


GCtrl Tank build:


GCtrl Glass Cannon Burst build:


PvPing with my spec:

PvE and PvP are both really grindy but there are cross benefits for characters that can do both.  At the state of the game you're going to realistically choose 1 character.  If you don't want to change your spec just for PvP you will need to play well and have good gear.  Current PvP meta does not favor DCs at all in kills, heals or points.  Try lots of things and see what works for you.  Tenacity is an important stat and you will probably need a PvP set to stay competitive.  High Prophet can be used with a good team but needs to be supplemented with tenacity gear.


As a DC there's basically 2 things that's going to happen.  1 is that opponents pick on you because you're safe and a relatively easy kill.  2 is that opponents ignore you because they think there isn't much you can do.  While the stereotypes are largely true, you can surprise them.  If they pick on you, you need to be tanky and take longer to kill than they thought, preferably long enough for your team to kill someone else and help you.  Otherwise you need to have enough sustain/DPS to make them run.  If they ignore you even better- buff/defend/heal the team and debuff players so they take much higher burst.  This is where you shine and you stack debuff on them like a boss and they'll wonder how they lost health so fast.


In PvP there's both the real game (evasion, dodge, attack, debuff, damage numbers) and the psychological game (frustration, surprise, annoyance).  This will work both for you and against you by good players.  Team morale is very much a real thing and while nobody talks about this, DCs have a better chance to boost the morale (real and psychological) of the team.  


The real gameplay is of course attack, defense, tactics, dodging, stats etc.  You need to get that downpact so you are performing at an optimum.  When to attack, when to run, how to kite, how to overcome being kitted, when to heal and when to kill.  This comes with experience.


The psychological or morale edge is to do with emotions.  If you get proned/killed over and over by the same guy you will get frustrated, annoyed, angry.  If you team is scattered, interested in self gain you will also get annoyed.  If it's hopeless and you are trailing by a large gap the will to kill fighting is low.  These are all negative emotions and thinking that will get into your head.  You need to practice not letting that get to you and look for opportunities to push back.  More importantly, to keep the team from thinking the same.  Sometimes there isn't much that can be done regardless and it is a clear loss.  Sometimes you can salvage a match.  You can boost morale by fighting with allies when they're contesting and near death.  Having someone who cares clutch them can mean a lot, not to mention frustrate the enemy when you undo all their hard work.  A contesting GWF/GF is happy to let you have his back and in turn can prone guys trying to hit on you.


My general loadout: Astral shield, sunburst, and either FF (vs a lot of melee) or Divine glow (if you have a lot of melee/team stay as a group).  I use SF/BoTS at wills, and HG for daiily.

AS is still really good node defending/support skill regardless of it being yellow or blue.  Sunburst is still good for pushing/divinity building and minor heals.  FF is a good AoE heal/slow on target and does decent DoT along with BoTS.  BoTS is highest damage per cast so just cast one per team member and it's free damage.  SF is to build divinity and 1v1, also fastest to cast so you can be more mobile.  HG is to boost team DPS/defense and also heal via moontouched.  Emblem of Seldarine for team healing in big fights can switch tide of battle.  People say it's God mode but I still die a lot with it on.


  • Mobility and positioning is important for any class in PvP, but for DCs you have a flashing neon sign that says "FREE KILLS HERE" so you will get ganged up on. 
  • Stick with the team and hide among GWF/GF.  Like don't stick out but duck and weave between your other party members.  That makes it harder for enemies to target you and spread encounter damage over the team and improve your 5 man uptime.  However, know when to bait them to attacking you and when to hide.
  • Divinity is your lifeblood- Divine Fortune almost a must if you're going with Healing Word (not that common anymore).  The PvP sets help with that a bit.
  • The initial big fight at node 2 can often decide the course of the match mostly due to morale factors.  Idea is to get a kill as soon as possible and avoid a death to be 1 man up.  Then as you keep sending them back to the spawn it's harder for them to regroup and fight efficiently.  Pull out all the stops in this fight, use your encounters in divinity, pop your artifact etc because it'd be easy or really hard after.  If struggling sacrifice yourself instead of a DPSer to be killed to buy them time to kill someone else.
  • Anticipate big attacks and dodge where you can.  It's going to be hard with a lot of knockdowns and CC but take enough beating and you know how it works.
  • High Prophet is a great support set when your teammates are doing high DPS and sticking with you.  They will burst that much harder.  You are squishier but if the opponent DPS/ArP is high tanky gear won't make that much difference unless you have deflect.  Likewise with Divine glow.  If you have good GWF and GFs, contest when them and help them take down opponents faster.  A strong DC/GWF team can hold a lot of ground.
  • Kite a GWF during unstoppable- stay just out of range.  Note takedown has a longer range than it looks.  If you are contesting with him 1v1 on point if you keep some distance you shouldn't be able to harass you too much (threatening rush is annoying).  The DPS ones will kill you in 2 hits regardless.
  • The good thing about my build is you already have a bit of ArP on you (I still have ~1k with defensive gear on).  People don't expect DCs to hit hard, but you can, especially with HP set and good crits.  1k ArP is enough to negate damage resistance of most CW/TR and non tanky HRs especially if you have a gear advantage.  As the majority of my combat damage is via at wills, sunburst and divine glow ArP still works for you (doesn't work for DoT of BoTS, chains and FF but can't win them all).
  • Punishing light is one of the most underrrated skills in the game.  You can quite easily punishing light squishies to death when they're <25% health.  Of course, vs tanks etc it won't do anything and you might want to switch to deflect gear instead.  However vs TRs, HRs and CWs, if I have a spare 2 pips I will PL them and they can't do much about it- they have to dodge/reposition all while BoTS is ticking down on them.  PL helps gain that psychological edge that they can't stand ground and contest.  At best you kill them, at worse they ran away and won't think of you as easy anymore.  I end up chasing them to kill much more often than them chasing me.  However, if you're equally geared it's pretty dangerous and you can die from a burst.
  • Don't be predictable.  Fight with the team sometimes, jump on a pillar sometimes and backcap when an opportunity arise.  If you can keep the opponents guessing you have a psychological edge.  And yes, sometimes suiciding like a lemming to pull a few enemies off teammates or keep a point contested can be the right strategy.  People like to spend time to pick up a free DC kill, that is time gained by your team to flip a node or go 4v3 somewhere else.  By the time they kill you your group would probably be better positioned to counter.
  • TRs are generally annoying and hard to counter by yourself.  Keep yourself mobile and healed lest they try shocking execution on you.  Kite them towards teammates where you can.
  • Suggested rotations are Astral-sunburst-FF/exaltation for healing.  AS-FF-Divine Glow also works well if you team can focus down opponents.  You are basically buying time for your team to DPS while they beat down on you.  For At wills I like BoTS and SF.  ASeal heals for very very little although it does help share foresight.
  • Ultimate domination is about controlling nodes.  Know when to contest and when to break the team off and back cap.  Although my feeling the DC usually is the one keeping the hordes at bay while TRs/HRs reposition.  I tend to spend more time at 2 contesting/protecting GFs/GWFs but adapt to the flow of the team.  Sometimes it's better you recap/backcap instead, although if you meet anyone there you're probably deadmeat.

7.3 Known issues, bugs and strange observations regarding DC skills abilities


Skills and general

  • Armor penetration not counted in calculating damage of many DC powers (PoD, Chains of Blazing Light), especially for DoTs (BoTS, BtS, FF) where every tick but the first is weakened.
  • Daunting Light does not currently benefit at all from Terrifying Insight.  Chains of blazing Light only ever benefits from 1 stack (4% debuff).  Also neither of these skills correctly grant a stack of TI on targets when used.  It’s a visual effect only and applies no debuff. 
  • Stacks of High Prophet and TI fall off as soon as Punishing Light, HoF and FS ends.  May be working as intended but even previously placed stacks get lost also.
  • Linked Spirit does not proc with Divine Astral shield at all.  The icon is displayed but there are no actual stat increases to anyone in party, even if healing occurred, on the first tick or otherwise.  It also doesn’t work with Exaltation in either normal or divine mode.
  • Prophecy of Doom does not benefit from any AP gain bonuses, either from CHA, recovery, Holy Fervor, artifacts, boons, pets etc, none what so ever.
  • Fabled Illiyabruen set (Module 1) and Dread Legion Set (Module 2) does not proc at all when soloing unless you happen to have a combat companion or fighting with someone else (they don’t have to be in your party).
  • Sunburst gives no divinity when healing self (it’s not tagged as a healing power) and gains no benefit from divine fortune when healing.
  • Channel divinity can get ‘stuck’ if you hold mouse down while tabbing and expends all your divinity unless you interrupt using an encounter.
  • Astral Seal duration is not refreshed when recast on target.  Astral seal’s healing has diminishing returns on successful attacks (100% effectiveness, then 50%, 33%, 10%).
  • Chains of Blazing Light’s damage is reduced when there are more targets.  In divine mode enemies can sometimes walk direct over it without triggering.
  • Sacred Flame can proc drow racial Dark Fire debuff on allies.
  • Daunting Light and Flame strike do not proc Repurpose Soul when it crits.
  • Repurpose soul healing is based only on raw damage and not actual damage, thus not benefitting from armor penetration.
  • Exaltation does not grant immunity to TR’s Shocking Execution.
  • Debuff effectiveness of High Prophet’s set, Plaguefire Enchantment and Terror Enchantemnet are reduced by enemy resistance, as noted in Section 6.3 above
  • Feytouched enchant decreases target damage but does not boost the DC’s damage when used.
  • We currently are subject to healing depression from using healing items and artifacts and Soulforged (some fixed in Module 3)
  • A lot of ability FX and sound will still play even if it is interrupted, most noticeable in PvP


  • Templar’s Domain procs only for 5 seconds every 300 seconds.  The internal cooldown is far too long and for a fifth tier feat should be removed altogether and this should just be a flat passive increase.
  • Cleanse does not proc when soloing.  Furthermore I don’t think cleanse actually remove a lot of negative effects such as chill or stuns.
  • Linked Spirit: tooltip should be reworded to state it increasing target stat ratings by X% for X seconds.  (It’s not currently based on the DC’s ratings, and honestly shouldn’t be anyway because every class has different needs).
  • Power of the Sun does not reduce player crit rating, at least in PvP.  Not sure about damage yet.  Likewise not sure of Power of Oppression actually debuffs
  • Righteous Flame- I don’t notice any actual stuns, if at all even if targets were caught in middle.
  • Sovereign Justice- the proc rate seems to be a lot less than suggested on tooltip


  • Elven ferocity and Shadowtouched does not take armor penetration into account for damage calculations
  • Elven tranquility and Enraged regrowth self heals are reduced 40% by righteousness (Fixed in module 3).


7.4 Resources and Links

NWcalc.com Build calculator: http://nwcalc.com/

Scozzer's Healing power and synergistics feats- great guide and testing to what works with what http://nw-forum.perf...nergistic-Feats

The original guide on stats, cutoffs and NW formulae by freehugs9: http://nw-forum.perf...d-their-effects

ACT Combat Log parsing/NW plugin by Lodur: http://laggygamerz.c...er-neverwinter/

NW Preview to copy your character for tests: http://nw.perfectworld.com/preview
Unspecified's guide to everything cleric- while outdated now, this was the guide that taught me how to play and inspired me to write my own: http://nw-forum.perf...-everything-PvE
Why you shouldn't stack 8k recovery, by Unspecified: http://nw-forum.perf...rs-not-a-build)
Grimah's Comprehensive Wizard Guide: This is another greatly detailed and accurate guide for those looking for CW information.  http://nw-forum.perf...ve-Wizard-guide
Other guides by me:
Guide to efficient Dungeon Clearing: Now that you know what your class role is, read up on how to work better with other classes to race through dungeons for high profit!
Shadowmantle Enchantment Refinement Discussion: Still confused about refinement?  Want to know how much to pay for an enchant?  Check my guide/spreadsheet
Dungeon Delving and Etiquette: Don't be that PUG that everyone hates!  Learn How to make friends and influence people in NW
Thanks for reading!
7.5 Acknowledgements
This significant body of work is built upon the many hours of testing and questioning by many NW paragons, most of whom have been acknowledged above.  For the others, whether they are those who did tests, or gathered information or updated something on the wiki here's a thank you from me for demystifying the inner mechanics of the game.
Thank you to ScrollTro0L for building the new LGz website and making it so much easier for me to write and edit.
Thank you to my guildies in Order of the Raven for often being test subjects and bouncing ideas around.
Thank you to my in game friends who are there for my rants or discussions or dungeon madness and AD generation.  You know who you all are :).
Thank you to Ruthless Jack and Meangean for all your personal and morale support in and out of the game.
Thank you to the readers and supporters who continue to provide feedback and further information.

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#5 pie



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Posted 13 November 2013 - 03:45 PM

As a fellow DC, I agree with what you write :)

If there was a "change race" token, I would buy it asap, regret going for a human cleric...

Since I've already started stacking deflect, my pick would be a halfling (but then I do some PvP) ;)


Another interesting build I'd like to try is a passive healer, half-elf with maximum con+str and miracle healer set !

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Posted 13 November 2013 - 05:17 PM

Yay! Updated info!

Ashter -  Executioner TR

Aireina - Debuffer DC/Pew Pew CW

Oranges - Dagger TR

King Baldric VII - Ranger

Hello - noobie GWF

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Posted 14 November 2013 - 05:05 AM

OK, pretty much everything is there now, I've tidied the old guide a bit, reorganised sections and chucked in all the new info that I've piled up.  It's now a wall of text of well over 22k+ words.  I'm loving the new layout on the site and it's a lot easier to edit too.  Thanks scroll!

There's a lot of references in here about stuff in module 2.  Obviously we're not there yet and there will be changes but I rather put them in now than do it later, so don't freak out and PM me asking how to change paragon paths or get artifacts!

I'm yet to include some more screenshots on gear and stuff but generally most of the content is there.  If I ever get the right setup I might record some gameplay videos starring some OTR members in action :).

If there's other stuff you wish me to include let me know!

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Posted 21 November 2013 - 02:31 PM

very useful... thank you for posting this.  :lol:


Devoted Cleric


from Philippines

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Posted 23 November 2013 - 02:55 PM

Kaelac... You The Bessssssss.... Very informative Guide. Just wanted to point out one thing though.. I really wouldn't recommend the Healer to be the one trying to revive people during big and intense fights with or without the Boss included. The Healer trying to revive isn't such a good idea because everyone else will be going down while you are Reviving the Downed Teammate. Same applies to Tanks, they shouldn't be trying to run around trying to Revive people when they already have a lot of mobs and possibly the Boss on them. They have enough to worry about. Healer and Tank aside, there are 2 other Members in your group to pickup the Downed Teammate. Sometimes there's going to be 2, maybe even 3 Teammates Downed in a very short amount of times, like 1-Shots. In those situations you should know what to do as a Healer, and Tanks as well should try their best to adapt to these situations. But, in the end It's best if one of the DPS are picking up the Downed Teammate and not making the Tank or Healer doing it for them just so they can get extra Damage for the ScoreBoard.

#10 Kaelac


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Posted 08 January 2014 - 07:15 AM

Updated after more playtime post Module 2.  Fixed some of the links with NWcalc.  Updated build for endgame and high gearscore mentality.  Revised my armor pen focus.  Thanks for all the views and support and will continue to add and expand content.  I'll post some new images once I'm done reshuffling stats.

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Posted 08 January 2014 - 02:39 PM

Almost as many views as your gear score, awesome work!

 "Bad manners amongst people that love each-other is good manners"

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Posted 11 January 2014 - 10:23 AM

have you checked out the newest fawn companion?  Well Fawn and Mimic.  


Your info has given me a good start.  It is a ton of useful info.  I currently follow it besides running with the T2 healer set with all the info you have withe stats.  Also, because I am on sort of a budget, use the fawn which is currently on its way to lvl 30 with a ton of recovery.  I dont have the AD to spend on the stone.  Yet the Fawn has helped a ton with group healing.  


Just want to know if you have tried it and what your thoughts are on the Fawn.

#13 Kaelac


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Posted 12 January 2014 - 02:23 PM

I haven't personally used the fawn but have been with some groups where they use it.  Aside from a stone it's not a bad companion in that it doesn't draw aggro and get itself killed that often, however the healing circle is tiny and is often out of the fight which makes it useful perhaps for the HR in the party but not many others.  If you are going a regen heavy build the the fawn arguably gives you more regen if you manage to put 2 seals of executioner on it together with regen artifacts.  However you don't need that much regen, you lose it when the fawn dies, and regen has harsh diminishing returns past 1300.  The stone gives you more HP, power, crit, recovery etc from gear and enchants and is key towards spreading and building your stats for optimisation.

The Fawn is green and capped at lv 20.  Levelling a green pet to lv 30 is expensive.  It's 500k to blue and 750k AD to purple, i.e. not a budget option by any means.  A blue Ioun stone by comparison is 1200 zen which @400 AD/zen is 480k AD.  If you look that it that way it's a far superior bang for buck option.

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Posted 24 January 2014 - 10:33 PM

Will brand of the sun DOT tic trigger stack the 10% damage debuff from the High Prophet set all the way up to 30% with one cast?  Seems like a simple way to keep debuffs on everything for 14 second spurts if it does.  Assuming you don't need the extra HP from Sacred flames.

#15 Kaelac


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Posted 25 January 2014 - 08:19 AM

Hi Kensu,

Each cast BoTS (also other DoTs like Forgemasters Flame) will only proc one stack of HP when cast (last for 4s) so you will have to either cast it 3x or use other at wills/abilities to get it up to 3.  DoTs don't generally proc or refresh any related feats or effects anymore as far as I know. 

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Posted 25 January 2014 - 10:13 PM

Kaelac ahh, ok.  Thanks for the info, seems like a pain to keep stacks up on multiple targets.  Guess I just need to practice more. =)


The other question I had was, does Greater Divine Power increase the amount of divine power that Etheral Boon returns?  Etheral Boon says "you gain 10% of a bar" but you never know it may return more with the 4th pip.  If it considers all 4 pips a single bar.  If it considers all 4 pips a single bar you would get back 25% more divine power.


BTW I love your guide.  Best one on the internet for DCs by far.  Thanks a bunch for taking the time to write it up.

#17 scozzers



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Posted 26 January 2014 - 10:53 PM

Hi. Just a couple of things after a cursory glance. A couple of racial traits are incorrect (halfling is 3% deflect not 4%, and tiefling has 10% chance to lower the power of the attacker by 5% (not damage by 10%) for 5 seconds.

Also, BoB's buff gets activated whether the casting animation finishes or not.

There might be more but I haven't gone through it all yet.


#18 Kaelac


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Posted 27 January 2014 - 09:51 AM

Hi scozzers, thanks for the fixes.  I've updated the changes, keep them coming!

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Posted 28 January 2014 - 04:32 PM

Hi Kaelac


I really liked your guide, i think it's very complete, can i add it to mmominds.com??

#20 Kaelac


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Posted 31 January 2014 - 01:44 AM

Hi Kaelac

I really liked your guide, i think it's very complete, can i add it to mmominds.com??

Hi Linkingirl,

I appreciate the excellent work your team does on mmominds. However there are a couple of reasons why I'd prefer to keep the complete guide exclusive on LaggyGamerz. Firstly I have been making regular edits and corrections on the guide almost daily, and as I endeavour to keep this a current, accurate and relevant resource I would hate to burden someone else to update the guide on another site as frequently as I do. Secondly I would like to stay connected with my readers and keep the feedback and suggestions centralised rather than spread across a number of sites. I feel guides on mmominds seems to be detached from the authors and the insightful discussion originated from their threads.

If you are still interested I am happy to help make an introductory post on mmominds.com like I did on reddit with a link to my guide on LaggyGamerz rather than reposting the entire guide there.

Thank you again for your interest, and for your continuing efforts in helping the NW community.

Kaelac Symphony- 15k+ High Prophet Devoted Cleric, my DC guide http://laggygamerz.c...in-neverwinter/
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